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Hey everyone!

It was a pretty good week around here! Wyatt had a good appointment with his epileptologist last Tuesday, which was an appointment I was pretty anxious about. But, it went really well! I also got the call that his actual wheelchair is being delivered the 21st, thank goodness! His loaner has been a blessing but it is also maybe been loaned out a few too many times, as the brakes work half the time, and now the armrests have both fallen off. I tied one on with one of Wyatt’s pirate scarves and the other we just push up out of the way. His therapists and I just sort of laugh at how it is like some sort of like the jalopy of wheelchairs. One more week!

Read Last Week:

I loved my return to the world of Mitford. I needed their kind of generosity and compassion in my life the past few weeks and it was a wonderfully gentle read. I had started another book, The Hills is Lonely, but I couldn’t get into it. I think it was more my mood than the book, so I will try again at a later date.

Reading This Week:

I guess I am more in the mood for light and fluffy or cozy and mysterious. Lol. And, if you have seen my last few posts I am early on the Christmas train this year, but well, I guess I need a little Christmas.

Posted Last Week:

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‘Tis the Season Cinema: The Man Who Invented Christmas

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Homeschool Journey: Wayne Thiebaud, Missouri, and desserts

Watching and Listening:

Billy and I have been watching Ghosts, The British Baking Show, and the past few nights we have watched Agatha Christie’s Ordeal by Innocence, which was excellent!! I loved it!

We also started watching holiday movies for the fun of it, and as part of the ‘Tis the Season Cinema series I am doing with Lisa from Boondock Ramblings. Next up is A Christmas Carol Goes Wrong, if anyone else wants to watch along with us.

As for listening, a lot of podcasts. With the recent developments and arrest in the Delphi case, I started the long series podcast Down the Hill by HLN.

Musically, we are listening to a lot of vintage music playlists on YouTube. And of course, Taylor Swift.

And that about sums it up for me this morning! How are things in your neighborhood?


37 thoughts on “My Sunday-Monday Post

  1. Glad Wyatt’s epileptologist appointment went well, and that his new wheelchair is on the way!

    We’ve been watching Hinterland and Shetland, both of which are very good. We’ll probably start watching The Crown later in the week.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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  2. I’m glad Wyatt’s appointment went well and that his new wheelchair is on the way. I hope it makes your life easier.

    I love the new Taylor Swift and I love, love, love all the TikToks that use “It’s me, hi, I’m the problem, it’s me.” So funny.

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  3. 15andmeowing

    I am glad Wyatt’s appointment went well.
    We love Ghosts. I got season 1 of the British version from the library after I read on here about it. There are only 6 episodes, and it is a bit darker, but not bad.

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    1. Thanks!!

      Yes, us as well. We have been watching both versions 9 (did you see the newest American one? And the surprise!! Only people who watch both versions will get it!) We agree about the British version. We like it, but not as much as the American version.


  4. I have had so many people tell me I need to watch Ghosts! I’m really only watching one comedy right now (Young Sheldon), so I may add it in. Or I may find the British version. Not sure yet. Right now, I’m working through the most recent season of The Crown. I am about halfway through and I’m enjoying it, but I still think the first 2 seasons were the best.


  5. Sometimes we need books that are about kindness and compassion, at least they show us that’s possible in our real world. Hope that wheelchair arrives soon, nothing worse than something like that, when you have to wrestle with something not fit for purpose.

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  6. It will be so good for Wyatt to get his own chair, I hope the other one holds out until then! I’m enjoying Christmas reads too – I need the warm hug they give! Ghosts is one of my favourite TV programmes, I was so sad the latest series only had six episodes though.

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    1. Lol me too!! It is so crazy! I will be driving and just hear screws fall out of it. I am thinking that Wyatt will be the last one to sit in this chair before its retirement.

      Yes! Christmas reads just are so happy!

      I am loving Ghosts! Thomas made a surprise appearance on the American version and we were so excited!

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  7. We have been rewatching old seasons of The Great British Baking Show until the next one is aired. We are also watching The Crown. Those Delphi murders…they were only an hour away from us. We used to go through Delphi on the way to our youngest son’s house before he moved to Indianapolis. Such a sad, sad thing. I do hope this guy is the one, and the real murderer isn’t out there somewhere. It’s weird to me that he was right there working the whole (or part of) time. You would have thought he’d run far away!

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    1. They are haunting. I remember when they first happened and were on the news. So long ago, and so tragic. And how that little girl had the presence of mind to get a recording. I really hope that this is the guy too. And so crazy to think he was just still living there like that, after doing such a heinous thing.


  8. Yay for Wyatt’s wheelchair! That will make things so much easier and you can get it all setup the way you want it. I haven’t watched Ordeal by Innocence yet but I’m looking forward to it. I’ve enjoyed every Agatha Christie adaptation I’ve seen with the exception of The ABC Murders on Amazon Prime which I hated with a fiery passion. They gave Poirot this bizarre backstory and got so caught up in random stuff that they basically lost the plot of the actual story. Have a great week!

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    1. Yes, it will be so nice to get his own wheelchair. One that hopefully the armrests don’t fall off of. LOL.

      So, I am an Agatha newb compared to everyone else. I have only read a few books (but I am working on that!), but I am an avid consumer of the adaptations! I loved this one, although like I said I don’t know how accurate to the book it is. I did love it though. 🙂 And maybe I will stay away from The ABC Murders!


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