It’s Wednesday! What are you listening to?

So, this is obviously a little riff on Monday’s What Are You Reading post that is hosted by Kathryn at Book Date. I don’t really intend for this to be a weekly feature, but I thought this would be pretty fun, maybe once a month or three. And I would really really love to know what you guys are listening to!

Let’s start with podcasts.. I am in love with them. I have some that I listen to when I am sans child, since they are not appropriate for his little ears, but we have a few that we listen to together too.

Family Podcasts

Storynory – This is a great storytelling podcast! They share classic stories, fairytales, myths, even poems and all told in a fun, easy listening way for kids. Stories have great sound effects too, to make it more of an experience! Our favorite episode: The Owl and the Pussycat (super short, but I LOVED this poem as a kid and so does Wyatt now)

Circle Round – Another storytelling podcast, presented by NPR. This one is based mainly on folk tales, and some even are read by actual actors. I love the different range of stories that they present on this podcast, and they often pair with orchestras to add music as well. Our favorite episode: The Piper and the Pooka

Ear Snacks for Kids: This is a new one for us, we just found it, so no favorites yet but we are having fun discovering all of their quirky songs based around art and science and culture. We listened to one about teeth and teeth brushing this morning and it was so fun – who knew that topic could be so funny?

Classics for Kids: So, this one, I am pretty sure Wyatt is not paying too much attention to what the hosts are saying, but is just enjoying the music they play. Lol. However, I have learned from this one! Another one new to our lineup.

My List:

Lore by Aaron Mahnke: The first podcast I ever listened to, and I still love it. Mahnke has a way of unfolding a tale! I love his eerie, spooky tales that he slowly unwinds for us, bit by bit. So good! I actually listen to this if Wyatt is around, most of the time, unless the topic is too macabre. Lore is also a show on Amazon and Mahnke has a few books out too! Favorite episode: Black Stockings

America’s National Parks (L.L. Bean): I love this one!! Different stories about the history of our national parks, the people who have visited or worked there, and celebrates the wild nature of them all. I have so many favorite episodes, but here are three that I have made family members listen to because I wanted them to hear these tales: Favorite Episodes: 37 Days in Yellowstone, Alone on a Winter Island, and The Strange World of National Park Gift Stores.

My Favorite Murder: Another old favorite- Karen and Georgia and their quick witted banter lends a much needed mood lifter at times during this true crime podcast. However, this one is not safe for children to listen to, due to language and violence. Favorite Episode: The Live in Glasgow episode

Living Homegrown: A new one to my list, all good stuff about sustainability and how to live on the farm without actually living on the farm, tips on how to live closer to your food source while living somewhere you don’t really have access to land. The podcast was on a hiatus due to Theresa Loe’s cancer, but I think the podcast is starting back up again.

I usually use Spotify pretty exclusively, because I can listen to music and podcasts all in one place. Plus I have the app on my television now, so I can just play everything right from my tv, which has way better speakers. I have to be honest, my music lists are pretty bare! I could use some suggestions and help!

What we are listening to – music:

The National Parks – I had never heard of this band until I was searching for the National Parks podcast. Lol. They are pretty good, mellow for slow mornings or evenings, and coffee or wine.

Lord Huron: Sort of similar in sound to the National Parks, I discovered them for the first time while watching a vlogger on YouTube that we love, Trout and Coffee (jeez, I could do a post on vloggers too!)

The Okeedokee Brothers: So this one is Wyatt’s choice. They have so many albums for kids, and they are folky, bluegrass music, lots of nature imagery. We listen to them a lot! So much that now I actually am a fan too. Lol. Particular favorites here are Jamboree, Through the Woods, Evergreen, and Thousand Star Hotel, and Howl. Look them up on YouTube too, they have little movies!

And some people need no introduction – Tom Petty, Carol King, Van Morrison, Eric Church, Luke Bryan, Luke Coombs. We also listen to a really cool playlist called Classical Nature – I found I love Gustav Holst’s The Planets! Wyatt loves Flight of the Bumblebee. There is of course other stuff that we listen to, but these get the most play. This list is so different from what I used to listen to! I had no idea musical taste could change, but ours seems to have. My husband was a Skinny Puppy, Misfits kind of guy- I listened to a lot of alternative stuff and wore a lot of black. But now? We are country music, folk music type of folk. Lol.

So… I would love to hear what you are listening to! I could always use more suggestions! Do you listen to any of these?


15 thoughts on “It’s Wednesday! What are you listening to?

  1. Heather Szuch

    Stuff You Should Know (not scary, very informative on MANY subjects!)
    Crime Junkie

    Taylor Swift–You Need to Calm Down has been a favorite for me and Abby!
    David Landau (kids music that Laynie thinks is HILARIOUS)

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  2. I’ve kinda struggled with podcasts but I just found one I really like called Derelict. They only have one episode out though, I’m now waiting anxiously for more haha! It’s a science fiction about a missing ship that gets rediscovered- naturally bad things will happen. πŸ™‚

    I love the sound of the National Parks podcast- I;’ll have to check that out. Storynory sounds cute too.

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    1. It’s hard to find the right fit podcast sometimes! If you are listening to someone talk like that, you have to like not just their writing/presentation style, but also their tone and all that. If there are two people, you have to like their chemistry. It’s a whole thing, I agree! I’m glad you found one though, I love listening to them. You might like Lore for October, for all things spooky. πŸ™‚ The National Parks one is really cool though!


  3. I don’t listen to podcasts — and should. But don’t. CDs (yes, still CDs) I am hooked on the one I bought in Paris that was the music used in the Klimt installation at atelier des lumineres. It’s a mix of classical — traditional and contemporary classical and really quite lovely. Also a few cast albums — one from Stratford (Crazy for You) and the London version of “Company.” Plus some Celtic (Lorena McKennitt among others). Sometimes online I listen to Lord Huron. I have to (but it’s no chore — I love their music!). His mom and dad are good friends of mine! I remember going to his art exhibit when he was graduating from U of M — it was multimedia with sculpture, paper work, painting, mixed media. And music. The music was haunting then but none of us had any idea that Ben would end up being Lord Huron!

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    1. Wow that is awesome/amazing/crazy that you know Lord Huron and his family!! We love their music!! It is so beautiful, and yes, haunting is the perfect word. We listen to them all the time, one of the most played artists in our house. And of course we love the Michigan connection as well. That is so cool!

      I like Celtic music too! I grew up listening to the Irish Rovers with my parents, and bagpipe music. LOL. My mom was a Highland Dancer when she was younger and celtic music has always been a part of our household.

      I am slow to get on the podcast train. My brother and sister-in-law have been listening for years; I listened to Lore for quite a long time but just started branching out with new ones in the past year or two. πŸ™‚ I keep trying to get my mom listen, I think she would love it.


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  5. Have you listened to Trout Fishing in America? The OkeeDokee Brothers reminded me of them. They are a folk duo, but they have a few kids albums out. We always received free tickets to take my son to their concerts when his father worked got PBS. They were very entertaining. 🎼

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