Harvest Full Moon

Tonight is the full harvest moon – and coincidentally, Friday the 13th!! OOoooooOOO…

The Harvest Moon is the moon that falls closest to the autumnal equinox which is coming up on the 23rd. This time, the moon is also a micromoon, meaning it will appear smaller in the sky, the opposite of a supermoon. So much happening in our skies right now! We are spending this harvest moon with my brother and his family, having a fire in the yard and eating cheesy corn chowder and apple bread made from the apples growing on our tree. The moon won’t rise in our area until after midnight, so it probably won’t be Friday the 13th anymore technically, and I kind of am ok with that.

I have been reading Harvest Moon books to Wyatt this week, in preparation for this moon that signifies harvest season and family. And because I am always curious and forever reading more on things, I also looked up books on superstitions for my own reading. Mine haven’t come in at the library yet, so I won’t get to read them until maybe next week, but I am looking forward to flipping through them.

These were all great reads, but our favorite is Possum’s Harvest Moon. This little possum just wants his friends to get together and celebrate before winter arrives, and meets with a little resistance at first! Eventually, all the friends have a great time together, hanging out at the Harvest Moon. Kind of like we are going to do with my brother and his family – although we will see him after winter arrives too. I am guessing though, historically, that for people in the “old days”, that once the snow fell you might not see your neighbors until spring, so maybe people back then had celebrations of their own, before snows kept them isolated.

I have to admit, the superstition of Friday the 13th does get to me… my family is very superstitious, I blame our Irish and Scottish ancestry! As I mentioned above, I went digging for some books on superstitions, as my curiosity usually does lead me to do. These were the few I found that looked really interesting!

We actually had the Encyclopedia of Superstitions in the library I used to work at, and the kids checked it out like crazy. I had to order a new one for the library eventually, it became so worn out. So, I figured that had to go on my list! I am sure I won’t read these cover to cover, all of them, but you never know I guess! What the Moon Said is a kids chapter book that drew my interest as well, it looks really interesting. They had me at Little House though…

How about you guys? Any plans for tonight? Any suggestions for a harvest moon play list?


9 thoughts on “Harvest Full Moon

  1. I kinda like the slightly spooky nature of this time of year haha! Superstitions and folklore and all that are super interesting. And happy Harvest Moon! The fact that it’s the 13th is a little iffy though lol. πŸ™‚

    Bonfires are the best this time of year!

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    1. I know logically we are being ridiculous! Lol. My husband is not superstitious at all either -and for the most part we are not too much. But the 13th and New Years Eve are sort of superstitious triggers. Lol. I’m looking forward to flipping through the books to find out the meaning behind some of them. πŸ™‚

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  3. Ooh, those superstitions books look fun to read! I’ll have to check them out further. We, Chinese, are very superstitious too. When I was preggers with the teen, my maternal grandmother told my mom I can’t eat citrus fruits b/c they’ll affect the skin of the baby. Another was I couldn’t eat lamb b/c I guess its word characters were similar to death, (can’t quite remember this one), and when I had gotten a new mattress I couldn’t be in the room when it was placed into the bedframe because it was like a coffin being lowered.


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