It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?

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So last week was the longest. week. ever. Wyatt and I were stuck inside for five whole days due to the polar vortex and a snowstorm. Temps here reached close to -50, and we stayed tucked up inside. Literally. One Wednesday, the coldest day, we hung out in my bedroom which was the warmest room as it gets the daytime sun. We watched so much tv, more than normal, read so many books, colored, played – we were feeling like caged animals by the time Friday rolled around. And strangely, I didn’t have much time to read my own books!It’s really hard to get things done sometimes when you have a housebound, bored preschooler! Lol. We spent the weekend playing catch up and being out as much as we could. I think I am going to post about our weekend tomorrow, the vortex left some pretty scenery behind, before Michigan went crazy and gave us spring temps the past two days, which are much appreciated!

Read Last Week:

We read mostly kids books last week. These were our books that were in constant rotation. I loved The Storm Whale in Winter; Wyatt loved Once Upon a Northern Night and Brownie Groundhog and the February Fox. Wolf Wilder I managed to finish but it is a kids book too! Lol. It was really well done, with great imagery and language. I loved it.

Reading This Week:

I am so excited for this sequel!! I loved the first book so much, I can’t wait to dive into this. I probably won’t get a chance until tomorrow, but I am sure it will be worth the wait!

Posted Last Week:

Brrr! Books to Read When It’s Cold!

Book Review: The Ash Family

What We are Watching:

Outlander, Schitt’s Creek, Top Chef, Hometown (is this one word?), Grace and Frankie.

How about you guys? What is going on in your neighborhood?


12 thoughts on “It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?

  1. That’s insanely cold. I can’t even begin to imagine how awful -50 is! Is Hometown the one that takes place in Laurel, MS? I pass through. there every month or so when I go visit family. There’s a lovely bakery but other than that it is not my favorite town! The show is pretty interesting though. I can see why you didn’t get much reading done. I have a 9 year old so he doesn’t need nearly as much attention as a littler one yet when he is home I get no reading done! Have a great week!

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    1. I don’t even want to know how cold it was outside either! Lol. I never even stepped a toe out there. My husband did though, and said he was very grateful for heated seats and steering wheel. Lol.

      It is!!! And that is a great fact to know! I think it is interesting that their entire show is just houses from that town, but I guess good for them for trying to build it up. Hopefully the rest of the town catches up!


  2. It was quite a week, wasn’t it? Wow. Glad that’s over- although it was pretty, all the snow, and now with the rain and warmer temps it’s all slushy and yucky. Ha ha. But I won’t miss it either- they called off school over here the WHOLE week, the highways were a mess… ugh.

    Ooh The Vanishing Stair is out huh? I liked the first one too…

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    1. Ugh it was the worst!! Then having to turn our heat down too, what the heck! Did you guys have to do that too? They were using gas reserves from our county to supply another one, I was paranoid we were going to run out. I kept my heat down but when Wyatt started coughing I turned it back up a bit. 😦 The week was rough – and now freezing rain tomorrow too! And yes, now everything is a brown mudbog. Lol.


      1. Yes we had to turn ours down too. We got the alert over the TV and I was like seriously? What is this the beginning of the apocalypse lol? Then we saw the news that there was a fire or something… I was glad to turn it up a few days later cause it got COLD in here!

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  3. There are definitely pluses and minuses to having a little one who loves books! I spend a lot of hours reading to my little one, but I confess to sitting in her room at bedtime a little longer than strictly necessary so I can make some progress in my book too. 🙂

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  4. OMGoodness, that negative temperature was whacked! We Bay Area natives are freezing when it’s in the 30’s LOL. Thank goodness for books and hoorah for a change in weather where you were able to get out and about afterwards.


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