The After Party – Post-Christmas Post

I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday! Ours was crazy, chaotic, loud, full of laughter, full of food, and full of cheer. We had a blast and have decided that today will be devoted to being super lazy, or as lazy as we can be. Our house is trashed, with piles of gifts scattered about, bits of wrapping paper, empty boxes, toys, cups, just all sorts of detritus leftover in the wake of a few busy days.

Christmas Eve was a day spent cleaning, as Billy and I were hosting Christmas Day for my family. We cleaned until mid-afternoon when we declared ourselves done and everything was sparkling and ready. Gifts were wrapped and ready to go, gingerbread cookies and cranberry cake made, just everything in its place. We headed over to Billy’s parents for a relaxing evening with them, where Wyatt opened his gifts and the adults exchanged our small gifts as well. I had gone to The Conservatory, my favorite plant store about 45 minutes away, a few days before, to pick out gifts for my MIL and stepmom, and gotten my MIL a beautiful monstera. I was excited she got me paints and brushes! After a very nice quiet evening, we stopped for a short time where my family was celebrating Christmas Eve for a quick little visit before heading home and getting ready for Santa. Wyatt was extremely excited. I didn’t think he was ever falling asleep! But he did and all too soon it was Christmas morning! Wyatt seemed thrilled with what he received, and Billy surprised me with the boots I have been wanting for a year and a half but would never pull the trigger on because I always think of something that is needed more. I literally teared up when I opened them. They remind me of a little elf boots.

Unfortunately our morning had a bit of an interruption. Billy got a call around 9 am that two water mains broke at work and flooded the server room, which is Billy’s domain. So, off Billy went. Thank goodness he was only gone two hours and we got back on track fairly quickly. My mom, brother and fam, and my SIL’s mom were due at our house at 4 and I was nervous Billy would miss it all. He didn’t though, and we had a fantastic night and the kids were cracking us up all evening. After everyone left for the night, the three of us plopped into bed, happily exhausted.

Monday morning we all slept in before hitting the road for my dad’s family Christmas. It was another relaxing day with family, where the kids were spoiled some more (but dang it they are good kids who deserve it), we ate so much food, and had another wonderful day.

As for today? We plan to spend most of it enjoying being lazy, reading our new books, playing Wyatt’s new games with him.

I hope you all had a great weekend.


10 thoughts on “The After Party – Post-Christmas Post

  1. I love your comment about them being good kids and deserving to be spoiled! That’s exactly what I think Christmas presents should be! My kids surprised me with a pair of Golden Goose sneakers…which I’ve been eyeing but never intended to buy! It’s nice to know you’re loved like that, but we returned the sneakers today…too much money, not my style, so little comfort! But, that means I can now look for something I really like!


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