Easter Weekend

It was a busy busy weekend! I had to finish tying up so loose ends, buying a few more basket stuffers for Wyatt and my nieces, making sure I had all the ingredients for our offering at Easter dinner (mac and cheese), and cleaning our house which had become a bit neglected through the week.

Saturday after taking my mom shopping, I came home and Wyatt wanted to take a nap. I was all worn out from shopping (doesn’t take much lol) so while he slept I laid on the bed next to him, listening to a podcast with my headphones on. Billy headed down to his office where he played video games with his headphones on. Well, when Wyatt woke up I checked my phone and found I had missed a million calls from my family and my brother and sister-in-law were texting asking if we were ok, etc. I felt sort of like Rip Van Winkle. How long had we been relaxing? Apparently just an hour but in that time my brother had stopped by (Chrissy was going to shave Miso, more on that in a minute) and knocked a few times with no answer. They saw our cars in the drive, tried the door, yelled hello into the house, and even came in and walked around, while Wyatt, Billy, and I were totally oblivious. When we connected they were amazed and alarmed that we had had no idea they were in our house. Lol. Chrissy even commented that I was probably even listening to a true crime podcast (I was..). So just a reminder all to lock your doors! And Miso got her haircut too, poor thing. She had a huge mat that she just wouldn’t let me take care of, so Chrissy had to bring the clippers. Miso is so much happier and more comfortable now, although she was really quite upset with us for a bit.

Later that night we dyed eggs with Wyatt. I had thought I messed up by buying brown eggs as I usually do, I didn’t even think about it when I bought them. But it worked!

Sunday morning, Wyatt was happy to see that the bunny had come.

After relaxing for a bit, it was time to get a move on! We had two stops – Billy’s parents and later my family gathering. First up was Billy’s parents, where my MIL gifted me with some of her plant babies!

After a nice time there, we headed home and Billy started the macaroni and cheese. He has a delicious recipe that he got from a coworker which was going to be our contribution. It was finished just on time to head out the door for Devin and Chrissy’s house. Where we will all just ate so much good food it was crazy. We had Billy’s macaroni, Devin and Chrissy made salmon, bean salad, and broccoli and Brussels sprouts. And deviled eggs! Everyone was going wild over the deviled eggs Chrissy made, and I realized I had never had one, like ever in my life. So I had one. Then another. And then another! Why did no one ever tell me deviled eggs were so good? For dessert we had ice cream and homemade carrot cake, because we apparently needed to eat even more food.

In between eating we laughed and chatted and the kids played and tried to eat all their candy in one sitting. We talked about our family trip we are taking up north in June, we talked about recipes, we just talked about everything. It has been a long few months inside and away from each other, but it was so much fun to finally see each other again, altogether in one room and sharing stories and good food. It was a fantastic day and we were all happy and full and relaxed when we all headed home. I am so thankful for my family!

I am also thankful that this week Wyatt and I are on break, since I don’t feel like doing much of anything this morning, other than drinking my coffee and apparently writing this post. I hope you all had a good weekend as well, whatever you were doing!


13 thoughts on “Easter Weekend

  1. I think that’s hilarious you were listening to a true crime podcast while your friends/family were in your home!! Your Easter sounds perfectly lovely! Our kids and grands came over and lots of eating was done here, too! I haven’t had a deviled egg in forever. But, I do remember them being rather habit forming!

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    1. It cracks me up! My brother is all super into home security so he was appalled. I told him I would start making sure the door was locked at all times. πŸ™‚

      I am glad to hear that you guys had a great Easter as well! Grandkids and food, perfection!


  2. This post was like a warm hug. 😊 Such sweet memories you’ve made over Easter weekend. Wyatt’s smile lights up the whole room. And that nap sounded divine, but the story of your family coming in and walking around while you snoozed away was something else! Your brother is going to be double checking you locked the doors now, hah!

    As a cat mama and cat lover, Miso’s face in that one photo made me chuckle and broke my heart all at the same time. πŸ˜‚ I’m glad she is feeling much better now that the mat is gone, though. I can’t imagine what those most feel like for them.

    Glad the brown eggs worked out too. They came out great! Hope you rest up. Good to see so many smiles going around!

    Sending love and best wishes to you & yours!


    1. Aww thank you!

      And that napping situation – that was hysterical to me and my brother was appalled. Lol. I will lock them from now on though!

      Oh my gosh, doesn’t she look so pitiful? I hated having that done to her but it had to be done. 😦 She would not let me near the mat and I couldn’t leave it, it had to be so uncomfortable and I think they can destroy the skin underneath too. Poor baby.

      Thank you! Best wishes and good vibes to you as well!


  3. Stefanie

    What a fun Easter you had. My girls dyed eggs last night and last week before we had left for SoCal, they got chocolate bunnies and some accessories from Mama & Appa.

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