Hello, August!

It’s August! And you know what that means – fall is right around the corner! But first – August. Here, gardens are usually lush and overflowing, days are hot, and everyone is scrambling to fit as much fun and outside time in before school starts again. Even though we are a homeschooling family, I feel the urgency to not waste a second more than I have to. These long, lazy days don’t last forever and we will eventually have to hit the books again.

We ended July on a bit of a bummer – Wyatt and I had Covid. The rest of July was pretty spectacular though, so I have to be happy for that, and thankful that we had mild cases. August however is looking to be a good looking month though, if we do even a few of the things I am hoping we do. Peaches, sunflowers, the Renaissance Festival (it will be Wyatt and Mermaid Girl’s first time and they are going to love it!), birthday parties, and things closer to home too, like raising caterpillars and reading and swimming. Eating cold watermelon at night with Billy, the evening glass of wine, farm markets, the wild and vibrant colors of the zinnias growing in Billy’s wildflower patch.

I am of course, looking ahead to school starting. I have lots to gather and prepare (and there is a metaphor in here that is eluding me this morning as I type). I have to organize our supplies, finish lesson plans – we are flexible but I do have plans. I need to keep working on the literary arts curriculum I am creating for Wyatt – I have made it to December and I have to say I am super excited about my choices and what I have put together already. I have field trips to plan, and I still have to convince Billy to build an addition onto our house for a sun room/plant room/homeschool room… (ok that isn’t going to happen but hey a girl can dream).

We still want to squeeze a camping trip in somewhere – I love the outdoors guys but I am not a camper, unless sleeping in a cabin or an RV counts. Right now I am daydreaming of reserving a night or two in an Airstream somewhere rustic, but I know my husband wants the whole camping experience with Wyatt, tent and all. I can maybe do one night? Maybe I will just sleep in the back of the Subaru…

Anyway, I am going to wrap this up here! How about you? Any plans for August?


14 thoughts on “Hello, August!

    1. We are definitely feeling much better! We get to spring from our prison today! It’s been a long ten days!

      I think I did love camping as a kid in a tent, so I get why Billy wants to do that with Wyatt. Lol. I am more of the cabin or cottage type now though as well.


  1. jodaley

    We used to tent camp with our girls when they were young. And the dog, she came too and loved to sleep in the middle of us all. I’m a little more squeamish about wildlife these days so a trailer sounds good-ha! Enjoy all the summer fun of August!

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  2. I am so jealous of your gardens, especially the zinnias! I am also jealous of the planning for school. You can take the teacher out of the classroom, but you can’t take the classroom out of the teacher! I am with you on the camping…I would only glamp!! As for August, hopefully, our house will be done, and I can stop looking at sooooooo many boxes!


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