Yoga, Cats, and Fancy Pants Plants

It can be hard as a parent, whether you are a stay at home parent or a working one, to find time for your own pursuits and friendships. So yesterday when I had two opportunities (thanks Grandmas!) to take a little time away I took them.

My original plan was to go to a free yoga class in a nearby park. My mom lives fairly close, so I could drop Wyatt off, go to yoga, and even grab a coffee and read afterwards for a bit. However, I totally chickened out on the class part of that plan. It is has been so long since I have practiced yoga that I chose to skip the class and instead dropped Wyatt off, and went back home for yoga time in my den.

However, I soon remembered why practicing yoga at home is sometimes difficult too…

…Miso and Marlow like to join me. However, I prevailed and pushed on and Miso eventually lost interest and wandered off somewhere to dream in a pile of fluffy cuteness. Marlow stuck around though, and really liked it whenever I had a pose on the mat, like child’s pose. Stinker. Before the pandemic I was considering attending a goat yoga class – after this experience I think I will skip the goat yoga and just go to a goat happy hour instead.

A lot of people had recommended Yoga with Adriene to me and so I gave her channel a whirl. The video I chose was Morning Fresh Yoga and it was actually perfect for what I needed yesterday; it was just challenging enough, yet also familiar enough that I could relax as well. Lots of warrior, forward folds, downward dog, etc.

Afterward I enjoyed a nice cup of coffee at home, in the quiet, petting those cats who were so interested in yoga and doing a little reading before heading back to pick up the kiddo. He had been having his own fun playing with grandma and his cousin Mermaid Girl and was actually tired out! We both took a little rest when we got home (I listened to a podcast while he caught some z’ss) and then had a normal afternoon after he woke up.

It was going to be a special night though, because one of his other grandmas (Wyatt has 3) was coming over to hang out with him while I went to my friend Kelly’s house for a few hours. Billy had to work a little later so we had grandma to the rescue!

It was just Kelly and I last night, we were two buddies down as Jill’s bonus daughter starts college today and they had all sorts of things to finish up, and Chrissy has out of town family visiting. Kelly and I settled in on her deck, poured the wine, and started catching up. It’s been more than a month since I have seen her in person (we actually both had COVID at the same time but we hadn’t seen each other so it wasn’t like one of us got the other sick, just a weird coincidence) Her oldest daughter starts high school this year, which is unbelievable to me. I remember when she was little and would show me all of her dolls when I went over to visit. We talked about the upcoming school year, laughed about some crazy stuff that has happened to us lately, and then went on the plant tour of Kelly’s house. High School Daughter was all Mom, don’t take her on a plant tour! and warned me not to start a plant journey ~ Kelly had to break the news that I have already started one. In fact, the tour had a purpose. We were gathering cuttings so I could take them home to propagate! If you are a plant person, you know how exciting this is!

Kelly has a beautiful home and I couldn’t resist taking some photos of it while we were getting the cuttings. We actually decided I am going to come over and take photos for a blog post one day – she is proud of her house and she should be!

So, the plant cuttings I took home included a Silver Sword, A Baltic Blue Pothos, a Global Green, a Cebu Blue, a Golden Pothos, and a Horse Head Philodendron. The Silver Sword is one I am super excited about, it is beautiful and hard to find. They are all now currently hanging out in my baby plant/ propagation area. I also included a photo of my baby Brasil I picked up for $4.00.

The cutest thing though. When Kelly’s youngest saw that Kelly had given me cuttings, she gathered some marigold seeds from her garden and gave them to me in a little baggie, which was adorable. Kids are always watching and listening and learning. I love it.

Today I feel more refreshed and very grateful for having had that time yesterday! I think I am going to drop Wyatt off at my mom’s once a week so I can go to yoga, whether it is at home or in class, and let her teach Wyatt geography. I think it will be good for all us!


17 thoughts on “Yoga, Cats, and Fancy Pants Plants

  1. That sounds like the perfect day to me, Erin! I’ve always wondered about the goat pellets at goat yoga class…like, are they trained to do their business away from class. I don’t want to be doing downward dog right in a pile of poo! How lucky is Wyatt to have three grandmothers! I’m glad they are involved and give you a break because those breaks are necessary! And, I love your plants. I have been on a plant journey for almost five decades now…love my plants! And, I have three huge containers of marigold seeds I hope to plant next year! My grandma rarely bought seeds…she always harvested her own.

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    1. Right!! How does that work, with their bathroom needs? Lol. I think drinking wine with goats might be better.

      Phew those breaks really are, and I need to start making them a priority.

      Oooo a fellow plant lover! I have just started trying to save seeds. We will see how it goes next year! Lol.


  2. Erin, thank you for visiting my blog! I love meeting new blog friends. Can’t wait to follow along on your blog. Before my move 1 year ago I went to hot yoga 5 days a week, some days it was a struggle other days I could not wait to get there. I made a decision that it was my job to do something for me every day. That said, I do not have 2 young children. I also find the same problem at home as you, my 3 dachshunds want to be part of my yoga class and they lay on the mat and jump on me. Have a wonderful weekend!

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  3. That free time is important! What a great idea having a grandparent teach a subject. 🤔 it has given me an idea. Ha!

    I used to have the same issue with the cats when I did yoga. My cats are now outside most of the time but I am curious how they will react when I start it up again.

    I need to find an extra hobby like your plants. I am so boring. I was all excited to bring my hanging basket in for the winter until my dad said I can’t. “They’re annuals. They just die in the winter.” What a rip. I kept that thing alive all summer which is a big deal to me since I kill everything! Now I am just supposed to let it die???

    Sounds like you had an awesome week. Thanks for sharing it with us.

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  4. I have cats who are similarly helpful/inquisitive when you don’t want them to be. I’ve been meaning to try Yoga with Adriene myself so I’m glad to hear her videos are good.
    So nice that you got some “me” time – you have been super busy and really deserved it.

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