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Last week was crazy. My dad fell and broke the top of his femur, which started a whirlwind of events for him and my stepmom. He had to have some screws and pins put in but he is home and working on healing. Then Billy had to have an oral surgery Thursday, on a tooth that needed a bone graft. He is also starting to feel a bit better as well.

I did get to finally visit with my dad yesterday! It was so good to see him and my stepmom – and I even got to see my nephew and stepsister as a bonus. They live a good distance away but I am hoping to get back there again soon. My dad was doing great!

Read Last Week:

I loved both of these books/stories, both were so good even though they both left me a little sad. I hope to review them both this week – although The Tiger Came to the Mountains is a short story, so the review will be short too. I think it took me 15 minutes or so to read? I am looking forward to reading the rest of the books in the collection!

Reading This Week:

I plan on reading a few more short stories in the Trespass Collection this week; I may even read them all as they are so short!

Posted Last Week:

10 on the 10th! Spring

Wyatt’s Week Last Week


We are still watching Murdoch Mysteries. I am going to be honest, it’s not a *great* show. It is sort of cheesy, in both story-line and just the way it looks, but it is easy and entertaining, and was perfect for our stressful week.

And that’s it from around here this week. Stay safe and well everyone!


26 thoughts on “My Sunday-Monday Post

  1. Sounds like a crazy week indeed for you! I think those stunning and colorful covers you have showcased here today, did cheer you up tremendously!

    Good luck with your upcoming week and may it all be smooth sailing.

    Thanks for visiting us!


  2. Oh no- sorry to hear that! Glad to hear your dad is doing well though! Hopefully both of them are feeling good as new soon.

    Ooh I see you have a Vandermeer book. I read his Annihilation and also Butterfly salamander recently- his stuff can definitely get out there! will be curious to see what you think!

    Sometimes an easygoing show is just what you need. 🙂

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  3. Good grief! What a week. Sending good wishes to both your dad and Billy. (And I know what you mean about Murdoch. There’s so much other stuff I want to see, I can never stay with it. Did you watch Chelsea Detective last week? (Acorn)

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    1. Jeanie it was so nuts. I was constantly nervous last week!

      And yeah Murdoch. Lol. I don’t think we will binge watch it but I do think we will pick it up here and there when we need that. And no I didn’t! I will check it out!


  4. Ugh. Your poor dad. That must have been very painful. My husband fell and broke his shoulder and wound up having to have shoulder replacement surgery. Getting older is not for sissies! And your poor husband. Dental work makes me cringe. Hope everyone has a much better week. Take care!

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  5. Kathy Martin

    What a week! I’m glad both your husband and father are recovering well. Wonderful covers on your books this week. I hope that contents are as appealing. Come see my week here. Happy reading!

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