Friday Favorites: Hair and Skincare

I am always fascinated with other people’s skin care and hair routines – is this just me? I just recently asked my tribe of friends what they do to get ready and everyone is so different, I love it. I love too, that my friends Jill and Kelly put on all of their makeup even when they are wearing a mask, and that Kelly has red lip imprints on the inside of her mask after going out. Chrissy has a similar routine to mine, and Mary has an even simpler routine. Our favorite products run the gamut as well, from expensive to my type, which are easily found at your local Target or drug store. Well except my shampoo and soap bars. I love that this is what makes us all up, and that we are all different with our routines; I love these things that make us so individual!

I was also looking to change up my own routine, and I knew that I wanted something easily accessible, especially now in these crazy times, natural, and affordable. I have bought really expensive products before and also very inexpensive and right now, my mindset is affordability. I like quick and easy in the summer so that was important too.

My hair is pretty thick, coarse, and wavy/curly. On humid days, it gets humongous, left to its own devices. I straightened it for years and years but lately have been letting it just go all natural. I seem to have found the magic products finally to keep it sort of in line. Two years ago I switched to shampoo bar/soap bars in an effort to reduce my plastic consumption and I have not looked back. Two of my friends have hopped on the train and like it as well! My SIL so much so that she even makes her own products because she is awesome – and if you saw my post yesterday, she taught me how to do it too! For now though, I am in LOVE with the bars from Soap Cauldron’s Three Sisters Apothecary. Right now I am using their Lavender and Tea Tree Shampoo bar, and it does great things for my hair – plus it smells amazing. It also has a great lather, which is hard to find in a shampoo bar. You can buy their products from their Etsy site, or Amazon. If I am buying a bigger order I usually order from Etsy, but for a bar here or there I order from Amazon. I also use their California Misson Fig and Honey bar soap too, that is delicious smelling as well!

I definitely need detangler for my mass of hair. Which has just gotten longer during COVID. I spritz my hair when it is wet with Orange Vanilla Leave in Condtioner Detangling spray from The Honest Company then comb it through with my wide toothed detangling comb. I also use this detangling spray on Wyatt’s hair, since he has inherited my thick hair.

For skin care, I have been using Burt’s Bees Sensitive Skin Face Wash, and then following it up with either the Burt’s Bees Day Lotion with SPF or the Burt’s Bees Night Cream. The day lotion is light and non-greasy, which is huge in my opinion. I love that it has SPF too. The night cream is a little heavy for me, so I only use that once or twice a week. Both of the lotions are in glass bottles and jars which is nice – but the detangler and face wash are in plastic. And of course I use sunblock, I am super fanatical about using sunblock – and wearing a giant hat and sunglasses outside. My family and friends joke that I am a vampire. This is just my gardening look… lol.

What about you all? Anything you are really loving right now?


13 thoughts on “Friday Favorites: Hair and Skincare

  1. Your hair sounds great! I always wanted more thickness and more curl in mine. Years ago, I got perms, the wavy kind.

    Now I go straight and I’m thankful that before this Pandemic, my daughter had my hair manageable and sent me home with products from her salon.


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      1. Overtone keeps getting advertised on my Instagram, and it is all sorts of neat colors that wash out. I have no idea about it, if it is any good or not, but I know that purple is one of the options! 🙂 I miss going to the salon – but probably not as much as you miss your daughter. 😦 Hang in there Laurel-Rain!

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  2. I love seeing what other people use too! I have been using a shampoo bar for about a year now and really like it! My hair seems similar to yours! I have been diffusing it with some styling products and letting it go curly! It seems to be the path of least resistance for me! Haha! That shampoo bar you mentioned sounds heavenly!

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    1. I am glad it is not just me!! Lol. I love my shampoo bars, and I swear that they leave my hair so much more manageable, softer, and less frizzy than it would be if I used regular shampoo and conditioner. I agree, the path of least resistance seems to be working over here too! Lol. I just felt like my hair was so unhealthy before, between blow drying and straightening and then the products. It is much healthier now. And the lavender and tea tree oil bar smells amazing!


  3. I think your hair and my hair are the same. I’ve never been knowledgable about what to do about skin and hair, so I’ve tended to simply go au-natural. As I have gotten older, though, I’ve had to add a little bit of moisturizer and conditioner to my daily routine.

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    1. I am not super great at it either – like I don’t wear makeup because I have no idea how to do it. Lol. Sometimes some mascara and that is about it honestly. I am embracing the au-natural look myself, and I am loving the freedom from my hair dryer and straightener! It does sound like we have similar routines. 🙂


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