A Little Bit of Everything Valentine’s Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day. A holiday I have really begun to embrace as a midwinter pick me up, more than a romantic holiday. A day that I can celebrate anyone that I love, from my spouse to my child to family to friends – or even myself honestly. And truth be told, Billy and I rarely celebrate this with big gifts for each other or big nights out (even pre-pandemic!) I do like to pick up little trinkets and cards here and there for people though, as I think we all need a little lift in February. And making people happy makes me happy too!

Sending cards snail mail is on my mind this year. I signed Wyatt up for a Valentine Card exchange with other homeschool families and we are going to start making his this weekend. And that got me thinking.. I think this year I will pick up a few for my friends, and drop them off ninja style on their porches with a bottle of wine. I started browsing Etsy, my go to for all things, and found more cards than I have friends! And of course I looked for cards for Billy while I was at it. I did find so many other cards but shipping was a concern – some places wanted four or five dollars to ship a four or five dollar card and that is not within the amount I wanted to spend. However, I did find cards with shipping costs I could get down with.

(Contains Etsy Affiliate Links)

Fierce Creature Card from Firebrand Press || Woodland Fox Card from Firebrand Press || Toadally Awesome Card from Callam Creations

But since today is a snow day and I have plenty of time to just play around on the interwebs, I did. And so many things caught my eye! Pretty things, useful things, cute things, pink things, even some strange things, for Valentine’s Day. Things for me, for Billy, for the kiddos, for my friends…I guess I am feeling the love this year.

Ghost Friends Bag: This cracked me up. I don’t wear much make up so I don’t need a makeup bag personally, but I love bags like this for travelling and also for keeping all of my pens and stuff in. I feel like one can never go wrong with a bag, and this one is hilarious.

Star Coasters: Just because they are so pretty! (my husband calls me a magpie, which is why my previous blog was called Quixotic Magpie)

I am, I am, I am pin: I know Valentine’s Day and Syliva Plath don’t exactly go hand in hand. But let’s all listen to the brag of our hearts and remember how alive we are.

Mosaic Heart Earrings: I love the colors and how the pieces all come together in a crazy little pattern and hold there – like friendships.

Good Things Are Coming: Sometimes we all need a reminder.

Handmade Basket: My stepmom has been giving me handmade artisan baskets every Christmas and now I am addicted. This one is so pretty! I can imagine filling it with small jars of berry jams and gifting it to a friend – with a loaf of homemade bread for a little extra love.

Valentine Mice: These are just too darn cute! And you have your choice of getting one mouse or two!

Personalized Hot Chocolate Mug: I think I saw on Jinjer’s blog the idea of having a special hot chocolate mug, and thought it was so fun!

Somehow, some way, otters have come to represent our family and also our marriage. Lol. So of course I looked at otter stuff.

Otter t-shirt: This is one tough looking otter.

Otter keychain: Um, just adorable!

Otter bracelet: I can’t help but love this.

And phew this was a lot! But it was just so much cuteness and cheerfulness, I had to share, especially on such a cold and snowy day – at least here it is cold and snowy! I hope where you are you are safe and happy!


15 thoughts on “A Little Bit of Everything Valentine’s Gift Ideas

  1. My husband and I usually just exchange cards, but sometimes we’ll go out to one of our favorite restaurants. No lately, though! I like the idea of sending some of my friends a Valentine. Who doesn’t love getting snail mail? One of my favorite online vendors for greeting cards is Carpe Diem Papers (https://carpediempapers.com/greeting-card-collection/holiday-cards/). Now to see if I can get any of the Valentine’s Day cards in time to get them in the mail. Ugh.

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