Classic Movie Impressions: The Thin Man

A few weeks ago Lisa from Boondock Ramblings and I started recommending old movies to each other. My first suggestion to her was A Streetcar Named Desire, while she had me watch Double Indemnity. This second round had me watching The Thin Man, while I stuck with Tennessee Williams for her by suggesting Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. You can see her post here!

I have to be honest, I had never heard of The Thin Man movies before. I do however like old time sleuths (and modern day sleuths) and so I was game.

Nick is a retired detective, Nora is an heiress, and their life seems like one big happy party, filled with crazy characters from Nick’s past, crooks and con-men and all sorts who pop in to their apartment at all times, mainly for drinks but sometimes, they pop in to confess to murder. After one such confession, Nora encourages Nick to get involved in helping to solve the case, which he does.

This movie had us giggling and laughing over the antics and witty smart remarks that flowed as easily as the booze in this movie. Nick and Nora are full of mischief and martinis, and this movie made me want to get all spruced up and go out for cocktails. Perhaps one day soon, I will. I also really loved the chemistry that existed between Loy and Powell. I feel like they genuinely enjoyed each other’s company.

Billy and I could not believe how well this movie has held up through the years. It came out in 1934, 88 years ago! I guess that is why it is a classic. It was witty, fast paced, complex, and entertaining. Billy and I also could see how the detective mystery type shows we watch today were most likely influenced by The Thin Man and Dashiell Hammet. At the end of The Thin Man, Nick Charles gathers all of the suspects together for a big reveal, explaining everything that happened and exposing the murderer – just like the detectives in Death in Paradise do. The snarky playful relationship of Nick and Nora reminded us of Castle and Beckett, Mr. and Mrs. Murder, Miss Fisher and Jack, and to some extent Shepherd and Sims from The Brokenwood Mysteries.

However, for me the standout performance was this guy.

This doggo! He was so darn cute and funny! His real name was Skippy and he was a wire fox terrier, said to be one of the most intelligent working in the industry at that time. And I totally believe it!

Overall, we both really loved this movie, and were happy to discover that there are a bunch more Nick and Nora and Asta movies we can watch!

Next Up:

For Lisa, I picked Blue Hawaii. The last two movies I picked for her were super heavy and intense – Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and A Streetcar Named Desire. So I wanted to give her something light and fluffy and summery. I remembered how over the summer as pre-teen/teen I used to love watching these old Elvis movies and I thought you really can’t get much more light and fluffy.

Lisa picked To Catch a Thief for us – and I am so excited to watch it!

My Top Ten Summer Movies

As of Tuesday, it is now officially summer! And while summer is full of fun outdoor activities, sometimes you just need an indoor day, or a relaxing movie in the evening. Also with the cost of pretty much everything right now, movies at home are an affordable treat! You could even stream them outside onto a portable screen or sheet or garage door for a drive in type experience.

There are a few movies out there that just scream summer to me, and I am hoping you will share a few that feel like summer to you as well!

First up – my all-time favorite… Jaws!!

I have to watch this movie every single fourth of July, and it is still so good! That scene with Quint where he is talking about the Indianapolis disaster is one of the best scenes in a movie, ever, hands down.

And then of course, there is Now and Then.

I also watch this every summer. And I might as well say it now, I watch just about all the movies I am going to list in this post once a summer. Now and Then is a fun, nostalgic, coming of age movie about friends then…and again, now. In case the name didn’t give that away. Lol.

Another nostalgic favorite of mine is The Parent Trap with Hayley Mills. I loved all the parts at summer camp (is this just a movie/book thing? Do kids really go to summer camp?) and then again in California.

For those who love love, there is The Love Letter. I love this movie and the effect one lost love letter has on a town, each thinking the letter is meant for them. I feel like not many people have seen it and it makes me sad – it’s just so good.

And of course, you can’t talk about summer love without Dirty Dancing! I feel like this movie doesn’t need an explanation, am I right?

I like romance, but I also like scary. And one of my old favorites from my youth is I Know What You Did Last Summer. I remember going to the theater and watching this with Billy when we were young and it scared me so much. One scene made me literally jump!

And if you go way back in my youth, there is Stand By Me. What a fantastic movie. Another coming of age, friendship movie, full of revelations for these friends. Plus I had a huge crush on River Phoenix. So, there you go.

While we are talking about going way back, let’s talk about The Way, Way Back.

This movie is phenomenal. I absolutely love and adore Sam Rockwell, and his character in this movie..chef’s kiss. It is so well acted by all the actors involved. And Steve Carell in this movie! Dang, what a jerk!

Let’s circle back around to nostalgic, happy, and fun, shall we?

This next movie came out the year I graduated, and I will always remember going to see it with my friends at the theater. It is has fantastic music, and really captures that feeling of freedom you have when you graduate. It is wild and crazy, and yes, dazed and confused. And it is Matthew McConaughey’s first movie!

And finally, what I consider to be the quintessential summer movie, The Great Outdoors.

I love this movie! It makes me think of all of our up north trips – except our family gets along! And the duo of John Candy and Dan Akroyd can’t be beat (unless it is Akroyd and Belushi in The Blues Brothers, which just narrowly missed this list..). It has lodges, family, bears, hi-jinks, young love, good music, snarky raccoons. I mean, does it get better than this for a summer movie?

How about you? What movies just mean summer to you?