Our 2022 Movie Night Favorites

This year was a great year of movie watching. So much of us it revolved around themes which was different for us but not bad different. In fact, I watched a lot of movies I would never have otherwise watched! We watched so many old classic movies, horror movies, holiday movies, and movies by Studio Ghibli, with a few oddball new movies thrown in there too. However, all of these are movies that I was seeing for the first time. I was shocked at how many of my favorites this year are cartoons, but I really shouldn’t be. That fits perfectly with who I am.

Let’s work our way up to my very favorite, shall we? We will start near the bottom of my favorites list..

This one just squeaked into the top faves this year. I absolutely love Wes Anderson but this was not my favorite of his movies. I did however sit entranced because of the sheer beauty of it, the visual aspects. Anderson movies all have that quality, they are so stunning to just look at, and this one was no exception.

I loved all of the Studio Ghibli that we watched this year, but I did have a few standout favorites, and Howl’s Moving Castle was one of those. Be prepared to see a few more on this list! Love and whimsy and cute to boot, all qualities that pull me in. It is not all lighthearted though, there is a deeper meaning, themes of looking for a return to innocence, wisdom, self-acceptance are wrapped up in this magical story.

What a fantastic movie! Katherine Hepburn is like a sharp-edged beautiful weapon, gorgeous and regal, but at her core just wanted to be loved for herself. I also fell in love with James Stewart in this movie! (My Full Review)

Encanto!! This movie was just plain fun! Colors and music and the message of the importance of communication, good open honest dialogue with family and friends. There were many days and nights Wyatt and I bopped around to the soundtrack, especially “We Don’t Talk About Bruno”.

Sigh. I loved this sad movie. I am a sucker for..well, I just won’t say it. Spoilers and all you know. It was very nearly so close my favorite Ghibli.

This movie came out of left field for us, with how much we absolutely loved it. It was such a perfect movie, and Dan Stevens was at his best. We will definitely be watching this one every year now. (My Full Review)

Oh my gosh did I love this movie! No one is safe in this whodunit, whether from being murdered or accused of murder or even from the comedy that takes no prisoners. I actually can’t wait to watch it again.

Death on the Nile had to be right at the top of this list. As I said, I am a lover of beautiful cinematography, stunning costumes, visually appealing set design, and this had all three – plus Poirot!

This was my year of Cary Grant. I had never before understood the appeal of Grant – I am chalking that up to not ever having watched this movie. (My Full Review)

This movie is based on the book The Borrowers and I have always been enchanted by the idea of tiny little beings living among us – I was that kid who always looked for fairies (and maybe I still do). I would also love my house to look like Arrietty’s house, so cozy and cute and full of warmth. This was the movie I kept thinking about all year, and I could watch it every single day.

I would love to hear your favorite movie watches of the year!


20 thoughts on “Our 2022 Movie Night Favorites

  1. Grant is one of my absolute favorite movies. He’s so absolutely charming but doesn’t take himself too seriously and is fantastic in comedies but at the same time can be completely sinister. We haven’t watched Encanto yet but I already have the songs stuck in my head.

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