My Sunday-Monday Post

This past week was another low-key week. I did spend A LOT of time on the phone with doctors and insurance companies, and Wyatt had two appointments as well, so it was a big medical week around here. Friday and Saturday we got a chance to relax finally. Friday Wyatt and my niece Dinogirl had nature class together at the park where we hiked and searched for squirrels, then Saturday Billy and I and Wyatt took a hike together at a new trail system that just opened near us. It’s always fun to hike a new route!

Read Last Week/Reading This Week:

Not a thing. My reading was all off, which is just how it has been this year. It’s a new week though, and I am trying two different books to see if that helps.

I started Return to Virgin River and so far I am enjoying it! I am also planning on starting Help the Witch; I love Tom Cox and this looks appropriately spooky for the season. Anyone else follow him on Instagram by the way? It’s a great account full of humor and cats and countrysides.

Posted Last Week:

Homeschooling: Acorns and Squirrels

Goodbye September

Watching and Listening:

We watched and enjoyed Queens of Mystery on Acorn – I was bummed it was so short of a series. I guess there is going to be a second season, but it is on hold due to COVID. Like much of 2020. We also found an old favorite Victorian Farmhouse on there too, and started rewatching it as well. We began a few things to sample and decide what we are going to binge next – Vera, Maigret, Outer Banks on Netflix, The Moonstone (2016), and Emily in Paris on Netflix for something lighthearted. I think we are going to stick with Emily in Paris and The Moonstone. Finally, we watched Enola Holmes for our movie night, which was cuter than we expected but good.

I am still listening to a million podcasts, with Redhanded and Casefile getting the most playtime, followed up by Homemaker Chic. I hope to add in some ghost story/haunted pods this month, so if anyone knows any, let me know in the comments! Wyatt has been listening to a few podcasts as well – Earth Rangers is his favorite, but we also listen to Classical Kids Storytime and Storynory.

And that is it for us! My thoughts are with all of you now, with the current state of this world in turmoil, that you are staying safe.


22 thoughts on “My Sunday-Monday Post

  1. It has been a difficult year, so I’m glad you are having some adventures along the way.

    I just finished binge-watching a show I loved on the networks a few years ago. There were 7 seasons, so that kept me binge-happy for a while. (The Good Wife). Then I couldn’t find a replacement, although I did watch the two-episode event called The Comey Rule. But it was kind of depressing, considering how Comey’s actions ruined the outcome of the 2016 election (IMO).

    Have a great week! I am eager to read Return to Virgin River.

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  2. We can’t decide if we want to try Acorn or not. We just dropped Netflix. Sounds like Acorn has some good shows on it.

    I looked at the Virgin River books and despite the fact I write cheesy romance garbage I thought it looked too cheesy — let me know what you think because I’m still on the fence. I’ve never read Tom Cox or even heard of him … so many authors, so little time!

    Here is hoping some of those doctor appointments were productive for Wyatt.

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    1. We probably have way too many entertainment/tv apps, but we don’t have cable. so we tell ourselves it is ok. We have Netflix, and then Amazon Prime plus Acorn and Britbox. We had Disney for the summer but I dropped it, as Wyatt never really watched it anyway.

      Haha I don’t think you write cheesy romance garbage! Romance maybe but not the rest. 🙂 And Virgin River is extremely cheesy but I can do cheesy. Lol.

      They were pretty good! We have to have a 48 hour EEG in January, but I will worry about that later. Lol.


  3. Our library offers Acorn for free, so we occasionally watch something from that. Lately we have been borrowing movies and shows from our public library in DVD form, and that’s been nice. I have Enola Holmes on my watchlist. Good to know that you enjoyed it. I don’t know how I missed Emily in Paris, as I generally seem to have my radar set for Anything-Paris. Humor is important to me right now.

    Glad you have been able to get into Return to Virgin River. I like the sound of Tom Cox, too. Again with the humor, I think.

    I’ve been listening to various On Being podcasts while I cook. I listened to one with Mary Oliver this week that I liked very much.

    Have a great week!

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  4. It’s nice being able to get out in nature!

    Oh I’m so behind on comment replying but I saw your comment about a giant Gundam robot on last weeks Sunday Post, and then I was watching a Tokyo walking tour video and saw this! I wonder if it’s the same one? At approximately the 18 minute mark…

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  5. Kathy Martin

    Hiking does sound like fun and a new trail is always exciting. I hope you find a book that really catches your attention this week. Come see my week here. Happy reading!


  6. I need to watch Queens of Mystery. Are you seeing Maigret on Netflix or Acorn (or other?) I need to find that. I adore the books. I’m watching Partners in Crime and Agatha Raisin.on Acorn these days, but taking a bit of a break since I’ve been home!


    1. I loved Queens of Mystery. It took me an episode but then I was bummed when it was all over! Maigret is on Britbox. 🙂 We watch Acorn, Prime, Netflix, and Britbox right now. 🙂 I love Agatha Raisin, she cracks me up. I will have to check out Partners in Crime!


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