Tuesday Morning Coffee Catch Up

Today the coffee that is percolating is Aldi’s Midnight Blend. I love it, my husband is not too fond. Except, when he was working from home yesterday he did drink all the coffee before I even got back from Wyatt’s early morning physical therapy! So, perhaps he is mistaken about how much he dislikes it…

This past weekend we were blessed with so many unexpected gifts from friends. Billy’s friend and co-worker gifted him with tickets for our whole family to the Michigan Renaissance Festival, and my friend Kelly called and asked if we wanted her daughter’s old outdoor playhouse for Wyatt – then decided to throw in some backyard furniture as well!

Wyatt and my niece formerly known as Mermaid Girl, now Little Fairy Princess, had a blast at the Ren Faire. And so did I! Billy and I used to go for years before Wyatt was born, and then haven’t been back until this past weekend. I was happy to be back in HollyGrove, amongst the fairies and mermaids and princesses. I am a total fantasy nerd – I love fairies and elves and goblins and I always have. I love that whole otherworld mystical magic stuff and I have all sorts of souvenirs from ye olde Ren Faires past, like little ceramic jars with dragons and unicorns, celtic necklaces, and so forth. And I really wish that cloaks were still like a normal part of fashion – it would be so fun to swoop about in one all fall and winter. Anyway, we knew the kids would love it and they did. I very oddly for me did not take many photos! This is it! I was pretty caught up in the moment. There is a short video in my Insta post that shows Little Fairy Princess playing with my favorite booth in the whole place – the Marshmallow Catapult people! We ended up buying a small one for Wyatt. He liked it, and so did I. It was a great day out!

Wyatt’s playhouse though…he is beyond excited about it. We rented a U-Haul to pick up all the things from Kelly’s house early in the morning, then Billy spent the rest of the day reinforcing it and putting it back together, despite the very hot day. He’s such a wonderful dad. Look how happy this kid is!

I absolutely love the picture of him hanging out the window chatting it up with my mom. I feel like he is spilling the neighborhood tea. (Please excuse my sad little garden here. I need to do some much needed clean up!)

I also love this table and chair set we were gifted as well. It is from an old ice cream parlor and I think I am just going to leave them just like this since they look perfect with the zinnias.

I also did a thing. So, you know the other week I had Wyatt’s hair all cut. Well, this past Friday I went to the salon and had about 7 inches cut off of my own hair. My stylist can also manage to get my hair to a level of straightness that I can never replicate although I try!

I have been under some stress lately, and this space has also been a blessing. Thank you all for listening to my rambling!

How was your weekend? How are things going in your world?


3 thoughts on “Tuesday Morning Coffee Catch Up

  1. Oh wow your hair is awesome! I have super fine hair, which makes it look thin, so I can only dream of having a look of thick, rich hair. LOL

    Wyatt’s new cut looks great, too, and he does look like he’s enjoying the playhouse. (Who wouldn’t???)

    I love the little table and chairs exactly as they are!! And they ARE perfect with the Zinnias!

    Hope things are less stressful for you now then they were.

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  2. Thank you Jinjer!! I wish I could I get it as straight as my lady, but I am trying!

    Isn’t that playhouse the cutest? He loves it! We are going to take some pots and things out to it tomorrow – since we put it up it has rained for two days!

    And thank you!


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