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Hey all! I hope you have been having a great weekend so far!

Read Last Week/Reading This Week:

I didn’t get as far as I wanted in my reading! I started two books and am halfway through A Study in Charlotte and over halfway in Lovelight Farms. I remember the days before Wyatt when I would three books at least a week. Now I am lucky to finish one! I am enjoying both of my reads though, very much, especially Lovelight Farms.

And when I finish I am picking this one up. I have read and loved the previous two in this series so I am excited to read this one. Plus -a fox! If you know me or read here often you know my weakness for rabbits and foxes.

Posted Last Week:

Saturday Morning Coffee Catch Up

Handmade Holiday Gift Ideas for Children

Tis the Season Cinema: A Christmas Carol Goes Wrong

Homeschooling Journey: North Dakota, Edward Hicks, and Peace

I also want to mention that I participated in the Weekend Traffic Jam over on Marsha in the Middle’s blog last week and my Gift Guide for the Armchair Detective was picked as a favorite and featured on this week’s Traffic Jam post! I felt so tickled that people liked it; I had such a good time putting that post together! (and just bought myself the Agatha Christie character t-shirt with some of my birthday money)

Watching and Listening:

Billy and I are all caught up with both American Ghosts and British Ghosts! We are sad. At least we can expect a few more from the American version – I think?

We are also caught up on Miss Scarlet and the Duke and the Great British Baking Show. We started The Rings of Power and I do like it, I just can’t watch it every night. We also want to watch Enola Holmes 2 and Where the Crawdads Sing, and we have White Christmas all lined up for the ‘Tis the Season Cinema posting I am doing with Lisa at Boondock Ramblings.

As for listening, I finished up the podcast Down the Hill about the Delphi murders, which ugh. I hope they caught this monster.

And that is it from my snowy corner of Michigan! Hope all is well in your world!


16 thoughts on “My Sunday-Monday Post

  1. Congrats on your post making the Traffic Jam list! I didn’t know about Traffic Jam until now so I need to check that out and see what other great blog posts they’ve discovered, besides yours.

    I wish I had had your list when the 95-yo was still reading, wearing normal clothes, drinking from normal mugs…I would’ve bought her all the things as she was an Agatha Christie and mysteries in general fan. But alas, she now wears only nightgowns and drinks out of adult-sippy mugs.

    Happy Thanksgiving Week to you!


  2. I hear you on Rings of Power. I liked it but it’s a lot and the episodes are kinda long- it’s nice to space it out a bit. And ooh you got snow too? We got quite a bit and it was so blowy and blustery for two days. Now it’s sunny but cold.

    Have a great Thanksgiving!!!


  3. You’ve got snow already! I am the same with regards to reading; in a good week, I get through one book. Still undecided whether to watch The Rings of Power, I loved the LOTR films and it may be difficult to live up to those.


  4. I haven’t been around in a while so the chestnuts (I think) in your header just made me hungry. I love chestnuts! And of course your family pictures are always beautiful.

    Congratulations on having your gift list featured!

    I keep meaning to start one of those Ghosts shows but I keep forgetting. We’ve finished a few shows recently so maybe this is a good time to jump in…. Ah, no. I just checked and it’s not on any of our streaming services. Bummer. We finished the Baking Show on Friday night. We’re planning to watch the second Enola Holmes as soon as my husband finishes the football game he’s watching. There’s never enough time for all the books or all the shows.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!


  5. I really want to watch Scarlet and the Duke. It looks wonderful and The Great British Bake Off is my comfort watching. I’m feeling sorry for myself with temperatures in the 50s/40s I think I would cry if we got actual snow! Though my son would absolutely love it. Have a wonderful week.


  6. We are currently watching the British version of Ghosts. At first, I wasn’t sure, but those characters…oh, they are hilarious, sad, and riveting! I think we will probably take a break before beginning the American one. I wonder if “Being Human” is still on the streaming services. We watched the American version and loved it. Of course, it was based on the British one (as almost all the good ones are). I am so glad your blog was featured on Traffic Jam! That was a wonderful post!


  7. I think (hope!) there will be more episodes of Ghosts this year! I was so confused when I started watching this past week – the tv guide said it was new, but it definitely wasn’t, so I ended up just rewatching an older episode. It was a Pete-centric episode, so I teared up a few times!

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