Holiday Gift Guide for the Armchair Detective

I am an early shopper for the holidays – I start browsing around online during the summer and early fall, and start buying by October. I am not an in-person shopper, I much prefer to do my shopping online and I have lists and lists of things saved! Sometimes I go down little rabbit trails and this was one I had to share, as I myself am an armchair detective. So this holiday gift guide was a lot of fun to create! I hope you enjoy it as well, and maybe you will find that little something for the mystery lover in your life! (or if you are that mystery lover, maybe you will find something to add to your list! I know that I have sent most of these items to my husband as little suggestions…)

This post contains affiliate links from Etsy. All other links are not affiliate links. And these are all just suggestions for fun! Please do not feel obligated or like you have to buy this stuff. If you find something you like, cool. If not that’s cool too.

L to R: Mysteries in my Pajamas || Agatha Christie Character Shirt || British Mystery Writers Mug

I solve mysteries in my pajamas all the time – at least one a night. This shirt is awesome. This design is also available as a mug and a sticker which is nice for small gifts or stocking stuffers.

Who is your favorite Christie character? I have to stick with Miss Marple for now, she still reigns supreme for me. With this shirt your favorite armchair detective doesn’t even have to try to solve the mystery of which is their favorite, they can proudly wear them all.

The British Mystery Writers mug is actually top of my list. At one point I even had it in my cart, ready to buy, and I was like no no no – my birthday and Christmas are coming! But I made sure to send it to my husband. I love to drink tea and read and watch mysteries and this mug looks so lovely – and big!

L to R: Sherlock Holmes Whiskey Glass || Baker Street tie || Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Mont Blanc

Every year I add a literary whiskey glass to my cousin’s collection and I think this Sherlock Holmes glass is the winner for this year! I did consider getting him a tie instead though, because this one is really neat. It’s fun but also understated.

And the pen – well. I have a story about that. My stepmom asked me for pen suggestions for my dad for Christmas. My dad and I LOVE fine pens – I used to work at an office supply store and that was my area – and neither my dad nor I ever added a Mont Blanc to our collection. So I was browsing the Mont Blanc site looking for something appropriate, found this one, and sent it to my stepmom to be silly. It is a lovely pen, although a bit out of the price range she was looking at. But hey, if it is within yours more power to you! Because this pen would be a treasure to have!

L to R: Sassy Nancy Drew Sweatshirt || Hunt a Killer Board Game || The Great Mouse Detective Tee

I have always loved mysteries, even as a child! Nancy Drew, Trixie Belden, The Great Mouse detective Basil, Scooby Doo – I could literally go on and on. I love a warm slouchy hoodie, and this one cracks me up. It definitely makes me think of the reboot Nancy Drew show, which I love.

These Hunt a Killer board games are so cool! I have always wanted to play one, and this Nancy Drew edition is really neat! (For a more family friendly version, I would check out this new Clue Board Game )

Pendant Magnifying Glass

Finally, every good detective needs a magnifying glass. Ever since watching Miss Marple and seeing her with her pendant magnifying glass, I have wanted one. I love how vintage this one looks!

A few Etsy tips! Make sure to always check shipping costs, country of origin, and shipping time. I also like to read about the timeliness of responses when people message the shop owners. Also – if you add an item to your favorites or cart, you might get a message from the shop owner offering a discount! Sometimes but not always, obviously. If you have the app and notifications turned on for the holiday season like I do, then you will see the notification straight away! Etsy also has their own favorites pages – I spent some time looking through the picks for him list!


20 thoughts on “Holiday Gift Guide for the Armchair Detective

  1. I have been seeing so many gift guides lately! Yours is the only one I’ve actually read all the way through! I love all of them, and I do hope someone buys your dad that pen or maybe a dupe! Oh, and I loved Nancy Drew. I used to have a classroom set of her books, but I left them behind when I retired. She was so sassy and spunky!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow thank you for reading it!! I try to be unique. Lol. And I really like trying to support small businesses and artists!

      That pen is awesome right? I think my stepmom is going to get him a Mont Blanc but not that one. Lol.

      I have always been a mystery lover, even as a kid. Harriet the Spy was my favorite book for a really long time and I would carry around a notebook and take notes just like she did. Lol. And I love Nancy Drew. 🙂


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  3. Adorable. Hope between your bday and Christmas you are gifted each of these darling gifts. I like the magnifying glass pendant and could certainly use it dozens of times a day as deciphering small print has become quite a mystery for me. The get a clue sweatshirt is fun. And I need some new BIG mugs for morning coffee. Going to drop a hint to my gift-giving peeps.

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