My Sunday-Monday Post!

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Hi all! Last week was a pretty good week – we are figuring out our routines and patterns and things are starting to fall into place. On Saturday I also went out for the day with my friends for our annual Fall day trip. We had a blast!

Read Last Week:

I finished up The Agathas and I absolutely loved it! I even stayed up late a few nights reading it, which is something these days. Lol. I also feel inspired to read more Agatha Christie!

Reading This Week:

This week is all about ghosts! Sheets is a graphic novel while A Haunted History of Invisible Women is a nonfiction book I picked up from NetGalley.

Posted Last Week:

Hello, Autumn

Spooky Season Cinema: Shaun of the Dead

Wednesday Morning Coffee Catch Up

Homeschooling Journey: Paul Bunyan, Wisconsin, Photosynthesis, and Grant Wood


Billy and I have been watching Shakespeare and Hathaway and also McDonald and Dodds on BritBox this past week. I think we might start the new Lord of the Rings show this week as well. And since we are doing Spooky movies for spooky season, we watched Shaun of the Dead – this week we are watching Hocus Pocus.

I felt so much better after reading how many of you also struggle with listening to audiobooks! I feel like I am in very good company! This week I listened to my normal podcasts, nothing new, just true crime and ghost stories for the most part.

And that is it from around here! I hope you all have a great week!


36 thoughts on “My Sunday-Monday Post!

      1. It is! It’s a nice light thing that is just comfort watching. I am really enjoying it. I saw it around on Instagram then saw that there was a bit of a wait on it at the library, but I have it now and so far it hasn’t disappointed!


  1. I have The Agathas on my TBR and hope to get to it soon. It does seem like such a great read an I’m glad to hear you’ve enjoyed it too. Yes! You can never go wrong with Agatha Christie!

    Thanks for visiting us earlier, I hope you will have a wonderful week.

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  2. I want to read more Christie too. I’ve read surprisingly little! I am really liking Rings of Power. Some of the storylines are a LITTLE iffy (?) but by and large I think it’s fantastic, and I love the worldbuilding and how visually stunning it is.

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    1. Me too! I have read so few and as a cozy British reader/watcher I feel like I am neglecting the Queen. Lol.

      I am excited to try the new LOTR. We are giant fans of that world around here. My brother and I are planning a “Hobbit” day inNovember with our kids. Lol.


      1. I hope you like the new show. Like I said, I think it’s visually stunning- I feel like I’m in middle earth again, like with the movies- and the actress playing Galadriel is doing awesome.

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