Summertime Vibing

Every morning this week while Wyatt has been eating breakfast, I’ve been ducking out to the garden to gather strawberries and check for caterpillars. (so far just Uno, Dos, Tres) Every morning I have returned with a handful of red, ripe strawberries, just the perfect amount to have with my own breakfast. When I planted my garden this year, my heart was heavy as I thought of my uncle, who always shared this joy with me. I texted my cousin about it, and he said that this year my garden would have a special protector in my uncle. And I think he was right. While we may not have a lot of berries everyday, we have more than we have had, and it is just the amount I need.

He would be tickled about the flowers that I have planted, the tomatoes that are growing, the little creatures I have spotted the past few days, which included a hummingbird moth last night, and then this morning, a hummingbird. I stumbled out of bed, my guys still lazing about sleeping, and plopped on the couch. I glanced out the window just at the the right time to catch a beautiful iridescent hummingbird buzzing around the lavender. I was so excited I ran back to the bedroom to tell Billy – I felt sort of like Snow White. Lol. I did manage to capture a blurryish photo of the hummingbird moth. I couldn’t believe I was seeing it! It is the second I have ever seen and they look like such weird little creatures, that at first you think what is that?

It’s been a pretty good week, despite the disgusting humidity and heat we have had. I am not a fan so we tried to make the most of our days in other ways – including an ice cream date with my cousin and his girls, whom we haven’t seen in person for months and months. I have missed them so!

I went with lavender ice cream. It got so melty so fast but it didn’t matter, it still tasted fabulous. I haven’t had it in two summers so I was so happy to be reunited with it.. and my family too of course. (Billy got black cherry and Wyatt mint chocolate chip with peanut butter cups. It’s called Grasshopper)

I also got my haircut. My hair was so long guys, down past the middle of my back that I can’t tell you enough how good this feels to have it shorter. Sure, it will be like a nimbus around my head during the heat of summer, but it feels so much lighter. So a cut for summertime. Wyatt is next. And he has asked for blue hair which threw me for a second, but, I agreed. Not all over blue, just a few streaks, and the stuff I bought washes out in one shampoo. I am waiting until the movie Luca is released next week, which is about a mermaid? merman? boy. We are going to do Wyatt’s hair and my niece’s hair as well.

This week was sea turtle and shark week for our homeschool science lessons. I talked a little about this on Tuesday in my World Ocean Day post so, I didn’t do a whole homeschool post this week. I think I will wrap it all up in two weeks instead, but I just love these turtles the kids made. I also surprised them with shark teeth I had bought downtown, which they were excited about. And then my kid almost swallowed his being funny and putting it in his mouth like it was his tooth. That kid. I tell you. If he had, it wouldn’t be the first tooth he swallowed this year, just the first that wasn’t his.

We have some running around to do today, some projects to wrap up, and I hope to pick up an iced green tea from Starbucks along the way. I also am hoping to make my dandelion lotion bars that I started way back in May!

What have you all been up to lately?


8 thoughts on “Summertime Vibing

  1. I just got a haircut for the first time in a very long time, too! It no longer feels like I have a blanket around my shoulders, which is nice for the hot weather!


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  3. It looks like a good week for you. I’m trying to hold out for October for my hair but I’m not sure I’ll make it. It’s bloody hot. That ice cream looks terrific! I just wrote about strawberries, too (thanks for coming by!) and oh, are they ever good!

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