Wyatt’s Week Last Week

Ok, before we move to the fun stuff, let’s talk about the EEG. Wyatt did wonderful. He did an amazing job of holding still while they hooked him up to 27 electrodes and wrapped his head twice with gauze and medical tape, which took an hour. The next 24 hours was a bit trying for us all, but obviously especially him. That long tail really irritated him and he kept trying to take it off. Other than that, he did fantastic. The removal took half the time the next day. He was a big mess but so happy to be free! We immediately gave him a bath when we got home using Dawn dish soap on his super goopy hair, vegetable oil on the copious amounts of adhesive residue all over his face and neck and chest, and we were back to normal!

We were hoping for results that showed the medicine was taking care of things but he did show that he had two small tonic seizures overnight. The doctor increased his medication slightly and we get to do the whole thing all over again in June. But, it was good we did it, we caught some issues, and are taking care of them and that is what we we wanted and hoped for!

The very next day was his 7th birthday! I like that he got to start a new year with old business behind him. We had a very simple day but little man was happy and enjoyed himself so that made me happy. Wyatt had asked for three things for his birthday – books, toast, and a frog. So, between our friends and family, he got his wishes, as well as some other fun things too!

Let’s start with the frog. This kid is so like me. Books and animals. I dig it. So of course I was going to get him a frog! But what kind… hmm. He is super into tigers right now, so, we got him a tiger leg monkey tree from from Josh’s Frogs in Michigan. I really love supporting them because they work hard for conservation of creatures by breeding the animals themselves. This helps to fight the harvesting of animals from the wild, and leaving wild creatures where they should be. They also partner with different organizations and donate money to conservation efforts in different countries. Anyway, meet Daniel Tiger frog! We are all in love!

He (or she) is green during the day and dark at night when in hunting mode. When she/he arrived, he was in hunting mode I guess because he was in a box. Daniel arrived overnight via FedEx after picking a day with correct temps which is part of the process of buying. He is so itty bitty! And bonus – my friend Kelly is buying him a second one! We just have to wait for another to become available.

The rest of his gifts were just as well loved by Wyatt! I didn’t get pics of everything but notice, books and toast. (I can’t believe my cousin found toast)

Overall, this little guy had quite a week! And so did mom!


12 thoughts on “Wyatt’s Week Last Week

    1. He really is such a trooper. He really only started getting upset about it in the last hour of having it on. It was so much better having it at home too, where he could play and do all his normal stuff, rather than trapped in a hospital bed!

      I think that timing was perfect too! Followed up two kind of not so fun days with birthday cake and gifts and family!


  1. Stefanie

    What a process but glad you were able to discover some important information that was immediately addressed. Yay for birthdays and what a cool gift to receive. You are the first family I know about that has frogs and lizards.

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    1. Yes! We are so thankful for Wyatt’s team. They are so good. We already have seen less of the small breakthrough seizures we had been noticing since they adjusted the meds.

      Lol! It’s like the reptile house at the zoo around here these days! I have to admit, the leopard geckos (Harry and Luna) are my favorites. They are so friendly and personable, and act like dogs or cats but smaller and scalier. Lol.


  2. I’m sure you’re so glad that procedure is behind you even if you didn’t get the results you wanted. Hopefully, his June scan will show improvement. But, wow! I love that he wanted only three things…and received them all including that cute toast pillow (?)! The frog is adorable, and I love his name! Have a happy week!


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    1. Yes we are. This kid is pretty darn remarkable. I mean I am his mother so I am biased but…lol.

      He is so funny. I couldn’t believe it when he asked for toast. Lol. Yeah that is a like a stuffed animal/pillow – I am not sure either! It is really soft though.


  3. Aww happy birthday to such a sweet and brave little boy.

    That little frog is so cute! What does he eat?

    Toast!!! I was thinking he wanted toast for breakfast or something so I had to laugh when I scrolled down to the picture of Toast. Is that a character from a comic book or movie or something? SO CUTE! I Googled but didn’t find any info about a specific character that looks like that, but I did find pictures of other cute toast pillows, including a whole loaf of bread with a face on one end, and I want ALL the Toasts. lo


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