Talk with me over Tea!

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Hi all!! Happy Wednesday! We are almost to the weekend! I usually write this post in the morning but that didn’t happen today, so instead we are “talking” over tea this afternoon. It’s a chilly but sunny day, and I am sipping on a warm cozy cup of mint tea before we get to the rest our schooling for the day.

Aren’t these “mumkins” so happy and adorable? I had to get one for our porch, they just make me smile! We were at the flower and garden center because they had little photo opps set up – very smart on their end because I had to take Wyatt of course, and ended up buying this mum. I’m sure many people fell into their clever scheme…

Last Friday is usually project/errands/field trip day and I spent a few hours in the morning packing up my grandmother’s china to convert my china cabinet into an art cabinet – at least for a few years.We live in a small house and I have to use all my space as wisely as I can. Turning it into something useful and more functional was a better choice, although I did get a little sad. But, the china although it is beautiful and I love it – I never used it. So for now it is an art supply area and I am loving it honestly. It feels more like us, and is cheerier and brighter. We can sit at the table and finally all of our supplies are close to hand. I don’t have to go searching in many different areas around the house anymore! I have the stuff we use the most on display, and then other supplies stored in the drawers underneath. Today we are doing an art project in the new space and I am super excited. My world is small but I am happy!

I still have a big day ahead of me after I finish up my little tea break. We have science, a little reading, a little math, and our small art project still to do. Then when we finish up, I need to get working on our bedroom. We are finally, finally getting to painting it this weekend! It is such a pain though to move out temporarily. All you all who have moved or are moving, my hat is off to you because that is so much work. I wish I could magically touch the tip of a paint brush to the wall and have it just fill in like it does in Photoshop. Lol. Oh well. It will be a pain for a short time but I will be so happy when it is done. I’ve been wanting this for literally years!

Billy and I are falling back into our autumnal eating menus (pun definitely intended), and we are enjoying this return to comfort food. Pork tenderloin, stews, pot roast, roasted chicken, the list goes on. I have been squirreling away meat all summer, buying extra if it was on sale in case prices went crazy this fall and winter, and I feel very Ma and Pa Ingalls with our larder feeling full. Except we didn’t do any of the actual work, so thank you farmers out there for doing that. I am putting together an order for Azure Standard as well, to help fill up the pantry, and making a run to Sam’s Club, because we are not cool enough for a nearby Costco. Is this like an ancestral type memory, to feel like we have stored up food in the fall? I like to live in tune with the seasons, even though our rhythms are so different than those long ago.

Do you live or eat differently in the fall? I know that we do. Last night my friend and I chatted each other and we were both under blankets watching something Agatha Christie and drinking something warm. Absolute perfection.

And that is about all I have time for right now! Let me know what’s going on in your world!


Getting cozy

The weather is finally turning here after having almost summer like temperatures persisting well past their season. The mornings are colder, the evenings have a bite, and it all makes me want to get all snuggly and cozy in my home, like some little squirrel. I see our neighborhood squirrels hopping and digging and searching out their food stores, getting ready to snug down for the winter. And I am getting us all ready too, maybe not quite for winter yet, but definitely for autumn coziness.

Drinking: My husband remarked the other night as we were settling down for the evening that it was getting to be tea season, and he is totally right. Our iced teas become hot teas this time of year, and I usually start placing our tea orders to have a ready supply on hand for these chilly nights. I will pick stuff up when I am at the store of course, but we have some favorites that I like to keep around. I love the Breakfast in Paris tea with its lavender notes and the refreshing mint of Moroccan Mint from Stash, while Billy is all about the Earl Greyer from Republic of Tea. I think Wyatt is going to try tea this year too. My grandma used to give my cousin and I weak tea heaped with milk and sugar and I felt so special. Maybe I will try that too with him this year, just a little taste of tea. If we are out and about on the weekends, we like to treat ourselves to London Fog Lattes at Starbucks. So worth keeping as a treat! We splurged last weekend and picked two up before we went to the bat festival.

Wearing: Sweaters of course!! I usually hit up the thrift stores looking for their softest, most comfortable looking sweaters to lounge about in, but Target has a cardigan that looks super comfy that I plan on picking up on one of my next Target runs (embarrassingly I usually hit up Target once a week..) and Modcloth has a fox sweater that I absolutely need.. Although I do need help with leggings – I don’t really own any and maybe I need to get a pair? Any suggestions?

Using: Blankets! I have had to pull all of our extra blankets out of storage and get them ready to throw on when needed. We have our heirloom quilts that my great-grandmother and my friend’s great-grandmother made, in our bedroom for those afternoon naps, and a few random throw blankets we have picked up as the years have passed. We are such throw blanket people though that we are thinking of splurging on a blanket from Sackcloth and Ashes – although we are undecided between Camp Forest and Camp Lake. We still have our quilt that we use as a picnic blanket but I am thinking about getting one that is more all weather since the ground is a bit colder and I want to continue with some picnics into fall. We are also burning candles again. I don’t usually burn candles in spring and summer, but fall and winter call for candles. The glow of their light is as warming as the heat from the flame, and add to the ambiance of coziness. (and so very hygge, remember hygge? I still swear by its principles) I don’t have any particular brands that I stick with, I just pick them up as we are shopping (probably at Target! lol) but I go for woodsy or apple, cinnamon, or pumpkin scented ones. Yum! Wyatt loves to help me pick them and smells them all, wrinkling his little nose so cutely.

Reading: I am such a seasonal reader. It is so hard for me to read a book that doesn’t fit my mood or the season. So this time of year I read cozy mysteries like Barbara Michaels and the one I just read by Eva Gates, thrillers and scary books, non-fiction that feels like autumn to me. I also turn to comfort reads, like the Little House series and Harry Potter. I read to Wyatt Halloween and fall books, we talk about the leaves and pumpkins and animals and how they get cozy just like us, all snug in a bug and safe and sound.

Because isn’t that how cozy feels? Safe and sound and like being wrapped in a hug.

My Sunday-Monday Post



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This past week was a bit blah. I never seemed to have enough time to get stuff done – it was one of those weeks. Too much to do, not enough time! My husband and I did manage to get a few hours at Ikea together, when we left the boyo with his grandparents for a visit. It was nice, although we did spend a bit more than we wanted! And darn it, right on the heels of a Target shopping trip for essentials that should have cost around forty bucks, but ended up being a *little* more. I am also spring cleaning – I am on a purge and splurge I guess! LOL.

We also splurged and bought tickets with my brother and his family to see the Jurassic World Live Tour in November! Wyatt will not like it yet, really loud noises and things jumping out at him startle him too much, so he will be hanging out with a grandma, but it will still be fun – and we will get to hang out with my niece Bean, who loves loves all things dinosaur, especially Blue from Jurassic Park. So it will still be super fun – in November! Lol. We jumped on an email I got for pre-sale tickets so we have some time to wait.

As for our experiments in cooking this week, we made a fantastic spring minestrone soup!


Read Last Week:



Girl Most Likely was a review read from NetGalley that started off promising, but by the end, I was less than enthused. I won’t say I didn’t like it, but I definitely put it in the “It’s ok” category on Goodreads.

I also finally finished Little Dribbling! I loved it. I want to move to England now. Lol. Bill Bryson is hilarious. And Bill Bryson, if you are reading this blog by some bizarre chance and randomness, I would make a great research assistant! And we wouldn’t have to trade houses! (not being strange – he writes about weird fans in his book, and one asked him to trade houses lol)

Reading This Week:



This week we are working on some big stuff with Wyatt, and it is also his spring break, so I won’t have a lot of time to read or blog very much. (I don’t think – who knows!) Fingers crossed I find the time, I am super excited to read the newest book in the Caraval series, Finale! SO excited, that I am changing my plan for the week to read it. This post originally had a different book listed- but I was too excited when I saw I got this book on NetGalley (or NutGalley as it is

I am also reading Cozy. At heart in my soul I am a cozy seeking person. Like all the time. This book is perfect for describing me. Lol. My only complaint so far is the overuse of the word “cozy”. I understand that is the whole premise of the book but it seems to be used in ways I would never use it. Maybe by the end of the book, it will all make sense!


The Order – we binged this show all week. It was pretty much all we watched until there were no more left! 😦 We also watched a lot of Winnie the Pooh, Wyatt’s current favorite. He loves “Tiggaahh”

Posted Last Week:

I posted about our most recent but short hikes! Bird’s Eye View


How about you all? What is going on in your world?