We Saw the Sun!

We had a pretty terrific weekend! I feel like we really kicked off the spring/summer/sunshine season the past few days and it has been awesome. Just the lift my spirits have needed.

First, Saturday was “name day” at our favorite ice cream parlor for Wyatt and Billy, so those two got free ice cream! We had been meaning to get ice cream since the parlor reopened for the season and that was the just the motivation we needed to stop in.

Wyatt chose mint chocolate chip, his favorite. Billy picked black cherry, his favorite. And I always mix it up! I got bear claw that time, which was delicious! We had to eat in the car since it was too wet out but it was still a good way to start the weekend.

Sunday the sun was out and shining its heart out. We couldn’t wait to get outside, so we had some breakfast and hit the road.

We wandered down near the river, where Billy and Wyatt chucked rocks into the water. Wyatt seriously had the best time and it was cracking me up. The bigger the rock, the bigger the plop, the bigger the laughs got.

Then we found a rock that could not be budged. So we played on it.

When we had explored all there was to explore, it was time to head home. Billy and I had an amazing dinner of Salmon Pesto Pasta, Wyatt had chicken and noodles, and by the time we all took showers we were more than ready for relaxing for the rest of the night.

The past two days have been beautiful as well. We have been spending our mornings homeschooling, then getting outside for a few hours before finishing up school for the day.

Now let’s just hope the weather is here to stay!

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