Sunday Morning Coffee Catch Up

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Last week was a long week. Wyatt threw up once after swimming last Friday (the 22nd) and we thought maybe it was just because he had swallowed water or something. But then Saturday he started coughing and was congested, so we gave him a home test, which almost instantly turned positive for Covid. Billy and I just stared at it for a second, in disbelief. We had had a busy week, but all were in medical buildings with screening and mask requirements – except for one. His speech therapy appointment Tuesday afternoon. Due to the nature of speech therapy, he can’t wear a mask. And since it houses many speech therapy rooms, etc a lot of kids are not wearing masks. When we looked at the timeline, it fit.

We immediately called Wyatt’s pediatrician, who told us not to panic (too late!), told us to treat it like a cold, and to also call Wyatt’s neurologist. His neuro team also told us not to panic but to bump up one of his seizure meds for two days in case of fever spikes. He thank goodness did not have any fever spikes but we were happy to have such a good medical team for our kiddo. Once Wyatt was settled, I went out for a PCR test. Which came back negative but two days later I became congested with a sore throat and tested positive as well, which I knew was coming. How could it not?

We spent the week resting and healing, and for me, worrying. I drove my friends and family crazy I am sure but with their help I managed to stay mostly calm. I drank tons of tea with honey, ate chicken noodle soup everyday for lunch, kept hydrated, and laid around as much as my bounce back quickly kid would let me. (which I was grateful for, Wyatt bouncing back so quickly). I was congested, husky voiced, and a little tired. That was probably one of the hardest things, being sidelined. I missed my college roommate reunion! One of my friends from college was visiting from Australia, where he moved after meeting and falling in love with his wife, an Australian woman from Perth. I see them so rarely for obvious reasons, and this was one other time I missed them. I will probably have to wait five years again now, which is a huge bummer.

At least I had my little buddy to hang out with. And my cats and my reptiles and my caterpillars. They distracted me when I needed a distraction. I daydreamed about adopting a goat. And an English Angora rabbit, because look at this little floof!! I want to kiss it and hug it … my husband calls me Elmyra from Tiny Toons and it is not an unfair comparison sometimes.

Billy and I watched lots of Virgin River because that was just the tv I needed, I attempted two audiobooks, and mostly scrolled the interwebs. On Thursday Wyatt was growing increasingly bored but as he had just passed day 5 and I was not there yet, we were still housebound – and pretty much are until day 10. And I was still pretty gross. But I rallied enough to set up this rock painting activity for him. His rocks were so…artistic. I thought they were beautiful.

I didn’t go outside much over the week, because I wasn’t interested in adding allergies to the mix, but I did sit on the porch a few times and was surprised everyday by some new and wonderful sight. Goldfinches perching on my lavender, eating seeds from flower heads, a baby robin, just a new fledgling sitting on our porch rail, unafraid. A hummingbird even swung by and hovered in front of us, saying hello for a few seconds before disappearing in a blur. And, I found giant swallowtail butterfly eggs on my rue! So, despite a pretty crappy week, there was some beauty to be found in it.


11 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Coffee Catch Up

  1. Oh, so sorry you caught the evil COVID! But it sounds like you had wonderful distractions along the way. I loved the newest season of Virgin River, and now it will feel like a long wait for the next one! But fortunately there are lots of streaming shows on.

    Stay safe and get well soon!

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    1. It could have been much worse, so I am grateful. 🙂 And it wasn’t a terrible week overall – like you said lots of wonderful distractions. And yes!! Virgin River Season 4 was so good! It ended and I was like “Wait! What! It can’t end there!”

      Thanks Laurel-Rain!


  2. What a week you’ve had! I’m so sorry both you and Wyatt ended up with Covid after being so careful for so long. It appears Wyatt, at least, is definitely on the mend. I hope you are soon bouncing around just like Tigger. And, I have to say, after watching that video, I would love one of those bunnies, too! But, my Westie would probably have something to say about that! Here’s to a wonderful, healthy week!

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    1. I know! I feel like I fought the good fight for a long time though and at least we got it when this is a pretty mild variant. But still, no fun! I am grateful we just were a bit tired and congested though. We are both feeling much better thank goodness!

      Isn’t that bunny adorable!! Lol. But I am guessing you are right about your Westie. Lol. And thanks Marsha!


  3. I haven’t been visiting blogs while on my road trip and just now read this post. I’m so sorry you and Wyatt caught Covid (your husband had it a while ago, right?). I hope you are feeling well again, but I’m sorry you weren’t able to see your friends! 😦

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    1. I hope you had a blast on your road trip!

      Ugh, yes!! We worked so hard to keep Wyatt and I from getting it when my husband had it, and we were successful. I could not believe it when Wyatt came down with it – we are seriously very vigilant. 😦 The only place he could have gotten it was speech therapy which puts me in a pickle!

      We are doing much better thank you! We were both pretty congested for a few days and a little tired, but thank goodness, that was it. I was super bummed that I didn’t get to see my college buddies! 😦


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