Brr!! Books to Read When It’s Cold Outside

Is it cold where you are? Where I am, Old Man Winter is breathing down hard on us. Tomorrow we are supposed to plunge down to negative forty, with the wind chill, and you can already feel that polar air sneaking in and taking over. This arctic freeze is supposed to stick around for three days, so we have been battening down the hatches to get ready, stocking up on tea, coffee, macaroni and cheese, getting out all of our warmest, wooliest clothes and blankets, and putting flannel sheets on! As I write this, the wind is whipping up a frenzy around the house, and I have a cup of tea steaming next to me. I am feeling pretty cozy and well insulated for now.

I think there are few schools of thought for books to read when it is cold. The first camp of people just read what they feel like, free spirits. Another group reads warm weather books, set in tropical settings, beaches and islands and sunshine. Then there are people like me, who like their reading material to match the weather. I am very seasonal, and that includes what I read. And of course, I have a few suggestions.

Visit icy, snow covered Russia..

or the pioneering days of the US.

Read a scary book, a mysterious thriller, or a short little classic with a crazy ending,

or drift like snow into fantasy worlds.

So grab a mug of your favorite soul warming drink, a cozy blanket, and get reading!

Even if it isn’t cold where you are, maybe you are in the mood for a snowy setting?


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