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Hey all! It’s been a pretty good weekend, although I feel like all we did was shop. Which for us, is weird. Saturday we were out and about, stopping in at stores and picking stuff up that we needed, and some stuff that we didn’t need too. We went to my favorite garden center, I decided we needed more lupine (which they didn’t have), and ran into my SIL, her mom, and my niece there! I texted Billy and told him to come in with Wyatt to say hi. I stuck both kids in my cart and told them I would buy whatever plants they chose.. so I ended up with a few more than I anticipated. They had pretty good taste honestly. I did end up with a “ghost plant” better known as Dusty Miller that I had no idea where to plant it so I stuck it in with the lavender. They were having fun so it was all good.

Read Last Week:

Barbara Michaels is such a comfort read for me, and The Dancing Floor is my favorite. I was so happy reading it. I had a DNF too, The Wisteria Society of Lady Scoundrels. It was just too out there for me. I really wanted to like it but couldn’t get past 10%.

Reading This Week:

A Song Below Water by Bethany C. Morrow- This book has been calling my name (lol sorry I couldn’t resist) and it’s high time I read it.

Posted Last Week:

World Ocean Day

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Summertime Vibing


We just finished up Jonathan Creek – and it ended so abruptly. And kind of sad. And then we didn’t know what to watch! We started rewatching Death in Paradise for now. As for podcasts, I have been listening to a lot of Morbid (true crime) and The Wild with Chris Morgan (nature).


23 thoughts on “My Sunday-Monday Post!

  1. Ok I HAVE to get The Dancing Floor. I’m not sure I’ve ever read it. I just reread House of Many Shadows by Barbara Michaels – one of my favorite comfort reads. The nursery sounds fun! I love looking at flowers but I’m not so great at the actual gardening. I hope you have a wonderful week!

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  2. What a happy coincidence at the garden center! I remember having a plant called Dusty Miller at out house growing up. Looking forward to visiting a garden shop or two when we get to NY. I’ll probably be adding to my parent’s collection!

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  3. Kathy Martin

    I had the same experience with The Wisteria Society for Lady Scoundrels. It sounded good but was too unrealistic even for fantasy. I’m also a Barbara Michaels fan. I’ll have to grab something from my keeper shelves since I haven’t reread her for quite a while. Come see my week here. Happy reading!

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  4. Serendipity at the garden center! How fun. It will be interesting to watch and see what happens with the plants you chose, especially those chosen by the young.

    Let’s see what you think about Song Below Water. It looks promising.

    Thanks for sharing The Wild podcast. I will check it out!

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  5. Literary Feline

    It sounds like the errand to the garden center turned into a bit of a family reunion. 🙂 I am glad the kids had fun. I really want to read A Song Below Water too. I hope you are enjoying it. Have a great week, Erin!

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    1. Lol it was! And I am not sure about A Song Below Water. I am really feeling like I am not the intended audience, age wise. You know how some YA/Teen books can be read by adults and it is fine. and some are tough since you are not that age anymore? That is how I am feeling with it. 😦


  6. Well, maybe I won’t watch Jonathan Creek then. I probably will, though, because I’m not really that attached to those characters. The mysteries are okay but I’m not super in love with the people. Much like the little town I live in. 😛

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