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Last week I feel like we accomplished so much! It was one of those really awesome homeschool weeks, as well as just getting other stuff around the house done. Nothing exciting but a good week nonetheless. This week is the big week – Wyatt’s ambulatory EEG. We go Thursday for the hookup, bring him home, and head back on Friday for them to remove all the wires. I am super nervous about the whole thing; it is going to be a really long 24 hours. It needs to be done though so we will do it!

Read Last Week:

Finished up my bear books! I plan to review them both this week.

Reading this Week:

I am loving the look of this book. I can’t wait to start it – but I need to wait for my Kindle to charge. I am so not good at keeping it charged.

Posted Last Week:

How I Deal with Winter

Mini Post – Burrowed In

Watching and Listening:

Miss Scarlet and the Duke! We binged this all week and I am so very sad that we watched them all! I loved it so much. Thank goodness a second season will be aired this year at some point. I need more Miss Scarlet and William! We are also watching All Creatures Great and Small – sigh. I just love it so much. Although Billy and I had a moment of panic – we forgot that not all of the episodes have been released yet and after we finished the latest episode, thought for a wild moment that that was all of them! Then when we realized we had more to go, we just had to wait, we exhaled in relief. We also started Around the World in 80 Days. I am going to tell you a weird secret about me- I loathe hot air balloons. Like I have some strange aversion to them. In photos, on television, in person. Ugh. I am not sure why this is. And weirdly, my brother has the same hot air balloon prejudice. I wonder if something happened to us in a past life or something? Lol. So, I am watching Around the World in 80 Days but that balloon. (imagine an eye roll here) Other than that, I enjoyed the episode that we watched. We did not have a movie night last night, instead opting to finish up Miss Scarlet. Maybe tonight. I think we might watch Kiki’s Delivery Service, which is another Studio Ghibali movie.

As for our wake up songs, it was my turn last week to pick! I chose 9 to 5 by Dolly Parton, Into the Mystic by Van Morrison (one of my fave songs ever), Come on Eileen by Dexie’s Midnight Runners (fun fact: when Billy and I were in our 20s we always said we would name our first child Eileen TooraLoora), and Someone Like You by Van Morrison. Today we listened to the song Brandy by Looking Glass, one of Billy’s favorites.

How are you all? I hope wherever you are, you are doing well!


19 thoughts on “My Sunday-Monday Post

  1. Hope all goes well with Wyatt’s ambulatory EEG. Has he had one before? Does he get annoyed with all the wires?

    I’m a Van Morrison fan, too. Into the Mystic and Someone Like You are two of my lifetime favorites. Thanks for the inspiration. I’m going to put one of his cds on later this morning. I rarely listen to music anymore and my cds are gathering dust!

    After a gorgeous week of sunshine and mild temps, the rain is returning later today. I have a couple of book reviews and my monthly summary to compose. Should be a fairly quiet Sunday, which I love. Have a good week!

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    1. Thanks Lesley. He has had one 48 hour EEG in the hospital two years ago, then last year he had an in office EEG that was about an hour or so. This is our first time bringing it all home on him. So a whole different ball game? I think on some level it will be both easier and harder.

      I love those two songs so much. Into the Mystic is one of my all time favorite songs. My husband and I danced to Moondance at our wedding. 🙂 I do streaming on either Spotify or my Amazon playlist (we are so lazy with this now, I just tell Echo to play whatever)

      Winter rain, ick. I hope you enjoyed your quiet Sunday!


  2. Good luck with the ambulatory EEG. I can’t imagine it will be easy to keep all those wires attached to a little guy for 24 hours. I hope the results are good.

    The cover of Our Crooked Hearts looks vaguely menacing.

    We love All Creatures Great and Small so much! I just smile all the way through it.

    Speaking of weird aversions, my grandmother loves jewelry but can’t stand to wear necklaces–or even scarves or turtlenecks. She jokes that she must have been hanged in a past life! 😀 (She would want me to insert here that she’s a good Christian woman so she’s definitely only joking.)

    Enjoy your week!


    1. Thanks Jen! Yes I am super paranoid about keeping everything straight! However, now due to the snow they have rescheduled. I am both relieved and frustrated. Lol.

      And I do too!!! It is just such a fantastic show!

      And I am glad I am not the only one with weird aversions!! And I love your little insert as well. Lol. So cute!


  3. Love your wake up song choices this week! Good luck with Wyatt’s EEG. We’ve never had to deal with that but I’m always so stressed anytime Will is sent home hooked up to anything. I’m always paranoid that something will go wrong or get unhooked. I was just talking about the book All Creatures Great and Small. It’s been years since I read it so I need to pick it up for a reread and watch the show. Have a wonderful week.

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    1. Thanks!!

      And thank you about the good luck – I was very worried about precisely that! We have so much snow coming tomorrow that of course his test was rescheduled. Ugh! Now the wait begins again!

      I love those books so much! The show is so perfect as well.


  4. Stefanie

    It has so long since I watched Masterpiece Theater! I want to watch the show you mentioned first; I think I can at least watch it online for free? I like the looks of that animal vet doctor show too.
    You go on homeschooling; you are so amazing. I am late here so I hope Wyatt’s testing went smoothly and well. I’m sure you’ll update in a later post. I also like the looks of that biologist series! Added it to my TBR. My blog is up, BTW: With Book and Wool Here and a Spatula and Thread There. Can you guess what inspired the title? ^__^ LOL

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    1. I am such a James Herriot fan. I have loved the books since I was a kid, and then I watched the old tv show All Creatures Great and Small a few years ago. Now this new one is so perfect. I love it.

      And thank you lol. I don’t feel like it some days. I have many days of doubt, so thank you!

      And lol! I love your new blog name!!! I will go bookmark it!


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