Spring Bucket List

I am always inspired by the seasonal bucket lists Leslie over at Once Upon A Time and Happily Ever After posts, and while I did make a fall list, I forgot about winter. But I am back for spring!

I always have a million lists going. Lists of dinner plans, books to read, homeschool ideas, and now that spring is here, gardening plans. And well, intentions are good, right? I do about half most of the time. But for spring, there are some things that I want to absolutely do this year.

Home and Garden Projects

So now that the office is pretty much done except for some shelves and my own fun decorating additions, I want to work on our bedroom. It’s also been the same color for 20 years and needs a big refresh. So, even if we don’t get anything started, I want to pick colors and rethink our furniture as well. The furniture we have, with the exception of our bed, is also twenty years which would be ok if they had stood up well during those years. My dresser is ok, I just need to replace the drawer pulls since a few are broken, but Billy’s dresser – I am not sure what the heck happened to it. So, I want to at least get a plan in place for our room.

Last year our garden got sidelined due to lockdown and injury. This year, it is a priority. We have decided to go with a no-dig version of gardening so I am excited to get started on it! I also want to make sure we have a butterfly garden, complete with milkweed.


We are big hikers but that is not always enough for exercise for us. We both *may have* gained some weight during the last year and I would like to be a little healthier. For me, I want to go back to buying from local farmers as much as possible. This was harder in our area with everything that was happening, and now that hopefully things are getting better (even though numbers are still crazy here, what the dillio Michigan?) I am hoping to get back to our sustainable habits that we had been practicing. Better for us, and better for the environment, and better for small farmers!

I also want to start practicing yoga at home again. I find this very hard right now, with my kiddo. I think I am just going to have to suck it up and wake up earlier a few days a week.


I have been delving into needle felting, thanks to my stepmom. I saw a cute bird’s nest that I want to try, and some pretty daisies. I also would love to start working on watercoloring too.


The Curly Girl Method. I just discovered this and I am just now starting this hair journey. I have to say, even for just starting out, I am liking the results! I also learned I have 2b waves. My hair has always been a source of frustration for me. It is almost impossible to straighten, it can get humongous in humidity, and I don’t have a ton of time to mess with all the hair stuff now anyway that I used to do. This is pretty quick and easy and makes my waves more defined and less clumpy. I want to continue this and keep it up!

What about you? Any plans or goals for the season?


29 thoughts on “Spring Bucket List

  1. I am on a few of the same journeys as you. Working on the house and getting back into shape. I have heard about the curly girl from friends with curly hair and they love. Hope it works out well for your.

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    1. Oh that is good to hear! So far I am happy with it, and I haven’t done it for very long. I just need to keep it up.

      I think I am going to start with the yoga a few days a week – Tuesday, Thursday, Saturdays. I think if I make a real plan it will help me. 🙂


  2. Hi Erin, I’m visiting from Leslie’s Spring bucket list link-up. You’ve got a great Spring list. I look forward to reading about your progress throughout the season. I host the weekly Weekend Coffee Share linkup, Friday to Sunday. You’re welcome to join in any and every week. Happy Spring!

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  3. Curly Girl Method allowed me to make peace with my hair. I get my curly hair from my dad, so none of the women in my family had much of a notion of what to do with my curly hair aside from trying to perm it to tame it. It seemed weird that maybe not messing with it as much would be the thing to do!

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    1. Me too!! My mom kept my hair in a Dorothy Hamill style haircut for pretty much most of my childhood into high school because of it. It was so awesome… lol. Not. It does seem super weird! I am having a hard time with what to do on the in between days – do I just get it wet? Just condition it?

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  4. rawsonjl

    These are great goals! I have been slowly trying to make changes to our house one room at a time as well since we haven’t changed much of anything after building/ moving in 18 years ago.

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  5. Those are great goals! I’ve been focusing on my wellness and have been very happy. My goal is to keep with the changes I’ve made – vitamins and yoga especially – and add in some new ones. I’d really like to start getting more fruits and vegetables in instead of just reaching for something sugary as a snack. And I want to get more on a routine with Will’s school.

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    1. I really need to get better with not eating junk. It seems I don’t make time for meals for myself during the day and then I just grab something quick and usually unhealthy. And yoga. I miss it so much! Before I had Wyatt I was really into my practice and was considering taking teacher training! Now I am so far from that dream. LOL. Oh well. As long as I can get back to doing it regularly for myself I will be happy.


  6. Need to share The Curly Girl method with my youngest daughter. Her hair has been a constant source of frustration although I think she is more at peace with it now than ever before. Almost afraid to mention anything!!
    I love the look of felting. Hope you will share the nest project. I have got to finish this mosaic so I can try all the other things. And I have at least 3 partially completed cross stitch pictures to finish or toss. Ugh.
    What is a no-dig garden? We need a post on that! I want a raised bed on the side of the house where our grass isn’t growing. Just need to convince PC about it. No-dig might be just the thing to convince him. Deets, please.
    Who hasn’t gained Covid weight? Ugh. But we can begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel so we will all get back on track.
    Thank you for joining me!!

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    1. Curls are so hard! LOL. It seems like they shouldn’t be but they really are sometimes.

      I am enjoying felting! I am liking these spring projects felting projects, since it seemed so wintery.

      I will for sure post about our No-Dig Garden! It is a method created by Charles Dowding, and I like the idea of it. And it certainly does make life easier! Or at least, I think it might? We will see in about two weeks!


  7. Christie Hawkes

    Hello Erin. I enjoyed reading your list. I haven’t heard of no-dig gardening, so I’m going to do a little research. I would love to have a butterfly garden. We are just planning our backyard landscaping, so now would be the time to think about these things. I have been doing yoga from home recently and loving it. (Admittedly, I don’t have a small child at home.) May I suggest Yoga with Adriene? I love her and her dog, Benji, who frequently makes appearances. Anyway, good luck to you on your spring bucket list. Most of all, enjoy!

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    1. I am excited to try it this year! And so is my husband. LOL. Not as much digging and rototilling. I am super excited about putting in a butterfly garden this year. I am hoping to raise Monarchs and this will be a big help, to have a food supply in my yard!

      I will try Yoga with Adriene! I have made up my mind to get up early tomorrow and get to it. 🙂

      Thanks Christie!


  8. I love your list. Can’t wait to see your update. I plan to do my container gardening this year. I didn’t last year because it was hard for me to find the potting soil I like to use. Apparently everyone else decided gardening was on their quarantine list last year..lol.

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  10. Ah, working on the house and practising yoga (and having to get up earlier for that), I can relate ! And we don’t “gain weight”, we grow more comfortable 🙂 My goal for this season is to finish redecorating my kitchen and put all my papers in order *sigh*. Redecorating, yes ! Papers… meh… but it’s necessary. Have fun with the yoga, getting up early for that is worth it !

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