My Sunday-Monday Post

So Wyatt is giving us the gray hairs this month! After being home two weeks recovering from his first emergency surgery, we were back in the ER then headed to the OR again for a repeat of the same surgery Saturday morning. The doctors explained that this is how it happens with shunt revisions sometimes, nothing for years then boom boom. It was another long anxious weekend but I am glad that my kiddo is home and healing again.

Read Last Week:

I started both of these books and am enjoying them both!! Carol Goodman never fails me, I love her work so much. And The Brave Learner is inspiring!

Reading This Week:

Just finishing up the above.

Posted Last Week:

My fall clothes shopping wish list – I kind of talked here about the sad state of my closet and how I hope to revitalize it a bit, but also thinking about what is needed right now due to staying closer to home


Wild Bill, Father Brown, Cobra Kai – Johnny finally won me over!

And that is it from my corner of the world – hope all is well in yours. Stay safe everyone.


15 thoughts on “My Sunday-Monday Post

  1. Sending prayers and good thoughts that the surgery went well and that Wyatt recovers smoothly and quickly. So sorry that he and you have to go through this.

    I hope your reading is relaxing and calming during this time. I’ve heard lots of good things about Carol Goodman.

    I hope you have a good week, Erin.

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  2. Lots of prayers and positive thoughts. Glad he’s home. No matter how quiet and considerate everyone in the hospital is you just don’t get enough rest in the hospital. Hopefully you’ll have some time off from hospital stress! Glad you’re having a good read spree. That always makes things a little better!

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  3. Oh so sorry you and he had to go through that again! Sending lots of prayers and well wishes for a quick recovery for him. Hang in there you guys!

    I read a couple of carol Goodman’s books- her Blythewood series if I remember right. I liked how atmospheric they were!

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  4. I can’t imagine why you haven’t had time for reading. Sheesh 😉 It’s amazing you’ve read anything with all you’ve had going on! Hang in there! (I’m hoping to start that brave learner book this week. I can’t believe I forgot it again. Glad you keep reminding me!)


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