10 on the 10th!

10 Questions About Summer:
Today I am linking up with Leslie at Once Upon a Time and Happily Ever After and her 10 on the 10th for the first time. Check it out here!
  1. What will make summer successful for you this year?

I think for summer I want one that is relaxed and happy. That is what would make summer successful for me. Lots of bonfires, picnics, hanging out with friends and family over drinks in the yard, simple dinners, playing and learning and exploring during the day with Wyatt. And – at least one monarch to visit my yard and lay eggs!

  1. “500 Days of Summer,” “School’s Out for Summer,” somersault, “The Boys of Summer,” “Summertime Blues,” “I Know What You Did Last Summer,” “Midsummer Night’s Dream,” dog days of summer, “Endless Summer,” “Summertime and the Living is Easy”…which of these phrases resonates most with you and your plans for the summer of ’21 and why?

Well, looking at my list from above, I am going to go with Summertime and the Living is Easy.

  1. What do you look forward to doing this summer that you couldn’t do last summer because of C-O-V-I-D? What plans did you have last summer that had to be postponed, altered or canceled all together?

I would LOVE to travel to northern Michigan this summer. I am not sure if that is in the cards but that would be a definite return to normal for us. Hmm. Maybe I will start looking into that. Also visiting our favorite places again, places like the zoo and Henry Ford Greenfield Village.

  1. Name something you will track this summer. Steps, calories, Weight Watcher points, money spent, books read, miles traveled, workout sessions, laps swam, miles run, gatherings with friends.  How will you track it?

At first I didn’t think I was going to track anything – but then I realized I am going to track the number of butterflies I raise and release! I think I will probably only have Black Swallowtail and hopefully Monarchs but you never know what little caterpillar will inch its way into the yard. I have my first three Black Swallowtails hanging out already, tiny caterpillars just eating their way through the dill and the rue. I have named these three Uno, Dos, and Tres.

  1. Is there something new you look forward to trying this season? New recipe, new ‘do, new restaurant, new vacation spot?

I just got my haircut today! It has been one length for so long. Today I had long layers cut into and I love it. My stylist always straightens my hair and I look in the mirror and can’t recognize myself. I think I am going to like this cut though! But I will think of another one too.. hmm. Well, I am eating meat for the first time in my adult life so I will definitely be trying new recipes. But a new restaurant would be fun too!

  1. Share something you do on repeat every summer. Why is this activity on repeat?  Were you able to do that familiar activity last year during the pandemic?

Breakfasts with Wyatt on the front porch, and evening drink on the porch with Billy. This is how we know it is summer! It’s not anything fancy but we love it. And we definitely did it last summer.

  1. Who will you connect with or reconnect with this summer?

My parents and my in-laws for sure! My brother and his family. And my bestie crew. We are going to resume book club even for this month, and just ease our way in- meaning we are just talking about our current reads.

  1. This season how will you manage screen time for yourself and your family?

The trick this year is to manage Wyatt’s screen time! With his health conditions he gets overheated really easily so summer is hard for us. I have to find shady places and different ways to keep him busy that are inside – so maybe one more summer of picnics in our tree grove and lots of art time and different ways to play at home. The fact that we are still going to be schooling some over the summer will help. July is all about Italy and I have some fun ideas up my sleeve. Billy and I only watch an hour of tv a night so that is not bad, and keep busy the rest of the time.

  1. What project are you hoping to tackle this summer?  Something around the house?  A craft?  A gardening or outdoor activity?

We are doing a bedroom refresh this month and probably into next month too. Then, that is it for big projects. I would love to can more this year, and make jam too.

  1. How do you want to feel at the end of the summer?

I want to feel like we soaked up the best of the summer, enjoying the times with friends and family, good fresh food from the garden and farm markets, lots of lazy days and busy days both, and that we are ready to slow down and be cozy again.

How about you? What are your thoughts about this summer? Any plans, big or small?


23 thoughts on “10 on the 10th!

  1. Where in northern Michigan do you like to go? I used to travel to Midland/Bay City regularly for work and would sometimes head up north to the Traverse City and Sleeping Bear dunes. Never did get as far as Mackinaw Island though

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The Traverse City area and Sleeping Bear Dunes. I love it there, and it is just such a part of Michigan summers! I would have to say Mackinaw is another favorite. We don’t go that way as often but I do like it there. We live nearish to Midland – it is a cute little city!


      1. I was based in Wales but travelled regularly to Midland over the course of about 16 years because I was communications manager fir Dow Corning. . Sometimes 6 times a year so I got to know it pretty well. Some things I really liked such as the Dow Gardens and the arts centre. Summer was great but I was there also in Winter which was a challenge. The only thing I could not get used to was that people eat so early – we Europeans dont tend to go out for dinner until at last 7.30 and then linger for hours. But in midland we found most places closed by 9pm.

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  2. How cool!!! My friends and I had a girl’s day in Midland about two years ago and visited the gardens and the house. The house was really neat!

    I could see how the dinner thing would be hard to get used to. We usually eat around 6 or 6:30 and I know we eat later than a lot of people we know. It would be nice to linger over dinner, I think we may have to try that.

    And yes, winter in Michigan can be a bit of a challenge for sure!!


    1. Thanks!! I seem to be stuck at three… lol. I guess I have a few more months to go. 🙂

      I am really really excited about our Italy unit. We did France all last July which was fun – we even “built’ an Eiffel tower out of wafer crackers!


  3. Oooohh raising butterflies..how awesome. I follow a gal on IG who does this and I love watching the journey. It’s mesmerizing. It’s always fun to get a new haircut. Have a fun summer.


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  5. Jennifer

    Just started eating meat…now that is a change! How is it going? I’m a vegetarian and it is hard to imagine “starting meat” again. Not that I want to…. but would I even like it?? Hope your summer is filled with fun times and lots of butterflies!!:)

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    1. It was … hmm. A gradual choice? I had a bunch of little factors that went into it. I don’t eat much of it honestly, but I will eat it. I still don’t really like all of it, and I try to only eat humanely raised meat from a local farm. It is odd though, I will admit. I was vegetarian for 25 years, and then off and on for years before that as well. So it was a pretty big change.


  6. So excited about your butterflies. You get the prize for the best tracking answer!! Much more fun than the Weight Watcher points I am tracking.

    Hope you get to take the trip to Northern Michigan and get plenty of time and memory-making with both sets of grandparents. I love the idea of breakfast on the front porch. We were having smoothies on the patio last summer. I want to reinstitute that. Just have to get the ingredients for the smoothies tomorrow.

    A bedroom refresh will be fun. Hope you will share pictures.

    Glad to know you will continue some school through the summer as I always love your lesson ideas. XO

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    1. Lol!! Thank you! I am super excited about the butterflies too! I go out multiple times a day looking for caterpillars. I am sure my neighbors wonder what I am doing.

      I just made reservations for northern Michigan yesterday! We are staying three nights in a cabin near Traverse City in August. I am slightly nervous but I am also excited. And your smoothies on the patio sounds like a fun tradition you definitely need to start up again.

      Italy next month is going to be fun. I have to admit, I added some things in there for the parents too this time. Lol.


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