Hello, Autumn!

Photo Credit: Hilde Dorgelo-Feenstra

Last night at 9:04 pm EST, summer moved on to make way for autumn. And it is as if a switch literally turned off because we went from 88 degree weather on Wednesday, to 60 degrees and breezy Thursday literally overnight. This morning the house had a chill in the air that hasn’t been there for many months, and my soul smiled. I love this weather, I love this season. And it is here!

Today Wyatt and I are spending a good chunk of the day making our house cozy. I took down my brightly colored hearts banner that I leave up most of the year, and we will be replacing it with a banner of leaves. I will dig out all of our quilts and throw blankets to leave on the couches and ends of the bed, switch our sheets to flannel ones, bring in any plants that I still have outside. It’s time to get out all of our warm sweaters and flannels, our thick socks, to stock our tea supply with all of our favorites, English Breakfast and Earl Grey and Mint and Apple Cinnamon. I think this year I will even switch out my dishes, from my white and blue and yellow floral patterns for the persimmon Fiestaware we got for our wedding. t

I am also hoping to get to the farm market and nursery, to pick up a few early pumpkins to place around, and some rich colorful mums for the porch, mushrooms for soup. And this year they have photo areas all set up as well, and I want to take Wyatt’s “school” photo there, surrounded by the fall scene they constructed.

Leaves are changing here, seemingly earlier than normal. Our butterfly friends are on the move, along with other insects and critters and my bug hotels are awaiting guests. We are moving into the season of foxes and owls, and away from butterflies and rabbits here in my part of the world. Of mushrooms and fallen walnuts and hazelnuts and chestnuts to collect and leave in small bowls around the house, of filling bird feeders for the birds who stick around for the winter, jays and cardinals and tough little sparrows. My garden will be put to bed, I have already cut most of the zinnies and placed them throughout the house for the final blaze of color, showing us what we will be missing until next year. Squirrels are getting fat, and the little squirrel I named Bunny because he somehow lost his tail is bumping around here daily, looking for handouts.

Our fall calendar is filling up as well, full of plans for apple orchards and baking sessions, pumpkin carving, nature hikes and owl prowls, making leaf banners from wax and leaves, visiting Greenfield Village to see it all decked out for Halloween, backyard fires and cider. Simple things, for the most part, but simple things that fill us up. As nature slows down for a good long rest, we can as well.

14 thoughts on “Hello, Autumn!

  1. On top of the fact that autumn is my favorite month, this post is just so beautifully poetic, Erin! You have captured the essence of the season. I love it for all of these reasons. I have most of my pumpkins out (I may have a bit of a problem when it comes to pumpkins), but my super big metal one is in one of the boxes in the garage. It will be unpacked this week, I hope!

    It sounds like you, Wyatt, and Billy have an amazing couple of months ahead! We have been thinking of a getaway. Greenfield Village just might be the place! Thanks for an absolutely lovely post!



    1. Aw thank you so much Marsha! Autumn in my favorite as well. 🙂 I started decorating Friday then got sidetracked on a different project lol.

      Greenfield Village is a fun little place! It closes for the season I think the beginning of November. Then it does open just for their Holiday Nights event in December before closing until April. But the museum is open year round, as is their Rouge Factory tour. 🙂


  2. Things are turning very autumnal here and the temperatures are dropping. I’d normally be putting the heating on but the costs have doubled in the last year so we’re making do with extra layers and blankets at the moment!

    Apple cinnamon tea sounds delicious, I wonder if it’s available anywhere in the UK. Enjoy all the fun autumn activities you’ve got planned.

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  3. I love autumn, my acer is changing colour (and is having its last flourish at its current size as we need to have it pruned!) and it’s cooler for running! Also sunrise is at a time after I’ve woken up, so I can get out and see the sun over the local park lake, which I love.

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