A Cozy Little Slightly Eclectic Holiday Gift Guide

Winter. Such a polarizing season – it seems like you either love it or hate it. Personally, I love it. The snow and cold invigorate my soul, and the long dark nights are perfect for getting cozy and comfortable at home. And I love cozy. The past few years have been pretty tough too, and I feel like everyone’s souls need a little comfort these days. Treat someone you love, treat yourself, get some ideas – I have a few things that I know make my soul feel warm and nourished, and I am excited to share them with you! So, get comfy, grab your favorite soul soothing drink, and spend a few relaxing moments with me as I set a cozy mood!

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Hand warming mug: I am blessed to have a potter in the family. My mother-in-law is a potter and I always end up with her leftovers or shed clean outs, and I love everything I get. I recently had a box to share with my friends and they were so excited to gather around and pick and choose different items. To me, these mugs are a treat to use. The weight and size in my hand, knowing they were made by hand, their uniqueness – I just love everything about them. I have bought a few from other artists via Etsy and while they can seem pricey for a mug, they are something that will last. That was made with love for a craft. That work and care went into. And they are totally worth every penny. I love this one because it is designed to hug your hand to keep you warm as you sip. Perfect for those snowy cold nights or rainy days!

Harney and Sons Royal English Breakfast Tea: I love coffee, tea, hot chocolate – you name it. But if I am having real tea, not herbal, I want one that is flavorful and not wimpy. I love this one by Harney and Sons – and that tin is so handy afterwards for storing treasures if you are a child (or an adult!)

Hot Chocolate Bombs: I saw these all over last year and think they are so fun! Just heat your milk and pour over the bomb in your mug and watch it melt! These are available as a kit or individually and in different flavors and toppings.

Vintage Quilt: Is there anything else in this world like a well-loved quilt? There are so many homeless vintage quilts out there, that women poured their hearts into creating. I have a few, and one I use quite frequently is one that belonged to my friend’s great-grandmother. She made it and my friend didn’t want it and I couldn’t bear the thought of it being tossed so I adopted it. It is so warm and soft and I love it. You can find them on Etsy, but be sure to read the descriptions. Some are small, some are torn (so if this is a no-go make sure to look for that in the description), some are just tops. I thought this one was gorgeous but there are hundreds to choose from, and all different prices.

Slipper Socks: It’s hard to be cozy if your toes are freezing! I thought these were so unique and beautiful – I love the folk art pattern and the fact that they are handknit..even better. (These are actually on my Christmas list!)

Cosy Candle: I love candles!! They add such atmosphere to a home – the flickering light, the scents that can set a mood. I love earthy scents or warm food scented candles, and this one has notes of oak and clove and lemon which sounds amazing.

French Lavender Spa Collection: I order shampoo bars and conditioner bars and soap from this company regularly. It is all I use. The scents are amazing (I particularly love the Gravenstein apple scent and the harvest scent right now) and they leave my hair and skin just the way I want them. This spa set would be an awesome gift and who doesn’t love a luxurious feeling bath from time to time?

Bunny Pajamas from Leveret: I am in love with both pairs of pajamas pictured above. These are the more affordable option at $34.99, plus they are green and have rabbits! They have so many different styles though, from solid colors to stripes to tie dye to rainbows and cows and ballerinas – the list goes on. They also have adorable children’s pajamas as well. Last year I bought Wyatt’s Christmas Eve pjs from Leveret and I really liked them!

Forest Wolves Pajamas from Wolf and Badger: These are definitely a splurge item but … these seem so worth it. Not only are they so cool, they are organic, made by happy workers, artisan made, low impact, and non-toxic. So, good for you, good for the planet. I love that they check all these boxes! Plus, wolves!!!

Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective Board Game: We are talking about having cozy game nights this winter with my brother and his family. The kids can sleep, we can drink tea and hot chocolate, wear comfy clothes, and gather around the table to play this together on snowy nights! I love that it is a cooperative game where everyone works together!

Wooden National Parks Puzzle: No need for a gathering with this one – this can be completely solo. I love how beautiful this is – and the fact that it is wooden as well. This shop has quite a variety as well – Christmas scenes, animals, places like Paris and Rome, and they even will make a puzzle from a personal photo.

I hope I left you with some ideas for your holiday shopping – and that you enjoyed your warm cuppa!

Friday Favorites: Hair and Skincare

I am always fascinated with other people’s skin care and hair routines – is this just me? I just recently asked my tribe of friends what they do to get ready and everyone is so different, I love it. I love too, that my friends Jill and Kelly put on all of their makeup even when they are wearing a mask, and that Kelly has red lip imprints on the inside of her mask after going out. Chrissy has a similar routine to mine, and Mary has an even simpler routine. Our favorite products run the gamut as well, from expensive to my type, which are easily found at your local Target or drug store. Well except my shampoo and soap bars. I love that this is what makes us all up, and that we are all different with our routines; I love these things that make us so individual!

I was also looking to change up my own routine, and I knew that I wanted something easily accessible, especially now in these crazy times, natural, and affordable. I have bought really expensive products before and also very inexpensive and right now, my mindset is affordability. I like quick and easy in the summer so that was important too.

My hair is pretty thick, coarse, and wavy/curly. On humid days, it gets humongous, left to its own devices. I straightened it for years and years but lately have been letting it just go all natural. I seem to have found the magic products finally to keep it sort of in line. Two years ago I switched to shampoo bar/soap bars in an effort to reduce my plastic consumption and I have not looked back. Two of my friends have hopped on the train and like it as well! My SIL so much so that she even makes her own products because she is awesome – and if you saw my post yesterday, she taught me how to do it too! For now though, I am in LOVE with the bars from Soap Cauldron’s Three Sisters Apothecary. Right now I am using their Lavender and Tea Tree Shampoo bar, and it does great things for my hair – plus it smells amazing. It also has a great lather, which is hard to find in a shampoo bar. You can buy their products from their Etsy site, or Amazon. If I am buying a bigger order I usually order from Etsy, but for a bar here or there I order from Amazon. I also use their California Misson Fig and Honey bar soap too, that is delicious smelling as well!

I definitely need detangler for my mass of hair. Which has just gotten longer during COVID. I spritz my hair when it is wet with Orange Vanilla Leave in Condtioner Detangling spray from The Honest Company then comb it through with my wide toothed detangling comb. I also use this detangling spray on Wyatt’s hair, since he has inherited my thick hair.

For skin care, I have been using Burt’s Bees Sensitive Skin Face Wash, and then following it up with either the Burt’s Bees Day Lotion with SPF or the Burt’s Bees Night Cream. The day lotion is light and non-greasy, which is huge in my opinion. I love that it has SPF too. The night cream is a little heavy for me, so I only use that once or twice a week. Both of the lotions are in glass bottles and jars which is nice – but the detangler and face wash are in plastic. And of course I use sunblock, I am super fanatical about using sunblock – and wearing a giant hat and sunglasses outside. My family and friends joke that I am a vampire. This is just my gardening look… lol.

What about you all? Anything you are really loving right now?