Wednesday Morning Coffee Catch Up

Hi all! Today the coffee is absolutely perfect! I brewed up Seattle’s Best Port Alley which is quickly becoming my favorite. I am sitting next to Wyatt on the couch while the sun rises, and there is this beautiful golden glow on the houses and trees outdoors, and along one wall of my house. Wyatt’s eating his Cinnamon Toast Crunch and all in all this is a pretty great moment.

Speaking of Wyatt, last week he became an official card carrying member of our local library! This month is Library Card Sign-Up month and I decided it was time he had his own card. I love the fact that we still use the library I grew up using, and my mom before me.

We also found the crow on the shelves so Wyatt won a little prize, and we explored the arts and crafts room that is available. All those die cuts! And I am not even responsible for them! (Like in my last job)

I talked a little in my Sunday post about Hawkfest, which we attended on Saturday with my brother, SIL, and niece Mermaid Girl. The kids had fun making necklaces out of “eagle talons”, and meeting all the birds of prey that were there. And so did I!

We love checking out the Metropark events that are available every month! Billy and I have been visiting the parks and these events for like 15 years and have become friends with the interpreters who put their heart and souls into educating people and creating curiosity and encouraging exploration. Pre-pandemic we loved going to our favorite metropark in the winter, hiking through the snow, then sitting in front of the fire in the Up North room talking to the interpreters. I really hope we can get back to that tradition soon.

Sunday evening meant more fun – Billy and I actually went out without Wyatt, and met up with my cousin Brian and his partner Katrina for drinks. We had a blast and talked so much and laughed and laughed. Katrina’s son just got married and for his honeymoon visited Turkey and India and Egypt – and even took a cruise down the Nile! (I of course immediately thought about Agatha Christie..) They took some gorgeous photos and it sounds like it was a dream honeymoon. I was also excited about my giant pretzel. I have been wanting one for weeks thanks to the Llewellyn Watts character on Murdoch Mysteries, and I finally got one!

And.. I am nearing the bottom of my cup and need a refill, so I will leave off here for today. What have you all been up to?


12 thoughts on “Wednesday Morning Coffee Catch Up

  1. I do love my morning coffee, and this week, from Saturday to Monday, I got to enjoy mine with my eldest son, who has been visiting from Prague! He loved the coffee, of course, and a coffee chat in the morning with a son who lives far away is delightful.

    Enjoy your week!

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    1. They are!! We are always at our library – the staff know Wyatt when he goes now, just like they knew me! And one of the librarians is the same librarian from my childhood. I would definitely get my new card almost immediately if I were to move too. Lol. High priority!


  2. Well now I want a giant pretzel! I love all the varieties of owls. They’re such fascinating creatures. That’s so wonderful that Wyatt got his library card! And of course a cruise down the Nile = Christie! Wouldn’t it be fun to read the book while on the cruise?

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  4. Post Alley is our favorite blend, too. Our stores have had trouble keeping it in stock, so I had to order it from Amazon. Can’t go without it!!

    Congrats to Wyatt on his library card. How exciting!

    We’ve been on the road for several weeks and are currently in Boise, ID. Today, we visited The World Center for Birds of Prey, which was very cool. I saw my first harpy eagle, as well as a hawk-eagle. Also a Peregrine falcon, California Condor, and a barred owl. Now to download my pix from my camera and see if I got any good shots!

    Hope you have a good week!


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