10 on the 10th: Spring!

I love participating in 10 on the 10th which is hosted by Once Upon a Time Happily Ever After and Marsha in the Middle! They are both such sweet ladies – and very stylish ladies, unlike me! I need to do some sprucing up of my wardrobe this spring! Well, we will get to that.

Ok, #1: My favorite thing about spring, and my favorite season.

I used to hate spring ~ now I love it. It’s not my favorite, that is fall, but I have become a lover of spring. I love the world waking up from it’s winter nap, the flowers, the colors returning to the world, the little animals and insects and birds singing in the morning. The return of the sun. Planting seeds and looking for tadpoles and salamanders.

Spring in my Step: Nature always puts a spring in my step. Planning new adventures. And my favorite pair of shoes – my low top Converse. I have worn low top black Converse since high school, and I wear them until they are literally falling apart. I just threw away the pair I had been wearing in anticipation of buying some new shoes that you know, don’t have holes, and I knew if I didn’t chuck my chucks I would probably slip into them again this spring. I am even considering mixing things up and buying maybe more than one pair of shoes for spring and summer… lol. My husband has a billion pairs of shoes. I am so minimalist but I want to shake things up this year.

St. Patrick’s Day! I am definitely Irish! I think my Ancestry DNA put me at like 57% Irish. My name before marriage was Erin McGill. I am still Erin of course though. And I have definitely worn my share of St. Patrick’s Day t-shirts. Erin-Go-Bragh and all that!

Spring flowers: I love wild violets. I always ask my husband to spare them when mowing the lawn because I love looking outside and seeing all the purple and white popping up everywhere. I also love hyacinths and tulips. One spring a few years ago we took a long weekend family trip to Holland, MI for the tulip festival and it was so fun, with tulips everywhere! That trip was so fun, full of good memories. Now I want to go again!

Spring Cleaning: I always get super motivated to spring clean, to throw the windows open and let in the fresh air after a cold midwestern winter, to declutter and to donate items, to remove anything that just feels heavy. I want everything to feel light and airy. I love to use Mrs. Meyers products – sustainable, plant-derived and natural, and they smell so good! I don’t have any tips sadly, although I am looking forward to the tips of others.

Toys: I did have a Slinky as a kid – and Silly Putty too! Hmmm.. my favorite toy as a kid was probably my stuffed Scooby-Doo that I got at King’s Island one summer. Then probably my Barbies.

Spring Forward: Take family walks after dinner. It is usually too dark and cold during the winter to go for after dinner family walks. Once spring hits, and the days get longer, it will be nice to spend that time outside as a family.

Spring colors: I probably won’t wear any of those except for sky blue. I told you I need fashion help!

Spring Reading: I am a very seasonal reader (seasonal person in every way really!), and spring for me means more nature books, gardening books, romance novels. I’ve also been reading more middle grade lately and YA because they are just fun to read. I also read Watership Down every single spring, it is my favorite book of all time. It is getting to be that time again! I do not have much quiet time but it is a goal for the upcoming year for me, to try to actually make time for me. So we will see.

Spring Quote:

I love Mary Oliver – she is an amazing poet and I have always loved this quote. It just makes me feel so grateful for everything, and so alive. (this print is by TurquoiseRhinoceros and is available on Etsy btw – isn’t it fantastic? )

And that is it for this month’s prompt! I loved this look at spring!


17 thoughts on “10 on the 10th: Spring!

  1. I’ve never been to the tulip festival but we do have a tulip farm near us that plants fields and fields of them and we haven’t been in a few years. I’ve been thinking we’ll look into going again this spring. I find that being out in nature puts a spring in my step too. I think every single one of us so far has stated using that extra daylight time for family walks after dinner!

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  2. Stefanie

    No “Kiss Me” t-shirts for me, pls. Kids would always try to pinch me at school until I would point out my jade bracelet or jade earrings. I am kind of looking forward to spring this year because then I can wear my me-made items which are in light cottons or linens. I’ve been lazy this fall and winter by just throwing on leggings and a long-sleeved shirt.

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    1. Lol!! I can’t say I have ever actually worn one that says Kiss Me because well, no. But I have worn Erin-Go-Bragh and claddagh shirts every year. I love that you wore jade. Perfect!

      I need some clothes help. I love love love that you make your own! I can’t do that but I need to pick up some different stuff. I have been living in yoga pants for a year now.


  3. I loved your comment about chucking your chucks! My son had a huge collection of them (all very stinky) in almost every color because he worked in a shoe store when he was in high school! I haven’t been to Holland, Michigan in years. It was a spot my parents took us frequently when I was a kid! I’d love to go back again!

    Thanks so much for linking up!


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    1. Lol I am so happy someone caught it! I have always been a Converse fan. I am not ready to give them up but I do need to branch out. Maybe. Lol.

      And how awesome that you have been to Holland! It is one of our favorite family weekend getaways! It is about three hours from us, straight across the state, so it is an easy drive and there is so much to do. šŸ™‚


    1. So I bought those shoes! I ended up buying a different style, the ones with shoelace holes but no laces. And they are super comfy! I love them. I am glad that you posted about them lol.

      The tulip festival was so fun. Looking at all these pictures makes me want to go again!


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  5. What a beautiful quote and graphic. Thank you for sharing it with us. It, and the gorgeous photos of Wyatt in the daffodils. He is about the cutest thing.

    I have a book I would love to send to you and Wyatt, if you don’t have it yet…Wonder Walkers. If you guys would like to have it, I would like to send it to you. Please let me know. You can email me at mommyhon333@hotmail.com.

    Makes me happy that you are a proud Irish lass. Me, too. And Scottish and English. I have 2 St. Pat’s Day tees to wear this year. Will have to have a costume change mid-day.

    Thanks for joining us!!

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    1. I am just catching up! The last few days have been crazy. Again.

      Thanks so much Leslie! That is so nice of you! I will send you an email, I appreciate that! I have not heard of that book but it sounds perfect!

      And I am Irish, Scottish and English too! Add in a little Northern Italian and you have my ancestry all right there!


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