Hello February!

Goodbye January! You were a long and tough month this year, and I am happy to put you in the rear view!

Onwards to February! The month of the Full Snow Moon, as traditionally February is the snowiest month, and well, looking at our weather forecast I believe it. We could get 16 inches of snow in two days! I know I was wishing for snow, but maybe not this much all at once on a very important week?

I mentioned celebrating small things, or having small celebrations, in one of my last posts, and this week is full of things to celebrate if you wish. The Lunar New Year, Groundhog’s Day, the New moon. The beginning of February even, and all that could be. Tonight we are having a little celebration for the Lunar New Year and the New Moon. We pulled out all of our Kid’s Moon Club materials and are beginning again this month. We did it for a year, took two years off, and now I am excited to revisit it. There are facets of it that we never did as Wyatt was too little to really be interested but should be now. We are also going to wassail our apple tree tonight! We usually do it on the traditional day of Jan. 17 but we forgot this year. It is a fun reason to drink cider even though our neighbors probably think we are nuts. I’ve also got my thinking cap on for Valentine’s Day! Billy and I don’t ever do a ton for Valentine’s Day, but we do like to do a little something or other for each other. Last year I made heart pancakes for Wyatt – I have a different idea this year that I saw online, so I have one plan ready. And we are almost done with his Valentine’s for his homeschool group exchange – they are super cute! I will share them with you all soon!

I hope to really dig into my garden plans this month. I don’t need to order many seeds this year, but I do want to design a plan for the yard overall. I want to do so much to our small yard – but it can be a pleasant place to dream and read and grow food and attract all the bugs and bees and butterflies. I hope to add a pond at some point, and a few more apple trees. I am really hoping for some frogs if I add a pond. And what about a turtle? Is that too much to hope? I think so but I can pretend.

I’m also daydreaming about summer vacation. I need to get on it if I want to rent a place for the family. We are hoping to find a house near the beach in Michigan that our family, my brother’s family, my mom, and my SIL’s mom can all retreat to for a few days this summer. We don’t need much, just beds and sand, so hopefully I can locate something for our little crew.

That’s all wintertime dreaming right now though. We will do a good deal of that, but I also hope to get outside more, to go to the zoo which I love to do in the winter (the animals are so cute playing in snow), try a few more trails, maybe even build a snowman this week if we get all that snow. I feel like we were such slugs in January. We had a nice cozy month full of baking and creating which that part was fantastic, but now this family wants to get outside.

How are you all? Do you have any plans for the month? Are you thinking spring and summer already too?

11 thoughts on “Hello February!

  1. 16″ in two days? Yuck.

    I stopped by the library today and they had a display for the Lunar New Year with all the Chinese astrological signs. I have more than enough to read at the moment so I didn’t stop to check it out very well, but it was a cute display.

    If you like to watch animals in the snow, you may want to follow a couple of Instagram accounts that I love. @akwildlife (The Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center), @muskoxfarm (based in Palmer, AK), and @reindeer_farm_ak (also based in Palmer). The animals look so happy in the snow right now! Even the bears have recently emerged from their dens at the Wildlife Center to stretch their legs.

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  3. Stefanie

    No big plans except to attend a Super Bowl gathering at my mama’s this Sunday. We’re also celebrating, early, my brother’s 45th. I’m making red velvet, raspberry mousse cakes for the adults and teenagers and dirt cups for the youngin’s.


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