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Hey all! I hope you all had good weeks last week. Ours was a bit odd – we were expecting to have Wyatt’s EEG this past week but it got bumped due to the predicted snowstorm. We were supposed to get 15 inches of snow; we got 5-6 inches instead. Other than that, the week was pretty quiet and spent homeschooling, reading, playing, and prepping for the snow. I had a moment of panic thinking we were going to be snowed in without coffee so I made sure to buy two bags to be safe.

Read Last Week:

This book was spectacularly spooky! I loved it. I plan on reviewing it this week.

Reading This Week:

This was incredibly hard for me to find at the library! I don’t buy a ton of books, and prefer to use the library. I ended up having to borrow this as an e-book from my library system’s partner libraries. Has anyone read this? It sounds really good to me!

Posted Last Week:

A Little Bit of Everything Valentine’s Gift Ideas

Two Mini-Reviews: The Girl Who Speaks Bear and A Blizzard of Polar Bears

Hello February!


We are watching so much Masterpiece right now. I signed up so we could watch All Creatures Great and Small and we have been wandering around watching other shows as well. We are in love with Around the World in 80 Days. It is fantastic. I was sort of lukewarm after the first episode but now I am addicted. We are also watching Kim’ Convenience Store on Netflix.

Saturday night is our movie night. We pop popcorn, eat candy, and pick a movie. Last night’s feature was Howl’s Moving Castle, another Studio Ghibli. I loved it. I think I liked The Secret World of Arrietty a little more but this one was also fantastic.

And I forgot to write down our wake up songs! We listen before we actually get moving so sometimes I forget what they are. Lol. I know we listened to R.E.M. Nightswimming and Landslide by Stevie Nicks, both pretty mellow songs. Nightswimming is a better night song but I love it.

25 thoughts on “My Sunday-Monday Post

  1. I Am an Executioner sounds really good. It’s only available as an audiobook at my library. I’ll wait to see what you think of it before I request it.

    We love Masterpiece. We got PBS Passport because of All Creatures, and now we’ve ended up watching Seaside Hotel, too. We only watched the first episode of Around the World, but now that I’ve seen your thoughts about it, we shall try episode two.

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    1. So I read the first story which was a weird mix of cute/funny and horrific. I put it down for a minute and picked up How to be a Good Creature. I think I will alternate stories from the two. Lol.

      Ok. Around the World. I would say give it to episode 3. I was not super keen after the first, the second was better, by the third I was hooked. 🙂 And now I have to look up The Seaside Hotel!


  2. We got lucky with the snow, didn’t we?

    I’ve never seen a studio Ghibli movie although I’ve been discovering some artwork lately that has similar vibes. And I read an article on Ghibli and feel like I understand it better now so can plan some viewing. Actually I take that back about never seeing one- I saw in the article that Nausicaa was a Ghibli and I saw that years ago…

    Love Landslide!

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    1. We did! I am super bummed that Wyatt’s procedure got bumped but had we gotten the snow and had to have driven to his appointment an hour away in it I would have been freaking out too. Lol.

      I think you would probably love The Studio Ghibli. I am not a fan usually of that sort of animation but I am really enjoying these movies.


    1. It is very odd so far. Lol. I read the first story and it was cute and funny and then ended really icky. It’s not bad though? Just sort of weird. Lol. I picked up How to be a Good Creature to read this week as well after reading the first story from I am an Executioner.


    1. Right?? I had a moment of panic!! Lol. I couldn’t get out to get it either so I had Aldi deliver. LOL.

      That was a bummer about Wyatt for sure. I had prepared for weeks by isolating us. I guess though had we gotten all that snow I would have been freaking out about driving with him in it though so I guess there is that?


  3. I’m now caught up in watching the Olympics. It’s going to impact my reading, usually I would rather read. I think 5-6 inches is plenty if you wanted snow and less trouble if you want other things like… coffee. More is only better for snow skiing.

    Anne – Books of My Heart This is my Sunday Post

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    1. I am so glad to hear someone is watching The Olympics!! We started watching them this weekend too. The winter Olympics are my favorite. I love watching Moguls and Figure Skating, and Alpine Skiing.

      Yeah I was happy that that snow bypassed us! I was bummed that Wyatt’s procedure got bumped but had we gotten all that snow I would have been terrified to drive him there in it.


  4. I love that Saturday is your movie night. We need to get back to that. Ever since we got the puppy things have been crazy but are starting to settle down a bit. I’m sorry the EEG was rescheduled. I hate when I’ve been preparing myself for something challenging and then it gets delayed. Have a great week!

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  5. We really enjoy our Saturday night movie nights. Lol. Wyatt eats a bunch of popcorn then crashes out between us.

    I was pretty upset about the EEG reschedule. I had prepared us for weeks by isolating, but I guess at least now the surge is on a downswing. And if we had gotten all that snow I would have been freaking out about that, driving an hour and back in it with Wyatt in the car. So it was not a great situation all around. Hopefully end of February will be better for weather.


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