It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?

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Last week was just a regular old week around here, which isn’t a bad thing. It was just one of those living my life kind of weeks, nothing too exciting. Wyatt and I are chugging along with school, and he had two appointments as well. One 7 year wellness visit with his pediatrician and then an Occupational therapy session/evaluation. Friday night tacos, ice cream on Saturday.. it was nice. Hopefully we get a hike in this afternoon. Then the week begins all over again with school. We are taking a break next week from school so that will be fun! I am trying to get some ideas together for our staycation!


I started both of these and I am enjoying them both! I am not done yet with either but I will be soon, probably later today (at least with Wild is the Witch). Then I will be picking up my annual reread of Watership Down! It is my favorite book, and has been since middle school and I have read it so so many times. I am on my 4th copy at least, and I am pretty sure I need to buy this one too – the 40th Anniversary Edition. I was toying with the idea of an actual read along event but I realized I have no idea what that entails!

Posted Last Week:

10 on the 10th: Diamond Edition

A Day in the Life

Hello April!

Watching and Listening:

Nothing new to report here. We are still watching Murdoch Mysteries and now I am all in, and keep watching because what the heck is going on with him and Julia!! We are on season 4 (or 5 I’m not sure) so we have many more episodes to go.

For Saturday night movie night we were going to watch Green Knight but it wasn’t available on any of our platforms. So instead of an hour trying to find a movie we went back to Studio Ghibli. This time we watched My Neighbor Totoro, which was so cute! I am going to rewatch it with Wyatt.

I have been listening a lot to the podcast National Park After Dark. I listened to one this week that was crazy scary! It was a two part pod called Night of the Grizzlies, about a night of Grizzly attacks at Denali National Park in the 60s. I guess prior to these attacks the park service and tourists all believed that the grizzly bears were harmless and not a threat. There is also a book about this tragic night, written by Jack Olsen and it is also called Night of the Grizzlies. They have a mix of terrifying tales but also inspiring tales of survival, all set within the National Parks.

And that is about it from our little refuge!


17 thoughts on “It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?

  1. I am reading Harlem Shuffle and People We Meet on Vacation…as different from each other as you could get! We have been watching Julia as well as a couple of Samuel L Jackson movies which were full of…you guess it…f bombs! Mike was into them a little more than I was. I usually crochet or knit while watching tv so if I’m not that interested, all is good! Enjoy this coming week!

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  2. I think a read-along of Watership Down would be a lot of fun. I read it when it first came out and then I recommended it for our book club. It’s a favorite of mine.

    Enjoy your break from school next week. It’s wonderful that you can create your own schedule when you homeschool.


  3. Stefanie

    Wild bears are not to be messed with. My brother and SIL went camping once. They had arrived late and so the food was out. A bear came but nearby campers made loud noise to scare it off.

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