Mini Post ~ Burrowed In

This weekend was cold and snowy – a proper winter weekend, in my opinion. It was a good weekend to stick close to home and burrow in, under blankets and with books, baking, and of course, some fun outside in the snow.

It has been a winter without snow around here, and even this snowfall was pretty minor compared to winters in the past. I had ordered Wyatt snow pants just the week before and Wyatt was excited to have the opportunity to use them though, despite the snow not being super deep. It was enough for us to play around in! Wyatt does have two matching gloves, but I am not sure what Billy was doing when he dressed Wyatt. Lol. Whatever works I guess!

We didn’t however have a sled. But no sled no problem around here! Because when it finally snows, you make do! Wyatt had a blast!

When we came in, Billy made fantastic hot chocolate on the stove. Because is there anything better than playing in the snow followed by hot chocolate when you are a kid?

I also spent Sunday making Vatrushka buns as part of the Russian study unit Wyatt and I are doing in school. I am not the best baker all the time, and these turned out ok! It was a bit to get them there though. The dough has to rise for two hours, and our house was just not warm enough to get a rise out of the dough. So Billy again came to the rescue with his improvisations. This time we put the oven on low, set the bowl with the dough on top covered per the instructions, and Billy arranged a cookie sheet shield at the front of the stove by standing it on edge, so that the heat coming from the back of the oven would be somewhat trapped. And it worked! I waited another two hours and this time it doubled, and I kept on with the directions.

They needed to stay in the oven a smidge longer, and I forgot to put the wash over the edges to brown them, but they turned out not too bad. I was excited to be able to use this china set my dad picked up in Russia when he went with his school years ago. He went on a school exchange trip with the high school he was the principal for while I was in college, and man, I was so bummed I couldn’t go too! He did bring back some awesome souvenirs though, like this little plate and cup and saucer. I used to have one of those big hats but it got lost in a move which is another bummer because Wyatt would have loved that. Anyway.. these turned out ok. We had a little tea party and read a book called The Bun by Marcia Brown, which is just like the gingerbread man story but with a bun, and is based on a Russian folktale. So now I want to know which story was the original!

How was your weekend?


8 thoughts on “Mini Post ~ Burrowed In

  1. That’s just about the perfect amount of snow, in my opinion. 😉

    Our house is always a little cool downstairs, so when I made rolls this year for Thanksgiving, I took the dough upstairs to our bathroom. I covered it with a clean dish towel and shut the door. It rose beautifully!

    I love your beautiful dishware from Russia. What a treat!

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