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Spring is starting to wake the earth up around here! We spent some time gardening yesterday, getting one of the beds ready, and I planted a few cold hardy seeds as well – radishes, carrots, parsnip, and spinach. It felt good to be getting started. I also started 72 seed cells inside as well – tomatoes and flowers and cucumbers and all kinds of things. I did wind up in tears at the end though – grief sneaks up on you and just smacks you down. I missed my uncle fiercely in that moment. And I have to move on or I will start crying again. SO. I did get a few new plants! The first photo is a string of pearls – I named it Mamie for my great-aunt who always loved to be fancy and wear jewelry. And then I have a little swiss cheese Monstera that we named Gremlin. (our big Monstera is named Goblin so it seemed fitting) Plants make me happy.

Read Last Week:

I did not finish either of these, but I am completely loving both of them. I am about halfway through The Farmer’s Daughter and it is fantastic. I am only maybe a 1/4 of the way through Sheepish but it is so good! Sheepish is well timed for our homeschool week this week as well, when we are going to learn about sheep. When I finish The Farmer’s Daughter, which I will probably finish early this week, I am going to start this book. I have a real theme going on around here…

Posted Last Week:

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We finished up This Farming Life on Britbox and whenever that shows ends, I am sad. I hate waiting until the next one. Lol. We are also watching Discovery of Witches. We watched The Intelligence of Trees last night which was fascinating!

And that is about it from here! How are you all doing? Stay safe everyone!


19 thoughts on “My Sunday-Monday Post

  1. Oh, grief can strike at any time when we are doing things that bring back the wonderful memories. But continuing the tradition will eventually bring joy. I love the naming of the plants.

    Your “sheepish” and “farming” books look tempting.

    Thanks for sharing and for visiting my blog. Enjoy your week!

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  2. Sheepish and Skymeadow both look fantastic and like books I’d enjoy. I have 2 good sized raised beds that I usually do vegetables in but am thinking I’m just going to stick to herbs this year just for ease. Grief is a tricky thing. It can just be a gut punched over the most unexpected things seemingly out of the blue but that gut punch does get gentler with time. I hope you have a great week.

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    1. Sheepish is really good!!! It makes me laugh right out loud sometimes.

      An herb garden is wonderful!

      Ugh that is exactly what it was like. One minute I was smelling the earth, singing along to music, then boom! Thanks for the kind words. 🙂


  3. Yay for spring! Isn’t it beautiful out? Grieg, though… yeah it can sneak up on you, for sure. Sorry to hear that! But I hope your gardening goes well. 🙂

    I love the look of Skymeadow.

    I’m thinking of getting acorn or one of those mystery /UK based channels lol. I need some Brit therapy haha.

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    1. It is so beautiful out!! We were out for a while this weekend, and I was loving it.

      And yes, it just was like wham out of the blue. He would get a kick out of the things we are planting this year though. He always loved that I tried different types of things. 🙂

      And we love both Acorn and Britbox!! British shows are so perfect for cozy and quiet, no matter the time of year!


  4. Ugh grief can be such a sneaky snake.

    Can I just dump a packet of seeds in the raised beds my dad made a billion years ago and forget about them? I know it worked with flowers once. I’ve never watered or tended those things yet they grow every year.

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  5. I’m excited to be thinking about getting out more in the next month. We are working on our outside beds around the house. First we have to work up the beds. Then we just have to decide what pollinator-attracting native plants we want to plant. Great fun.

    I am missing my friend Diana, too. Grief is so painful.

    I like all the books you are reading. Is Farmer’s Daughter by a blogger? Sheepish sounds exactly like a book I’d love. Skymeadow sounds great, too.

    I will look for Intelligence of Trees and Farming Life. We are going to subscribe to Britbox so that we can watch 63 Up. We had tickets to an art house showing last year, but it got cancelled.

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    1. It’s so fun right? It just feels so good to be in the warmth, in the dirt. 🙂

      I am sorry you are missing your friend. It is so hard. 😦

      It is!! Lisa at is the blogger behind the book. I think you would definitely like Sheepish! 🙂

      We love our Britbox subscription. This Farming Life, all the British murder mystery shows, Spring Watch, Monty Don! So much to watch on there. Lol.


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