Thursday Morning Coffee Catch Up

Good morning! Or afternoon or evening or whenever you happen to be reading this. This morning I am back to my standard favorite brew, Seattle’s Best, Post Alley Blend.

I am drinking my coffee today with one eye open for my new little friend, Charles, who is the cutest little Gray squirrel – although he is in his black phase right now he doesn’t look gray/brown. I started feeding him and now he comes in the morning (most days) and waits for me to notice him and feed him his breakfast. Yesterday he didn’t show up and I was a little worried! At about 4pm though, I saw him peering in my window, trying to flag me down, demanding his sandwich. I either put out nuts or I will make him a little peanut butter sandwich cut into squares. I am crazy I know. Isn’t he so cute though?

Last Friday night we had our first Full Moon party of the year, and we had a blast! We are using the Kids Moon Club again this year and Wyatt and his cousin Mermaid Girl seem to be very much enjoying it. Billy and I actually had a fantastic time too! My brother dropped my niece off for the party and the playing and fun did not stop for hours!

First thing, I handed out their wolf ears, because that was important. Then, dinner. Dinner for these hungry wolf children was “Magic Moon Mac and Cheese” (just a party size Stouffers) which they devoured, and “Howling at the Moon Milk”. And of course, cupcakes! I love those wolf cupcake toppers! Mermaid Girl did too, she took one of each (clean) home with her. After eating, we read the full moon story, pretended to be wolves, painted, and played board games. It was a wild time and Wyatt slept good that night. And so did Billy and I!

We spent the rest of the weekend doing not as fun things – putting the house back to normal. We took down all the Christmas stuff, including the tree, and then it was time to tackle my office. It sort of became a catch all during the holidays and it was baaaad news in there.

That was taken while I was in the process of making piles and organizing. Miso was being a big helper as you can see. It is almost 100% back to its original state. Finally. And actually, I did some deeper organizing and improved how I had things. So it is not back to normal I guess, it is better!

And I am so excited I got my new candle!! I have wanted a candle from Mythologie for ages! They are so pretty and I love that they have stories to accompany them. It is just fun to browse through the website reading about all the candles. There are so many collections, like a Lord of the Rings collection, Braveheart, and an Ancient Winter collection to name a few. And there is a fun quiz to see which candle scent you should get if you are unsure. I am a quiz fan, so I took it, and actually bought the candle it suggested. I burned it for the first time the other night and I loved it. It didn’t give me or my husband a headache, which happens sometimes with candles. They are hand poured, clean burning, and I bought the wooden wick version so it makes a lovely crackling sound as it burns. I like an ambiance, guys.

It was a quiet, cozy little week around here!


14 thoughts on “Thursday Morning Coffee Catch Up

    1. ๐Ÿ˜‚ He is getting pretty chubby! He’s so tiny – almost like a baby but I think the reliable food source (me) is helping.

      And seriously, that Stouffer’s was so good. Lol. It’s been awhile since I had one and I got that one for the ease of it, and dang, we all enjoyed it!


  1. I used to love scented candles and now can’t deal with them. That one looks so beautiful. I love your “Moon” events! That has to be loads of fun. Maybe I’ll throw some peanut butter on something outside — see what happens!


  2. I’m intrigued by the candle! I will have to check out the options. The Full Moon party sounds like so much fun and I love the cupcake toppers especially. It looks like the kids had a great time. And Charles is absolutely adorable.

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    1. The website is worth reading lol. It’s just so fun and atmospheric lolol.

      We had so much fun!! And aren’t those awesome! I have a bunch left so we will need to have another wolf party lol. The kids had a blast!!

      He is!! I love his little face.


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