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Last week had a lot of little moments that were fun, just small but appreciated. I met my friends for coffee to celebrate my SIL Chrissy’s birthday one morning while Wyatt was at school, and it was a nice way to start the morning (well, after all the getting ready for school and drop off was done!), Wyatt and I went to the library on our weekly pilgrimage, and on Saturday we bopped around our city wide garage sale and then celebrated my MIL’s 70th birthday! The city wide was pretty neat – I love just poking through people’s sale items lol. We bought a few things but not much. It is Secondhand September so I am trying not to buy new things for myself this month, so this was a fun way to do it. I always run into so many friends and acquaintances too, doing the same thing.

Read Last Week:

My plans were disrupted by my Kindle acting up on me! I was having the hardest time with it all week, so I eventually I gave up. I really didn’t read much of anything! I did start a book of local ghost stories that I picked up at the library – one story even takes place in my hometown. It wasn’t a great book however, so I didn’t end up finishing it.

Reading This Week:

I am so excited to read this! I loved The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane so I am looking forward to reading on with these characters. I was going to save more supernatural books for October but I can’t wait. I am also still working on Foxes Unearthed, if I can get the Kindle to behave!

Posted Last Week:

Saying Goodbye to Summertime Snippets

A Few Mini-Reviews

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We FINALLY watched Stranger Things Season 3!! And it was so so good! I admit I dragged my feet since I wasn’t a huge fan of Season 2, but 3 was amazing. After we binged that we decided to start Mindhunter Season 2 – which is freaking me out!


28 thoughts on “My Sunday-Monday Post

  1. Thank God for the little moments, huh? 🙂 Looks, and sounds, like you had a week full of very good ones.

    We enjoyed Stranger Things Season 3 too, after Season 2 was a disappointment to us too. We want to see Mindhunter Season 2 but haven’t gotten there yet. We will, though. I have knee surgery coming up at the end of October, leaving me with time during recovery.

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    1. Yeah, sometimes you don’t need a week of big things, the small ones are just perfect. 🙂

      I am so glad that I watched Season 3! I was really reluctant, 2 was terrible, but it was so great! We plunged right into Season 2 Mindhunter – so good already and we are only a few in.


  2. Oh dear. How frustrating to have your Kindle act up on you.

    I think we should encourage our city officials to have a city-wide sale. It would be good for everyone, I think. I remember hearing that some cities regularly allow citizens to leave objects by the curb on certain nights so that others can browse and take away things they like.

    Have a good week!

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    1. It was! I am primarily a physical book reader but I have been trying to use my kindle more lately too – the ordeal reminded me of why I prefer physical books! 🙂

      Our city has two a year and they are always fun. The city buzzes with everyone out and about, visiting, buying – and it saves so many items from the landfill too. I like the idea of letting people do that at houses – although here, that happens every garbage night anyway honestly. I always see people the night before ours driving around, picking through things, trucks piled high. I think it is mostly stuff to resell or metal, since they get paid for scrap metal.


  3. I’ve never watched Stranger Things. I know..I’m a weirdo. Ha! I’ll have to check out those books, I’m not familiar with them. I’m glad you were able to have some nice outings! I don’t do too much anymore. I’m a pollywog, as my mom says.

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  4. Kathy Martin

    You make me want to visit a garage sale or two. It is getting to the end of that season where I live since cold weather and snow isn’t conducive to them. Come see my week here. Happy reading!

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  5. Susie | Novel Visits

    Kindle problems are the worst. Mine completely died about five days before I was leaving on a two week trip to Europe. Thank goodness for Amazon Prime! I had a new one in plenty of time.

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  6. ejmam

    Weekly library visits were one of the favorite parts of my schedule when the kids were young. Who am I kidding, the kids are off at college and my weekly library visits are STILL a treasured part of my schedule. I hope your Kindle issues get fixed soon!

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    1. I am betting that you probably went pre-kids too! I was always at the library before Wyatt, and now we go together. I love passing that on! 🙂 And thanks! Strangely, it stopped working right before Amazon had a trade up program…so I just traded up!


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