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Today I am linking up with Anne in Residence’s monthly post, Currently… This month we are sharing what we are cooking, photographing, sharing, trying and wondering.

Cooking: We are not too exciting on this front right now. Mostly summertime foods on the grill, easy stuff like burgers and salmon, and fruit and veggies and cheese. We attempted to make strawberry jam the other night, and I stood over a hot stove full of boiling pots while my hair curled up like crazy, only to not have any of our jars seal! I am not sure what I did wrong; I feel like I did all the things, the only thing I can think of that I didn’t do is give them enough space for air flow while they were cooling. So, back to the drawing board and try try again!

Photographing: We haven’t been venturing too far from home, so I’ve been mostly photgraphing my son, who loves his photo taken and asks for it, my garden, insects, and my cats.

Sharing: This month I will be sharing French-themed posts on my blog for Paris in July, hosted by Thyme for Tea. I also “shared” all of the black swallowtail eggs and caterpillars I found on my carrots and dill with my sister-in-law and niece, who are raising them. I found a few more yesterday though so it looks like we might be raising them too..

Trying: Lots of new projects! My sister-in-law showed me how to make shampoo bars the other day, which was the perfect socially distanced social time, since it was outside and we had to wear PPE anyway. I was very nervous about working with lye and she showed me that it was not as scary as I had imagined. (I’m hoping to post about this tomorrow or the next day) I also have an embroidery kit to try, and I bought my son a kid’s beading/sewing kit. I thought if we did it together it would be neat, plus he likes stringing things together and bonus, fine motor work for my cp warrior! However, my husband has to teach both Wyatt and me..

Wondering: Like everyone else, how to stay sane. How to keep our kids happy and healthy and non-traumatized by these world events. When and if things will return to normal. When I will feel comfortable enough to get ice cream from my favorite ice cream place again.

Stay safe and well everyone!


28 thoughts on “Currently – July

  1. Oh my gosh–those swallowtail caterpillars! They picked the right home, I’d say. And so much fun, inspiring stuff happening at your house right now. I love embroidery. My first project ever was stitching a hedgehog onto my pillowcase. I was just experimenting, no expectations that it would turn out–so I didn’t even center it! Turns out, I LOVE that little hedgie….so I use it every night, and laugh at it’s wonky placement. Trying to figure out why your lids didn’t seal. Did you heat them at a simmer before placing them on your jars?? Sometimes I have one random jar that won’t seal–but a whole batch causes me to wonder. It will be delicious no matter what, though. And strawberry jam never stays on the shelf long–so no harm done, I’d say! (Don’t you love the satisfaction of seeing your goodies all lined up in their cute little jars?) xo

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    1. Aw I love that you stitched a hedgehog! They are so darn cute!! I am the worst at sewing so it will be a learning experience for me too. Lol. And my jars! What the heck. I had them heated, I wiped the tops down to make sure nothing was interfering with the seal – I really don’t know. I did have them all right next to each other, so maybe they didn’t cool right? I remember my uncle telling me that I had to leave spaces in between for air, and I didn’t do that. I am not sure if that would cause the issue though. It’s a mystery! I didn’t know I could still eat it though! I ate one jar, and have the rest in my fridge, trying to decide what to do with them. Lol.


      1. Making your own shampoo bars is impressive! The only skincare product I can make myself is sugar scrubs. Those photos are beautiful too – love the little caterpillar!

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  2. Ah, yes, your thoughts at the end are plaguing me as well. I try to stick to the “day at a time” plan, but sometimes that doesn’t quite do it.

    I like how you are focusing on projects, and the photos are great. Enjoy each day.

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  3. Susanne

    Well, you are the second mention of shampoo bars, and I wasn’t buying before. Lye? I’m out for sure. I am interested to read your Paris in July posts. Take care.

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    1. Lol I know right! It freaked me out. I guess it’s actually in all soap but more commonly named as sodium hydroxide. I did some reading because I wanted to know if your could make it without it! I guess if neither are listed ( same thing different names) then it’s not soap based but detergent based. It was sort of eye opening! Isn’t that crazy!! Although I’m still a little confused about it since the bars I buy so not have either. So I guess the ones I buy are detergent based. So weird all around and more than I wanted to know about soap, I think.

      I will be popping over soon hopefully – when this child of mine falls asleep… Fingers crossed. 🙂


  4. We have lots of milkweed, but no caterpillars munching yet. The jam will keep quite a while in the fridge. I think you are doing a great job of home schooling Wyatt and keeping his life interesting and fun.

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    1. Oh that is good to know!!! I wasn’t sure what to do with it, and it felt sad to bin it after all that work but I didn’t want to poison anyone.

      Thank you Ellen!

      And all of my friends who do monarchs every year are saying the same thing, no caterpillars or even eggs yet.


  5. The great thing about summertime foods is that they can be so simple, yet still are just so good!

    I am impressed by your projects – I go back and forth on having motivation to do stuff and feeling so blah with all of the generalized anxiety of the world. I do have an embroidery kit that I should get back to though! Love the idea of getting one for your cutie to do alongside you 🙂

    And I’m with you – I miss my favorite ice cream place too! It’s open, but I’m not comfortable going inside anywhere yet…

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    1. Yes! By the time summer rolls around, I am so excited for simple yet delicious summer food. We ventured out for fresh fish to make at home the other day, and we so so happy about it.

      I feel like some days I have to keep moving to keep my anxiety at bay. My husband works outside the home long hours, and it is just my five year old and me most of the time. I have to keep us busy or maybe lose my mind. Lol. He did such a great job with his little sewing kit. 🙂

      I don’t really go in anywhere either – and for food that people may have touched freaks me out still, especially something that I can’t cook. 😦 So for now ice cream at home, which for some reason is just not as good!


  6. Liz

    I love the idea of all sewing together and did laugh when you said hubby had to teach you both :0)
    Looking forward to reading about Paris in July as I’d love to go back but now is just not the time. Stay well.

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