Saturday Morning Coffee Catch Up

The coffee is excellent today – Billy made it this morning and isn’t it always better when someone else does the making? We are back to Post Alley, our favorite. Billy also told me the other day that my coffee is always made strongest on Mondays – hmm. I wonder why that could be?

It was a bit of week around here. In the overnight hours of Tuesday/Wednesday Wyatt woke up with some quick illness that came and go very fast, like within two hours. I really don’t know what that was about, but it was an intense two hours!

Then Wednesday was my birthday! It was extremely low key, with basically 100% laying around by Wyatt and I. I could have had worse birthdays, and in fact I have. It was actually sort of nice to be do absolutely nothing for a change and to spend the day with my little guy just chilling. I very, very rarely allow myself to completely relax and it was amazing. Billy gave me a book, my friend dropped off a gift, and my parents gifted me with money to spend on me. They were very specific that it had to go to me and not something for the house or a bill or Wyatt. We will see.

The other night I nestled up in bed with my cup of mint tea, my new book, and a cat and it was all very cozy. The wind was whipping outside and it was so cold outside, but warm and happy inside. And I am still loving our bedroom refresh! The other day was so grey outside but our room still felt so open and light.

I’ve done some online Christmas shopping this week and feel pretty good about where I am! I have one thing for Billy, two of my three nieces are halfway done, and for Wyatt, I need to get just a few things still. I still have more shopping to do but I like to know the kids are covered first, then I move on.

In all my relaxing time from my birthday I took an online quiz on my phone to see what my “booksona” is. It was actually a really fun quiz. It was interactive and different from most little silly quizzes. I mean it was still silly but it was fun too. And I have to say I agree with my booksona! It feels really accurate.

Tonight my brother Devin and his family are coming over here for dinner. We are using a recipe for pizza dough that Jeanie from The Marmalade Gypsy sent me that her partner Rick uses. We are all going to make our own individual pizzas. I think it will be fun! Last week we had a really laid back dinner at my brother’s house, soup and bread and homemade pumpkin pie. It was a very simple, perfect evening. Even though I had Wyatt dressed like Doc Boy from the Garfield Christmas Special. (well Wyatt is super cute in anything) And for a little bit of reality, that is Wyatt being sassy! Then, one second later trying to charm us. Stinker.

This weekend we have to do a lot of around the house stuff. Cleaning, getting groceries including the ingredients we need for our contributions to Thanksgiving and Wolfenoot, and work on the gifts we are making. Busy but also fun, with a nice break for pizza with family.

Next week is a little wild, and the introvert in me is freaking out already! Tuesday we have a get together with my cousin and his kids, my mom, and my brother and fam. Wednesday we have early Thanksgiving with Billy’s family, and Thursday Thanksgiving at my brother’s. It will be a lot of fun but Friday Wyatt and I will be doing a lot of nothing.

And that is about it for today! I hope all is well in your world!


17 thoughts on “Saturday Morning Coffee Catch Up

  1. Well, first, Happy Belated Birthday. I hope by now you feel just fabulous. That book looks beautiful. And I hope the pizza dough turned out well for you — tell me more! What toppings did you use. I’m sure everyone had a great time!

    I’ll do my ‘official start’ to the Christmas season this weekend — the Northville Greens Market. Looking forward to a fresh new wreath for the door!

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    1. Thank you Jeanie! I love this book. It is so pretty inside, full of nature writings and drawings!

      The pizza dough turned out fantastic!! Everyone loved it and I had to pass the recipe on to my brother. We went for classic this time around, with the exception of my brother who added pickles to his pizza, which he apparently loves together. It was a really good time!

      Oo that sounds fun!! What a great way to start the season!


  2. Those days when we can just relax and let go are wonderful, aren’t they? To be honest, though, almost every day is like that for me anymore. I do wish I liked coffee because it smells so good! But, I don’t even like the coffees that are flavored heavily and smothered in whipped cream! I love Wyatt as Doc Boy…one of my favorite Christmas specials.

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    1. It was a really nice day! I need to do that more often! My husband calls me a whirling dervish.

      I love coffee. But I like coffee black, and minus all the whipped cream and flavor. I am not into overly sweet. I will occasionally do a flavored coffee latte but I have to get the tiniest size available.

      Yes~ I love the Garfield Christmas! I always tear up over grandma. The grandma actually reminds me so much of how my own grandma was.


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  4. Wyatt is very cute in that Doc Boy outfit! Sorry he was sick but glad it came and went quickly, whatever it was.

    Mmmm soup, bread and pie sounds perfect!

    Had to Google that Country Diary and that is really neat!

    Also had to Google Wolfenoot. Very cool!

    Happy belated birthday and good luck with all the required Thanksgiving Week socializing!

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  5. debby9972

    Our grandson woke up with vomiting one night last week. He didn’t eat anything unusual. He was fine by morning. A few kids at his daycare had the same thing. It’s so sad to see them feel that way. Happy Birthday! Sounds like you had a nice day. Way to go on the shopping. I am feeling motivated but haven’t started yet. Hope your pizza was delicious. Love the photos of Wyatt!

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