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So the first week of July is behind us – and summer has arrived to our little corner of the world with high temps, long lazy days, and our garden beginning to bear fruit, literally. Wyatt and I split the very first ripe raspberry from our garden, when it was still warm from the sun, bringing back so many memories of sitting in my uncle’s garden eating peas directly from the garden, peaches straight from the tree. We spent the fourth having a picnic in the park, then heading to my brother’s for a socially distanced get together with my family. Wyatt and my niece saw their first driveway firework and were very impressed.

Read Last Week:

I am almost done with Opium and Absinthe, and so far it is good but I am not enjoying it as much as Kang’s other books. Maybe the end will really bring it all together, we will see. I absolutely loved The Creative Family Manifesto, and am hoping to order some new art supplies today.

Reading This Week:

I have to be honest, I am not sure! I have a bunch of books I was planning on reading but I am not in the mood anymore, I am sort of in a reading slump but I think it is because we have been outside quite a bit and when we are inside I am usually doing stuff with the family. These are some contenders for the week:

Wyatt and I also finished Winnie-the-Pooh by A.A. Milne and have started reading The Little Prince as our afternoon read aloud. I have always loved that story and it will be fun to share with him.

Posted Last Week:


Paris In July – Parisienne Farmgirl

We Made Shampoo Bars

Friday Favorites: Hair and Skincare

I didn’t get a chance to post our summer homeschool roundup about birds, which was a great week! I hope to get that up tomorrow or Tuesday.


We are still watching Nancy Drew, Rosemary and Thyme, and then Friday night we watched a fantastic movie from the French director Jean-Pierre Jeunet called The Young and Prodigious T.S. Spivet, which is on Amazon. We had not heard of it but the cinematography looked amazing in the trailer and it also had Helena Bonham-Carter in it and I love her, so we gave it a go. This movie is so beautiful visually, rich and vibrant, clever, and quirky, all things I love. The ending was sort of weird but other than that, I loved this movie and thought it was very well-done!

Stay safe everyone!


36 thoughts on “My Sunday-Monday Post

  1. Mareli Thalwitzer

    Hi there! I think The Little Prince is a perfect read aloud. I do hope that your son enjoys it…!

    I also have stacks of books to chose from, but ever since the start of the Corona epidemic, I have been a more reluctant chooser. Still read a lot,but it takes me forever to decide what!

    Hope you will have a wonderful, peaceful week. Here’s my The Sunday Post 3

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    1. I hope so too! It’s such a great story. 🙂

      Ugh I am the same way! My reading is all over the place, and I think I am going to read something but then can’t concentrate and then have to switch it up.

      Thank you, I hope you do as well!


  2. I enjoyed The Bite-Sized History of France when I read it last July, but you have to be in the right mood, I think. The Little Prince is one of my favorites. It would be interesting to know what a child thinks about that book. The Little Prince is a book I’ve read (I should put quotes around that word because I’m using it very loosely) in English, Spanish, French, and Italian. It’s a short book and it was pretty easy to read it in languages other than English, side-by-side with an edition in English. It was fun to do.

    I’m reading at a ridiculous rate. The heat is keeping me inside a little more, and I keep hitting my books. I almost feel like I’m reading too much. (I can’t even believe I wrote that.)

    I will look for that movie. I love movies that are clever and quirky.

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    1. I am finding that to be the case for Bite-Sized. Plus, my food options are limited right now (as are most people’s) and I am not sure I want to torture myself! Lol.

      That is so cool that you read The Little Prince in all those different languages. What a cool thing to do! I am not sure how he is enjoying it yet….I have a CD that goes with the book and I am wondering if I should play that after we finish reading it or alongside it.

      LOLOL!! Don’t feel bad about the amount you are reading – I approve! Lol. These days there is just not as much to do honestly, and if it is hot, keep cool and read. That sounds perfect to me.

      We really loved the movie. 🙂


  3. I’ve been eyeing The Bite-Sized History of France for about a year now. My reading has been all over the place, so I never did sign up for Paris in July. Maybe I’ll see if my library has a copy available now. Hope you have a good week… beautiful raspberries!

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    1. I have a feeling I am still going to be eyeing it for a while too.. I want to read it but I am not feeling it right now. My reading is the same, unpredictable and all over the place. My Paris in July is going to be scattered I think – and probably all baking based this year.

      And thank you, you too!


  4. We had raspberries in MN but haven’t done that here. Right now we have lots of herbs, tomatoes, and chard. We are putting mint in tea. I want to make pesto one day soon as we have lots of fresh basil. Enjoy your week!

    Anne – Books of My Heart Here is my Sunday Post   

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    1. I was so excited to plant them last year! I found a bush variety rather than a climbing vine and had to wait a whole year for them to bear fruit! It was worth it though.

      Our chard is booming! I have a ton of mint, I should try it in tea. I have been picking it and putting it in tiny vases around my house mixed with lavender sprigs. I would love to make pesto but I don’t think I planted enough basil. Maybe I will get some more going.

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  5. I downloaded Opium and Absinthe on my Kindle but haven’t read it yet. I think it was a freebie? I have a bad habit of downloading those and forgetting about them as my library holds become available! I’m glad to hear that it’s at least good. Enjoy your week!

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    1. It was a freebie! Amazon Prime First Reads. I was so excited to see it in the list because I loved The Impossible Girl and A Beautiful Poison so I started it almost right away – but I usually do the same and download and forget for a while. Lol.


    1. Wyatt was so excited! I will have to keep an eye on him, my daredevil kept asking me to let him light them! Lol. I was like um Big No there pal.

      I saw something online about planting tomatoes using slices from tomatoes you buy at the store – I wonder if that would work! It might be worth the try. 🙂 And thanks you too!


  6. Driveway fireworks can be so fun and yay for rapsberries! Eating right out of the garden is the best! Sounds like you guys had a nice 4th, glad to hear that. We did too, pretty low key but nice.

    Love the look of the book on France. Something about France and food haha! And I need to watch Nancy Drew.

    Have a great week!

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    1. I am glad you had a nice fourth! It sounds like ours, low key but fun. I love eating out of the garden, I think it is the main reason I do it. I loved doing it as a kid and wanted Wyatt to be able to experience it too. 🙂

      I know right! It might be a mistake to read that now when I don’t have access to as many food options… lol.


    1. It feels very summertime to me – I think that I have spent so many of my summers in northern Michigan and this makes me think of those summers.

      And yes we are loving Nancy Drew – it just got really interesting! (We just watched the Larkspur episodes..)


  7. Ooh, love that you got your raspberries coming! We are still waiting patiently (or not) for some produce in our garden. Soon, I hope!

    I am only just getting caught up here and just read your last week’s post. I hope your son is doing better this week and that his dosage has helped. I know how challenging that battle is – finding the right dosage to keep the seizures away. My brother has been epileptic for 10 years now and we’ve struggled quite a lot to get his meds right. In his case, he moved between countries so that complicated things more. Sending you and your son lots of warm virtual hugs!

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    1. We are so excited! So far we have had radishes and raspberries from the garden, and the swiss chard is ready too, so we will probably pick some tonight.

      Thank you Athira. And thanks for sharing your experience, this is so hard! I feel like every time they have to raise his dosage to find the right one it is like a failure (not his) on my part or something, which is completely irrational – but I guess a mom reaction. It makes me want to cry. So thank you for your virtual hugs and support!


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