Librarians Not to Mess With

I am not sure what possessed me to write this post – I only know that I really wanted to. Maybe it is nostalgia for the many years I spent watching Buffy, or hanging out in libraries in general. Librarians are pretty bad a** by nature, protecting freedoms and fighting censorship, as well as promoting reading to all ages, and making the library itself a hub of the community. I’m a fan! There have been so many really cool depictions of librarians on television and in movies, and Billy and I were talking about them other day, and well, now we have this post.

Should I start at the bottom? Or at the top of the list? Maybe random? We all know order is very important to librarians so I want to get this right! Hmm. For this post, I will start at the bottom and work my way up to my favorites.

The Librarian Ghost from Ghostbusters

This gray lady librarian takes her job so seriously that she is still working and keeping order in the library even after her death! Plus, this scene has a pretty terrifying jump scare!

Noah Wyle as Flynn Carsen – The Librarian

Anyone else watch these? They were a little on the cheesy side but I enjoyed them. They had a bit of an Indiana Jones feel and I absolutely loved Indiana Jones as a kid, but even better, the main character is a librarian of a secret library full of fantastic treasures!

Dr. Abigail Chase – National Treasure

So, technically Dr. Chase was an archivist, but for our purposes, we will just say librarian. She is pretty fearless in her defense of the country’s national treasures!

Madame Pince – Librarian at Hogwarts

Feared and loathed by the students at Hogwarts, Madame Pince took her role extremely seriously and was quite fierce about her expectations for the library. You didn’t want to cross her, that is for sure! Even Dumbledore had an issue taking out a book from the library. She was very highly protective of the books but also did her job as a professional.

Batgirl AKA Barbara Gordon

I mean seriously. A librarian AND a crime fighting superhero? Batgirl was a favorite of mine as a kid, and I was just telling Billy my Batgirl costume was one of my top favorites. Although I didn’t get to wear super cool glittery boots! What the heck Mom!

Olivia Caliban – A Series of Unfortunate Events

Sooooo.. since I am focusing on librarians of television and film I felt I could include Olivia Caliban. In the Netflix series, she was a lot cooler and heroic character. I mean, she was even eaten by lions!

So, we are down to my last two and I had a hard time deciding who I like better! I still am not sure so lets call it a tie.

Evelyn Carnahan O’ Connell  – The Mummy

One of my all time favorite characters EVER! She is like the perfect combo of awkward, quirky, brilliant, brave, and I love her clothes and style. I absolutely love this character and I feel like I need to rewatch these movies immediately now.

Rupert Giles – Buffy the Vampire Slayer

I was such a huge Buffy fan! My friends and I would get together to watch it once a week, and Rupert Giles was always a favorite of mine from the start. I will never go back for a rewatch of this how, as I am sure it hasn’t aged well, but at one time I was obsessed and had a slight crush on Giles.

And…that wraps up my list of librarians you probably don’t want to mess with from television and film! Anyone you want to add?


13 thoughts on “Librarians Not to Mess With

  1. I have rewatched Buffy lol. The earlier episodes might make you cringe but its still an all time favorite…And Evelyn was def a favorite, it was sad when she was replaced in the last Mummy movie. One of those characters they shouldnt have replaced..

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    1. That is good to know because my husband was appalled that I didn’t want to rewatch it. 😂 Maybe we can skip forward a few seasons . We loved it so much in the day!

      Oh my gosh I know!!! I like Maria Bello but it is always weird when that happens. They should not have made it without Rachel Weisz.

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      1. They have been showing Buffy on Fuse, so once in awhile I will watch those, they are on the seasons with Dawn. But some episodes I like and can rewatch. But I was always Team Spike..

        I never really like Maria Bello, but she def was not made for that part..

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  2. I loved The Librarian with Noah Wyle and was so sad when it was cancelled. Have you watched The Magicians? There are some pretty terrifying library/librarian scenes in the later seasons. It’s one of those series you’re better off binge watching rather than having to wait a year or so between seasons as you forget who was who and what was what! But, gosh I loved that and was sad when it ended.

    I loved this post, Erin! I hope you and Billy reminisce about something else to inspire a post! BTW…I just put up the 10 on the 10th…sorry for the lateness…it’s about holiday memories. There will also be a link party!

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