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Hey all! Happy weekend! Yesterday was such a fun day! We went to the Michigan Renaissance Festival and it was just like I remembered it. We had a great time. I plan on sharing more about it later this week. Today we laying low, other than picking up a little wooden playhouse from my friend’s house. Her daughter no longer plays with it and Wyatt still loves things like that so it will be in our yard later today.

Currently Reading:

Truthfully, I am still making my way through this one. Not due to lack of interest, because I love it, but because I am so slow and weird about reading on my Kindle. I know so many people prefer ebooks but I am a traditionalist I guess.

Reading Next:

I’ve been eyeballing this book for a while now, and it seems like a fun one to end the summer with. I know summer is not officially over until the equinox but for me fall begins when September does. Lol.

Reading With Wyatt:

I picked this up for us to read as our read aloud because it is has so many elements our family loves – foxes, badgers, the woods. However, it is pretty intense though guys. If you have sensitive readers I would read it yourself first.

Posted Last Week:

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Watching and Listening:

Billy and I have been watching mostly Murdoch Mysteries this week, so nothing really new on that front. As for podcasts I have been listening to True Crime again – Redhanded, Morbid, and I started a long-form podcast called True Crime Bullsh**. I had to stop listening to that last one though pretty quickly. It was just too much for me honestly. It is about Israel Keyes, who is absolutely terrifying, and contains mostly interviews with Keyes. I couldn’t listen. However the host did have spots of interviews with other true crime hosts and fans, regarding the morality and the reasons why they think people listen to and read about true crime which I found interesting, so I wish I could have kept listening to those parts without the Israel Keyes parts.

Musically, we have been listening to a lot different playlists on Spotify, although mainly this one from our family party on the fourth of July.

And that my friends, is the news from around here. I hope all is well in your world!


29 thoughts on “My Sunday-Monday Post

    1. I haven’t been to a renaissance festival since I lived in Kansas, what fun! You had mentioned Sarah Addison Allen in your previous post and so I asked for a digital version from the library. Will be starting that next week when we are camping.


  1. The books look great. I know in the UK the meteorological calendar has autumn starting on the 1st of September (though like you the official start is on the equinox) and because it’s back to school/work for us it does feel as though it’s Autumn.

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      1. Yep. Going to show my age a bit now but it was in the 90’s. There are bits on YouTube 🙂

        That does sound interesting. I didn’t know the books existed.

        It looks like the books were published in 1979. The show was 1993-1995. I was born in 1990 so maybe I saw repeats unless I can remember watching it when I was 5!

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  2. The playhouse sounds fantastic. How lovely that your friend shared it with you.

    I’m not a big fan of ebooks, though they saved my skin during Covid when our libraries closed. I’m on the waiting list for Other Birds.

    I need to share some of your podcasts with my daughter-in-law who loves true crime.

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  3. I wish we had things like a Renaissance Fair here in SA. I would love it!!

    I also still prefer a book, but I have a great relationship with my Kindle and most of the time read faster on the Kindle. Other Birds are on my TBR and I hope someone at Book Club will buy it for us soon….

    Have a good week and thanks for visiting us earlier.

    Elza Reads

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    1. We had so much fun!! Are you going this year? We got a pro-tip from Billy’s coworker who works there on the weekends. She says to get there at 9 am, an hour before it opens, and just sort of tailgate – have coffee, breakfast etc. You get much better parking and there are a lot less people at that time of day.


      1. We are going to go, I’m just not sure which weekends yet. That’s a great tip. We always seem to get there late in the day- around 2 or after. I don’t know if I’ve ever been there that early lol, but I’d love to-it’d be so nice to be there in the morning when it’s quiet. I’m thinking of doing a post about but we’ll see if I really do. 🙂


  4. 15andmeowing

    I bet you would like the tv show on Hulu, Only Murders in the Building. It is about 3 tenants in a building that are obsessed with a true crime podcast and they start trying to solve a murder in their building and make a podcast about it. 🙂

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  5. That’s so exciting about the playhouse. I bet Wyatt is so excited. I tend to only read on my Kindle in bed and I’m normally pretty exhausted when I get there so my reading is definitely slower on my Kindle! Israel Keyes scares me to death so I think I would have to give that podcast a pass too. I used to listen to The Vanished a lot and found it really interesting. I really like the host and how empathetic she is. Have a great week!

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    1. He is thrilled!!

      Lol maybe that is the reason for me too! I get in bed and pass out so fast.

      Oh my gosh, he is absolutely terrifying. It was worse to hear him talking and explaining things, he was so callous and cavalier. I had to nope out.

      I will have to check out the Vanished!


  6. It has been a crazy week here (and there). We moved finally! Now, it’s unpacking! I thought I had done it quite cleverly and have found I messed up in a big way. So, it’s a little like Old McDonald…unpack here, unpack there, here an unpack, there an unpack!! And, I’m like you…I do read on my iPad, but I’d rather have a book in my hands any day!

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