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If I thought August flew by, I wasn’t ready for September. The last Currently post, I was actually sitting in my son’s hospital room post-surgery. The rest of the month was a bit of a blur. But, we can only keep moving forward – the story of 2020 for us. October is my favorite month in all the year and while it will be different for us this year, we can still get in our autumn hikes!

Anyway, on to the prompts!

Admiring: The terrariums I am seeing on Pinterest! I have plans to create a few myself this winter, to keep the feeling of green and life going throughout the cold and dark winter and wow, I have seen some amazing ones! There are seriously so many inspiring, creative terrariums out there – with snails, with mushrooms, with flowers, with succulents, some whimsical, and even some that are Star Wars themed.

Moss and Fence || Ewok and Endor Terrarium || African Violet

Making: Bread, soup and other cozy recipe favorites, lists, lesson plans, and grocery pick up orders, and fun October spooky plans to watch scary movies and read ghost stories…

Going: To park and picnic dates, socially distanced wine nights with my friends, and back to the woods and wild for our hikes

Scheduling: Medical appointments, homeschool field trips to the pumpkin patch and apple orchard, a family yet socially distanced Halloween Trunk or Treat or at least a bonfire with my brother and his family

Wishing: I am sure the same as everyone…


28 thoughts on “Currently…October

    1. Carolyn

      This whole post is so pleasing to the senses, Erin! Distanced Halloween is feeling like a tall order. .Trying to figure out how to do it…and still waiting for the creative juices to flow! Love your ‘making’ list…I’ve been craving soups lately. Time to get them back in the rotation! Happy October to you.

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      1. Thank you Carolyn! Ugh Halloween is Wyatt’s favorite – he talks about it all year. I think we are going to do a Trunk or Treat, with my brother, sister-in-law, and niece, then my cousin and his two daughters. We are going to set up a table six feet away, and just give them premade bags of Halloween treats with their names on them, so they can just grab theirs. Not as fun but something. 😦 Then maybe a fire in the yard with my brother. And yes, soup time is here!

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  1. Susanne

    It sounds like you’ve got some things on your schedule, that will enhance fall for sure. I simply don’t get terrariums – don’t like the idea of confining nature, I guess. But I hope you are successful and it brings joy to your winter days. Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier this week.

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  2. Bonfire is such a good way to enjoy safe outdoor time with family right now – we’re going to have to remember that! (Okay, socially distanced wine nights too – ha!) Those terrariums are so fun – what a cool homeschool project that would be. And I am wishing, hoping, volunteering, voting over here…

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