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We had such a fun weekend this weekend. We went to the farm, we got our DIY going on Sunday, I had a business venture meeting on Saturday – plus I had soup twice! I love soup and would eat it all the time for every meal, if my other family members would. 

Read Last Week:

I enjoyed both of these books! I read The Lost Sisters in preparation for The Wicked King, which I am looking forward to immensely. And I waited a whole year for The Vanishing Stair! It was worth it though, I love this series and the characters. 

Reading This Week:

Watcher in the Woods is another book I have been waiting to read for a very long time! I love the Rockton series. What a cool concept, in my opinion. And I always love Rhys Bowen. I hope to have my review of The Victory Garden up on Thursday so I have some reading ahead of me!


Hello, February!


Outlander, Top Chef, Hometown, Agatha Raisin, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Schitt’s Creek. 


How about you all? What have you been up to?


13 thoughts on “My Sunday-Monday Post!

  1. Ooh soup haha! We almost made soup tonight but then ended up having something else. Tomorrow maybe lol! And I just read Watcher in the Woods- so good! I bet you’ll love it! I need about 5 more Rockton books- hope she keeps writing them.

    I gotta get Vanishing Stair too.

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  2. I also love soup…especially when I go out to eat. But I’m thinking of making some in my slow cooker. I bought some lentils…now I need the rest of the ingredients. All my spices have expired, I’m sure. Lentil soup (or stew) was a favorite back in the 70s.

    I’m curious about Watcher in the Woods. Enjoy your week, and here are


  3. Kathy Martin

    The Vanishing Stair and Watcher in the Woods were quite good. I hate having to wait another year to find out what happens for Stevie and the gang though. Come see my week here. Happy reading!


  4. Great to hear you had a lovely weekend. Soup is definitely a underrated dish – I especially love it during these colder months. I’ve been intrigued, and heard many good things, about the Truly Devious series; great to hear you enjoy it. I hope you have a lovely week – bookish & otherwise.


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