Hello, February!

Have any of you seen that meme that says “January was a tough year, but we survived”? That is pretty much how I am feeling. January was a rough month, but we made it. We were sick a lot, stuck inside, the weather trapped us indoors, and we didn’t get to do a lot of the things we planned. We did have a lot of good family time at home, but we are feeling a little stir crazy. We usually love to hike and be outdoors in the winter, but January kind of kicked our butt this year, including slamming us with a polar vortex on its way out the door. So hello February, we are glad to see you!

The arctic freeze last week was horrid, leaving us layering up inside, gathering all of our blankets, and in general causing us to be slugs. We were as toasty as could be, and then there was a fire in a nearby county that depleted natural gas reserves. We got an alert to turn our heat down to save resources so that we didn’t run out! That was a fun turn of events. Not only that, but the rest of the lower peninsula had to worry about losing electricity as well. Our city actually has its own power company, so we are generally not down long, so in the event of losing heat, we could have used an electric heater. Not fun, but doable. Thankfully it didn’t come to that though!

By the weekend, Wyatt and I were crawling the walls. When Billy got home from work on Friday, we ventured outside for the first time in days, and headed to one of our favorite restaurants, Joe’s Hamburgers. It is an eclectic mix of local history, hockey, and burgers and beer. Everyone must have had the same idea, as it was packed, even early in the evening when we went.

Saturday we ran a bunch of errands, then we got to play! We spent most of the day gone from the house – we went to the nature center, where Wyatt had a blast exploring. Then we took a long ride in the car, where Wyatt promptly fell asleep after having exhausted himself at the nature center. We stopped for pie to eat at home, drank some coffee, looked at the frozen tundra that Michigan had become, then turned the car toward home. My mother-in-law came over to watch little man so that we could get out for a bit the two of us, and so Billy and I went on a winter night hike through the woods followed by a bonfire and s’mores.

The night was perfectly clear and still and cold. There is nothing like the magic of being in a winter woods at night. Lucky us, as we started down the trail a majestic great horned owl chose to fly overhead, leaving his lady owl on their nest to keep their eggs warm. After our walk, we gathered around a warm bonfire, making s’mores and learning about the area, and sharing our own stories. I managed to eat three before calling it quits, getting marshmallow all over my gloves since I am perpetually messy, but the little boy who was there with his parents devoured six, and managed to keep his gloves marshmallow free!

The full moon this month is the snow moon, so called that because this was a time of heavy snow. Hopefully though, we are done with big snows around here! It is also a time for renewal, so we are taking this month to try to focus on things that renew us, as a family, and as individuals. I have been wanting to practice yoga again, as I used to go religiously before Wyatt, so that is a huge goal for me personally this month. As a family we are focusing on our garden – planning it, starting seeds if we need to, looking forward to the warmth of spring and the return of wild and bright colors.

Anyone else have any plans or goals for this month? Were you excited to see January go?


11 thoughts on “Hello, February!

  1. That cold weather must really have been very limiting. Good finally you were able to get out. Being opposite end of the seasons my goal is to order and stack firewood for Feb. Plus try and get the struggling dry vegie garden to survive a little longer!

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  2. Love the pics! And Joe’s Hamburgers sounds like a pretty good place! Your winter hike sounds awesome, and the bonfire too. I love a good bonfire when it’s cold out! And the owl- how awesome is that? Glad you guys got to enjoy nature a bit. I’m still feeling a little cabin fever from that weather last week!

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  3. You really got hit with a doozy of a storm. You were so calm and collected. I would have freaked out at the thought of losing power. I’m glad you got a reprieve that following weekend.
    I think I need to make a list of lists in my BuJo. I want to have monthly goals, mostly for crafting. I did at least get two done for January but the paper did engulf me a bit as the artist in me can’t rush art.

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    1. I was kind of freaking out. LOL. I had my husband pick up an electric space heater just in case the heat went out. I would not have slept with a space heater going but at least I know Wyatt would have been warm!

      I like the idea of a list of lists! I am a huge list maker too. You are right though, you can’t rush your inner artiste! My mom tried to teach me to crochet the other night. I was so terrible. My fingers and brain are not connected, I don’t think. Lol.

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  4. We were slammed with the vortex, too. I was happy I didn’t have to go outside in it. We had three days of temps in the 50s last week, but we are back in the teens now. I’m not going to complain, though, because it’s not -30°. Ha ha. ⛄

    That pie looks wonderful. 🍴✨ I hope February is treating you well. 🌞

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    1. It is so hard to go from springlike weather back to such low lows! I am so glad that insanely cold weather is gone – hopefully gone for good! It is supposed to snow tonight, I am ok with that though. 🙂

      It was an amazing pie! People line up out the door every weekend for a pie from Kate’s. 🙂 It was my first one ever and I loved it.

      I hope your month is going well too!


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