10 on the 10th – January!

10 on the 10th is hosted by Marsha in the Middle! This month is a “would you rather” style!

Would you rather make resolutions, select a word of the year, or make bucket lists?

Lists, hands down. I literally have lists for everything. Books, tv, movies, vacations, garden, to-do… I could go on and on. I did resolutions for years and crashed and burned most of the time. I do usually choose a word of the year, and try to embrace that spirit all year. I do pretty well with it!

Would you rather make memories on vacations or save or save for a big occasion (retirement, wedding, college, etc.)?

Hmm. Both? We do things in small ways over here, and take little trips that we try to make as full as possible but also save a little too. I want to show Wyatt new and different things while he is a at an age to just soak it all in but I also want to think about the future.

Would you rather buy all the things on sale or shop your closet?

I’m not much of a shopper, so shop my closet even though that is very limited, since I am not a shopper. Vicious cycle. Lol. I would like to add to my wardrobe this year and I want to add meaningful pieces (I mean, my word of the year is intentional), natural materials, and a mix of practical and “special” for dress up times. Most of the time I am painting with a 7 year old, hiking outside, and other activities that can get messy. I love my cotton overalls, I have so many pockets for my glasses, pens, acorns and bits of bark or whatever Wyatt finds, paint brushes, etc. I also love my long flowy sweaters, especially when they have pockets. But I desperately need some grown up clothes too.

Would you rather shed weight through fad dieting and do it quickly or eat differently and lose slowly?

Can I do it quickly and keep it off? I will choose that one then.

Would you rather undergo some type of facial treatment or update a room in your home?

A room in my home. We are slowly making our way through the house and updating and changing to accommodate our new lives, aesthetic, and needs. We are so sick of the colors on our walls, which sounds crazy, but we are craving more neutrals and a more natural, artsy look. And recently a friend told me that they loved my house, that it was warm and artsy which is EXACTLY what we were aiming for! However we still have a few rooms left to go. The purple room is going next!

Would you rather watch Paul Hollywood or RuPaul?

Paul Hollywood! I don’t have anything against RuPaul or drag queens though, I just love the Great British Baking Show so much!

Would you rather have to wear the same color all year long or not wear that color at all?

Wear the same color all year. I sort of do that anyway. LOL.

Would you rather wear a designer look or a designer knockoff?

Hmm. I don’t think I would know the difference!!

Would you rather be overdressed or underdressed at an occasion?

Underdressed. If I were overdressed and everyone was running around in casual clothes I would literally go home and change.

Would you rather have only neutral clothing or extremely colorful clothing?

Neutral. I love color and whimsy but I like it around me not one me. I’m sort of boring fashion wise! I like black, and wear a lot of it. I like that you can add to it, like Marsha’s plaid jacket from the other day would be a piece I would totally buy! I love any plaid. But extremely colorful clothing is not my style. In my defense, I am Gen-X and we were all grungey and goth back in the day! Lol.


15 thoughts on “10 on the 10th – January!

  1. Joanne

    OH if I could lose weight quickly and keep it off I’d pick that too for sure! I’m not sure I could ever tell the difference between designer looks or knock offs either.

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  2. Oh, your answers are so good, Erin! I am a list maker, too. If I don’t make lists, I tend not to do anything! So, I make lists and get the things done! I bet anyone who walks through your door knows they are welcome and feel at home. That’s quite a compliment to get…exactly what you were going for!

    I think you and I are the only ones I’ve seen who would pick neutrals over colors! Hmmm…does that say something about us?

    Thanks so much for participating!



  3. I had to laugh about the “purple room going next.” Why? Because my living room is turquoise and purple. LOL! And yet that’s the cool thing about life – everyone is different.


  4. Ooh good questions! I’m torn over lists vs resolutions. I typically do lists of resolutions but I like the idea of focusing more on a bucket list items. That’s wonderful about what your friend said about your home!


  5. Erin, I really enjoyed reading your answers! Especially the shop your closet one and your room updates! While you are switching from bright colors to neutrals on your walls, I am in the process of switching my walls from neutral to bright colors!


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