‘Tis the Season Cinema: The Muppets Christmas Carol

“Come in, and know me better man!”

This month Lisa from Boondock Ramblings and I, along with newcomer Katja from Breath of Hallelujah who is joining in, are having fun watching the same Christmas movies and then posting our thoughts. This week we watched one of my very favorites, The Muppet Christmas Carol. It’s not my absolute favorite, that is and forever will be Emmett Otter, but it is high up there!

Wyatt hasn’t been a part of many of these Christmas movie nights but for this one, of course he was. He was very excited, and snuggled down between us in bed with a giant bowl of popcorn for us all to share. Miso was also part of the group, purring away at the end of the bed. However, both Wyatt and Miso were asleep within 30 minutes. So, Billy and I watched it just the two of us, with our little slumbering companions scattered around us.

This movie never ever fails to make me smile and put me in a warm and happy mood. I always feel so full of the Christmas spirit afterwards, it is just so full of love. It follows the Christmas Carol storyline we are all familiar with, but with 99% of the characters played by muppets and their puppeteers. Kermit is Bob Cratchit, Miss Piggy his wife, Fozzie Bear plays Scrooge’s first boss, and Statler and Waldorf play Marley and Marley. The esteemed Michael Caine plays Scrooge, and to this day and all of the versions I have watched of A Christmas Carol, Caine is still my favorite Scrooge. He is so believable in the beginning, cold and hardhearted, and by the end, you truly believe he has undergone a transformation into a loving, caring human, full of the Christmas spirit.

And the music in this movie! I love them all but the best in my opinion is It Feels Like Christmas, sung by the Ghost of Christmas Present (also my favorite ghost). This song perfectly sums up almost every feeling that I have about Christmas.

Billy told me that Michael Caine was in his fifties when he made this movie, and that he wanted to be in it because he had a 7 year old daughter at the time who hadn’t been able to watch him in anything. So he played Scrooge in this movie so that she could see him act. And Caine loved it. His joy is obvious. I also love that his singing is…average. I think it is appropriate to his character – I mean, I couldn’t see Scrooge busting out in perfect harmony. Apparently this was also the first movie he ever sang in (sung? why am I having a problem with this today?)

It also has this scene, which the phrase “It’s the British way” has made its way into the things Billy and I say to each often. We often refer to things as being done “the British way”. It never fails to amuse us.

This movie is just a fun, music filled, cozy, warm, lovey dovey, joyous version of a Christmas Carol, and one I highly recommend!

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If anyone else wants to join in, that would be fun! I will add your links to my posts every week as well. Next up is Holiday Inn and posts go up Thursdays.


13 thoughts on “‘Tis the Season Cinema: The Muppets Christmas Carol

  1. Ah, I love it. I didn’t get to sit and really read this until right before I laid down for bed but I love that you were all snuggled up but little Wyatt at the kitty fell asleep! This was such a fun one and I am so glad you suggested it! It was so heartwarming and well done! I am looking forward to Emmet Otter!

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  3. There are so many “little moments” in the movie that I love. “The British Way” is hilarious! I love when Scrooge wakes up on Christmas day and he’s frolicking around his chamber, and he looks at himself in the mirror to see that he’s actually there, there’s this second of complete elation and then he kind of shivers at the actual sight of himself. The couple of seconds when Scrooge, in absolute joyfulness, comes by Fred and Clara and the two of them just stand there in shock is wonderfully done… And the rat clerks in Scrooge’s office – left-handers, all – how they wither under Scrooge’s rage, and how Kermit’s Bob Cratchit gracefully stands up to Scrooge even when the rats turn on him… As I mentioned in my post, establishing that Bob Cratchit isn’t a pushover. 🙂

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